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Disappointed myself as usual 

Appointments I can't seem to attend.

Achievements I failed to achieve on my own

Important concepts were out of my reach.

Practise what you preach, I will do that but some other time.

Hypocrisy is a philosophy I need to look into,

Lately, it doesn't feel authentic.

Latent learning seems to be idealistic.

Pointing fingers while three of them poin...

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Also by Kelvin Sipho Masilela:

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lostself critical

Our hearts are filled with shock and sadness for the death of Sir David Amess M.P.

A multiple stabbing has brought the life of Sir David Amess an end,

The nation has lost a fine public servant and a much loved friend.

Our hearts are full of grief today,

A nicest person's life has been taken away.


An enormous animal lover and true gent,

Killed by a 25 year old with evil intent.

Stabbed at  a constituency surgery in a church at  Lea-on -Sea,

A dark...

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Also by hugh:

A dad song !! | An angel gives a pair of statues an opportunity to have a good time in the bushes | Kennel cough !! | As Morgan my granddaughter reaches the age of 20, a successful future lies ahead | A hardened criminal on the run ! | What lies ahead ? | Trees spread happiness all around | Tougher laws required |

County Road


The time on my clock is always the same.
Two of my Doddy poems sit in a frame.
A guitar stands in the corner, I love to play.
A poster announces a Circus is on the way!

The 'Days of Summer' by Marc, 500 in all.
A little Eiffel Tower, has its place on my wall.
A girl blows petals, hearts they become.
A windmill twirls beneath the pale red sun.

A vanilla candle is wrapped in a velve...

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Also by Mike Bartram:

Scar |

First Sign


The first sign of Fall
a touch of coolness
a crispness in the air
like a mother's soothing hand
across one's face
bringing kindness and relief
making the heat of summer
slink away
Fall rolls in overnight
and surprises
when you open the door
and feel its first embrace.

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October 2021 Collage Poem: This Side of Heaven

Magpie flaps to the tune of Nature’s injustice

The poet strives for another success another year

Sunday wakens, bedraggled and woebegone

Coronation Street anthem drawls its falsehoods

Upbeat parental ending yields to great grimness

Wild West Yorkshire runs with bullet blood


Words find new hope in an army of perplexing forms

Goddess pours like erotic iron on the breathless...

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collage poemOctoberThis Side of heaven

Sniffing Around

The husbands

Of the divorced women

Drinking and watching the girls

Sitting with their dates

With legs apart in short skirts


Evenings of the lonely men

Strolling behind lazy women

Watching the rhythm of the buttocks…

Often narrate the same story again

And again, without any pause


The husbands, lonely or alone

With or without glasses in hands

Remain dru...

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love and sexpainpassion and sadness

34. Poem

Life is what we make

Not what we actually state 


Love is what we do

Not what we actually speak


Humanity is being human

Not only writing manuals


Freedom is what we live

Not a permission other's give


Friendship is seen in need

Not in good times it's seen


Loyalty is when we are tempted

Not when we give in to temptations and then repent



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ethical poem

An ethical poem

A big crow and a sparrow which had painted itself

in the colour of a big bird to look masterful became friends

Both suffered from a bombastic belief they could

take on the elderly eagle and its brood.

A virtuoso war a million other birds killed who only happened

to be flying on peaceful errands.

The Sahara became rubicund from a distance looked as a carpet


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Also by jan oskar hansen:

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Gem Of A View

Here we stop just for a moment 
to admire this gem of a view
Where the sea sparkles like diamonds 
above the deep sapphire blue

Villas spread across the hilltops
like small clusters and rows of pearls 
Pink ruby Bougainvillea
twisting into colourful swirls

Casting a molten golden glow
the topaz sun dazzles the sky
Trees and shrubs shimmer emerald green
sandy beaches glisten where dr...

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Also by julie callaghan:

Yellow Summer Sky | Far Side Of The Bay | For Jake |

Drinking In October

It occurred to me

While I was drinking one night in October--

Sometimes I am happy

And sometimes I am sober

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dubito ergo sum

PlAn it Rape

Speak to me,

Reveal to me

Feel for me

Speak to me over a thousand years

Speak to me over a million seas,

Speak to me over a billion suns


Lift me like a thousand mountains

Release me like a thousand fountains


You lie deaf and dumb

Exploited crushed, under my thumb

Giving up your virgin beauty

You lie numb and do your duty.


Defiled , destroyed , slo...

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Also by Edbreathe:

plOT | CuP Bored . | bRid(g)e | Kill (We’re all going to die ) | 1/4 Tet |



Crocuses, snowdrops push up their merry heads
The cairn on the woodland path marks the unburied dead
In the air,  fleeting wisps of winter, white detrius, skeletal trees
A very occasional dew drop spends time hanging with the weeds.
This man he is an old man, his language Gaelic and rare,
Who in winter stares into the fire, in his isolated lair.

An bóthar ag taisteal na sióga….


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Also by John E Marks:

Generation 27 | The Resurrection of the dead | White privilege | A lamentation upon the fall of Constantinople 29 May 1453 | Something found | To the crags, where eagles soar | The flowers of the forest | Plurabilities | Lunecliff | A sonnet for John Donne (1572 - 1631) |


against the odds

I’m seventy, the proverbial

three score-and-ten

it was old once, not anymore

it’s the new fifty I’m told

but why not thirty? only joking,


Anna says I’ve got to change

not give up on life like my mother

‘though she made it to eighty-four,

so I’ve bought a guitar

a left-handed Martin dreadnought

all the way from Boise, Idaho

never had a prop...

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Sweet Dreams

no horizon

seas starved sky bleak

abyss where tubed monsters victims seek


thoughts like serpents

regrets black orcs

airless tides of fear where no one talks


scaly remorse

shoals of regrets

but no sane fisherfolk cast their nets



my flotsam of shame

spins round whirlpools without a name


encased in lead

how can lungs breathe


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Also by simon lucan:

Blind Date | Descent | Carrion |



The cycling is pleasant from Wakey to Cas

It’s mostly on tarmac or gravel or grass

No doubt you’ll surmise that the biking will be

Rural and quiet and hence traffic-free


It’s known as the greenway by those here who know

Although there is huggins of signage to show.

By the side of the Calder your journey starts there

Then by the canal to join up with the Aire


But s...

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Also by John Coopey:


Roll Call

A roll call 

Of lost souls, 

Hiding in foxholes,

In absentia from

Their own destiny,

Engulfed in a digression, 

Far from the main idea,

Where mirrors inspire enmity,

The futility of futurity

Feels more than real,

And healthy skepticism

Becomes stealthy cynicism, 

Without the bridle on, 

Under the graceless tutelage

Of all those doubting Thomases

Who rea...

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Also by Holden Moncrieff:

Achilles | Fated? | Fresco | Grappling |

Times a’changing


Bored of this feeling it holds no real meaning.


Unlike the feeling I get from your love now that’s a real thing. Never thought I would get here but it’s now  so very clear.


I’ve grown and out grown this old desire. It no longer excites the alluring fire. This side of life I no longer admire. I seek new heights to take me higher.


I feel strong but not wasted. I apprecia...

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All I’ve ever known

We become one with the environment around us

Controlled by the earthly soil beneath

Shepherded by the celestial entity’s above

Inspired by the disorganization of all that’s populated within our field of view

Eventually you come to the realization

That the question of our mere existence resides in our biological intuition and wonder.



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Also by Cody Roach:

Draft | Petra |

October Stroll

A savage vision raped my morning stroll

A half-dead bedraggled magpie flapping

Spasmodically beside the sparkling path

Raw-headed, eyeless, even beakless


A shocked accountant held his trembling

Dog in its tartan body-warmer, uneasy

At the sight. The magpie flapped again,

More dead than living in that sty of time


I knew her well, an old mateless female

Bounding ...

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Silent Witness

Silent Witness


I am a silent witness which cannot speak

I am a silent witness which cannot see

for words and sights are not mine to own

But I have senses unknown to you

I feel, perceive, remember and bear many scars

I am inanimate but clearly visible

I stand above other structures in the city

I am concious of time and its consequences

I was new once but now old and ...

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Also by keith jeffries:

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At dusk, perched on the lines,

Honing barbs, passing time,

They seem to pose a threat.

But is it real? Are they?

We wait for them to move;

What do they have to prove?

They could stay where they are,

Or take themselves away.

The sight of them entwines

Round our unease, and yet

For now they crouch and mime

Today’s events. That said,

They sense what lies ahead...

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Also by Stephen Gospage:

Volcano | Land | Climate Change and us (Updated version of a poem posted on 24 September 2020) | September Ist, 1939. |

Juniper Ridge

squinting through the condensation on my windshield

brought back memories of february hearts painted on school bus windows

with spindly fingertips, now callused from a guitar that played me

shitty riffs. I don't remember when I grew so fond of black hearts that devoured me

and spit me out like radiation, but music always made me forget.

so I turned up the volume and let my foot cave...

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Villanelle For An Acorn


It's not what you should do, it's what you can
creating more than giving and taking
my love saved my heart from her tired divan

All the world in an unmoved caravan
making room for love the undertaking
It's not what you should do, it's what you can

So far had I wandered a lone woodsman
as evening fell I heard a sweet singing
my love saved my heart from her tired divan

I had no r...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

Wishful Thinking |

The terrible tempo

No matter the effort, the end result is determined 
Your hair will grow into the ground
Impounded  corpse into claustrophobic confinement 
A cacophony of black birds in parking lots, on buzzing wires
A symphony of cicadas subsiding to silence 
If love was violence you'd leave me dead and smiling
Worth every last damn cent

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The Riddle Of Ignorance

They beat her up.

Her crime?

Having been born George and yet knowing really she was Georgia…

Courageously at eighteen years old she stepped into her new life.

Leaving behind the years of confusion.

The years of feeling incongruous.

She had the support of her family.

They had known something didn’t work for their George from a very early age.

And as she transitioned into Geo...

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#socialcomment #society #weliveasone


Fields are seeded with bricks and dust

into sterile rows, fast tracked they rise

to vex the spirit, damn the eyes

with promises for a brighter future

seeds that flourish in the developers' pot. 


A showhouse lights the eager way

where saplings attend in vivid green,

a man with tablet is often seen

with figures ready on a folding screen.


Flocks of birds have turn...

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Also by ray pool:


Write off day

Today a write off

not to be acknowledged or cataloged 

Disappeared before even given a chance

I like it to be left unknown,

a name or possibility only makes it harder

harder during the haunting hour, 

when I shall disembodie all potential 

but remain to my conviction anyhow 

murduring all the day has to offer,

in the name of brief but true figments

in my make belief m...

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Endless As The Sea



Dead of night gift blithe,

Yet they ask of me to love absolute of days

I venture to love only the night!

For I hold no passion for the sun  

The dreadful charms, hold me hostage

Superficial creature crown deceit


 If thought to be the living, care no more for me

I’m wandering these woods in search of obscure lives


I hunt no humans nor Gods from above


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Für - broken – Elise

Inviting ivory whites.

Resting flat and sharp-edged between the black.


In the concert’s hall:

Bach? Debussy? Satie?

Your desires and melodies a mystery to me.


But you played – this I do know, though

You stopped.


Strayed away from the keys,

Career more a boon to Baby Boomer demands.

For a woman? You could choose:


A nurse, a care worker – a moth...

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Also by S Sampson:

Shortsighted | Juggle |

And You Said "Oops"

I’m self-destructing. 


You pushed the button.

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Also by Novi:

The Subtle Ways I Suffer | Oh. | I Don't Know the Definition of "Metaphor" |

hurtsad poetryself destruction


The Terns and the Herons,
near the cold blue water,
know who I am.

The man by the shore
looking for something

If I don't find it today
tomorrow will find me here again

The winged hunters
take flight once more
Our purpose the same,
to find what we need
down by the water

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Also by Mike McPeek:

Unit of Measure |

While Evil Walks

As evening draws its curtain across the sky

Darkness settles softly upon the streets

When all has grown quiet

A lone figure travels abroad

Fear; the most unwelcome of companions

Follows closely behind women

As they journey alone

While hastening towards home

To safety, security and comfort

They must remain ever mindful and alert

Listening, attentive, watchful

For s...

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Also by Brenda Wells:

After the Rain | The Box of Letters |


For what may have been and for John.


On the isle of giants beneath the wings of eagles, a flycatcher sings in the bough of an apple tree. It sears the damp air with high-pitched bullets that ricochet off the nunnery rocks and out toward the Ross.

Standing midway between its beak and the pebbled beach lilts an ancient wall, in whose lea lies a stone.

Common, unassuming, like a mou...

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Also by Graham Parker and his musings:

Bean Abacus | Thief in the night | What did they see? |

Gloucester Avenue

Take me down to Gloucester Avenue
 Where my journey will begin to beat the blues
A place where I am treated with respect
Where I can chill out relax and reflect
I have a home at Gloucester Avenue
It's a peaceful haven where people really care
There is much work on me that I need to do
I get honesty and dignity beyond compare

The latest news is that it is closing down
A vital lifeline of...

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Hold my hand and let us escape

Don’t look around, just wear your cape

There is so much to see in the outer world

No need to stay at home all curled


Beautiful greenery and the sound of ducks

Focus properly and hear my tender words

Children running and adults socialising

The lockdown is over, this is hardly surprising


Let’s dance in the park or sing in the woods


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Also by Aisha Suleman:

Diamond |

Every Single Word Of This Is True

This may sound like a made up story

But I assure you it is factual:

A few days ago I found myself in an alien laboratory

With a sinister looking extra-terrestrial

Probing and prodding me.

I asked if this was how she got her kicks

And instead of replying she suddenly 

Plunged her hand into my stomach and removed my appendix

As casually as a butcher.

"Had I not acted as qu...

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i hear the humming noise

getting louder until it sounds

as heavy as chipped stone

grooves along its hull telling

the ugly thruth of screaming

Diving down to earth

a surreal grey that i call taube

it was made by paranoid people

creating an atmophere were fear

was the unknown factor.





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Also by Nobody:

Lost generation. | Dutch is the new English. | Foreign affairs. | Dutch lesson one. |


Poem 94 of 230:  MOROCCAN TEA

Here’s a hint
    Concerning mint:
It’s very brief,
    Just pick a leaf
From the backyard,
    And wash if marred;
Bag, leaf, in mug,
    Boil the jug,
Pour in and stir,
    Oust the former,
And add sugar.
    It’s easy, see -
Moroccan tea...
    Well, 'tis roughly.

(C) David Franks 2003 -

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Ready-to-Eat (MRE)

You are looking for love,

But love is not a Meal that you can buy at the supermarket, Ready-to-Eat (MRE).

All those evenings in loneliness made you think more than you should it,

All that free time has been your worst enemy,

Movies, books, and songs are telling you,

What you have in the house: it is not love.

Love should be wrap in brilliant colors,

like that movie that made y...

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I'm not a broken vase 
Not pieces put back together with golden glue 
Not some fragile, broken thing
You can't cut yourself on me anymore. 

You kept trying to hold me together 
To put flowers in me and show me off, so proud 
But I'm not a vase, 
Never was 

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Telling a Joke (Advise Given to a young lady)



PREAMBLE- Know your audience
                 Know your subject
Write out your joke in full
Read it aloud many times
Remove all diversions
Check for confused references
Ensure you have a command of the required terminology
Try not to get out of your depth

Avoid sporting, scientific or technical references
Limit your choice to sex and fashion
Political issues may only resul...

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Also by Tommy Carroll:

Trigonometry | A Greater Palastine |



Friday, October 8, 2021

7:00 AM



create a person well being

to bring

and sing with happiness


what keeps you going?

and showing

the worthiness of life

despite being torn with strife


it has made me strong

and inspired me to remain among

the people who struggle

and earn names as wonderful individuals


I control an urge


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Also by Jadia4708au:

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When did  you last see reports about the effects of the sun?

Ot its proclivity for uncontrollable activity (so far I've seen none!);

When did you last see reports about far-off solar flares

That might impart knowledge about closer climate cares?

When did you last see reports about the existence of sun spots -

Far away formidable influences that tend to transmit lots

Of violent up...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:



rat a tat tatits otheir betrayel 

a couple of grand well 2 in the head his dead 

otheir mortheirshear snap in two

the sound of the bamg it also stays with you 

we our soilders they know the game thats the quote 

he broke the rules it was by the book thats the code 

but bro wasnt it worth it 

other sleepness night for you, is it all worth it bro 

for a few quid and a cheap h...

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Also by Keith Byrne:

hi |

The Walk

Giant man-made puppet in Manchester walks the walk with a story to tell - - -

Mother child

torn apart

refugee girl

tears harden

survival calls

caring people

kindness guides

desperate hostile

horrendous journey

human love

waits anxiously

heartache yearns

reunited hope

keeps walking

never stopping.

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so many daughters with so few mothers

It Started With a Kiss (for Nicola Adams)

Your fist, her chin,
in the ring that never before
let the likes of you in.

Did you think about that 
as you laid those blows, about
those who knocked you down
for a hundred and sixteen years?

They marked your gold
at the art gallery.
Outside, not in.

There are some fights
you are yet to win.


Fom 'The Taking Part':

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Start today


You say tommorow

I say today

Why is that

It's lots better

You see as 

It could be gone in a second

Stop putting your goals 

On hold

In order to get them ticked off

You must set yourself

A plan,while chipping

Away at it each day

Including now

Imagine looking

Back and seeing the results

The calender keeps rolling

But you must not use

It as an e...

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Also by sophiethegirl whodarestodream:

music is good for the soul | how happy I felt | blogging is good | the importance of sunscreen |

A Place For Mushrooms


Roses were never within her

For only the cloying fragrance of lilies  

emanated from every pore

and ethereal breath 

A succulent moss gave comfort

like an earthly blanket

Seducing her cold, dead bones

Pale, decaying flesh turning

fertilizer for sprouting fungi: 

such tempting, flavoursome morsels 

of a fine meaty bouquet


The swirling breeze whispers:



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Also by Stephen W Atkinson:

The Sixpence |


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