Do you still cry for me,

Like I still weep for you,

Those tears blocking everything you see,

Trying to hide the pain when you meet somebody new,


Is your vision as blurred as mine,

Behind your beautiful eyes,

I’ve been trying to move on now, for such a long time,

But I keep questioning if I gave this love enough tries,


I was hurt,

And I was used,

And now I’m emotionally bruised,


But like a woman before a show I’ll put that powder on,

To cover any marks you may have made that’ll last too long,

And I’ll forget the awful things that you said and I saw that were wrong,

And I’ll drown the memories of those sins In a hit from the bong,


Wouldn’t you know it,

Maybe I’m a fuckin poet,

Or maybe these lines are just a way out,

Better than cutting my wrist or some dramatic shit without a doubt,


And the misery I feel when I miss you is without equal,

And maybe now this story ends without a sequel,

I’ll never love or care for a girl like I felt for you,

Your memory overcomes me not too many or too few,


And with that I’ll stop writing and just say goodnight,

More dreams about you in my head, a mental blight


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Thu 5th Jan 2017 23:39

Thanks Connie! ❤

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Connie Walter

Thu 5th Jan 2017 15:24

Nicely written ☺️?

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