Raw data swirled around my head;

I should have been in love instead,

But I was not. Time and again

The mechanism of my brain

Seizes up with dancing numbers,

While the worn-out city slumbers.

The next day, through some early mist,

I hesitate, but don’t insist;

Convoys of data trundle by

And each one tries to catch my eye;

But, for the sake of you and I,

I steel myse...

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John Clare

The wonder of the mundane 
nothing remains the same
 glint, glance, gaze, smile, 
the optimism of that green mile
a myriad of wild flowers sway in the breeze 
look up at the swirling clouds of grey-blue           a reflection of  the unassumed eternity of you.              a side long glance that seeks to cause you hurt 
with the untold gentilities of flirt                                 pa...

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A Cruise Ship State of Mind

Rapper searching for work on board a cruise ship I sign up to entertainment agents and wait for job opportunities to perform.

Yeah, yeah
Ayo, bros, it's time.
It's time, bros (aight, bros, begin).
Straight out the loud dungeons of rap.

The light drops deep as does my singer.
I never sing, 'cause to sing is the captain of swinger.
Beyond the walls of singers, life is defined.
I think of...

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If you just look around
you will find things
hidden away in secret corners
right under your nose
like a hidden brook
a lost trail
a wooden bridge
over babbling water
go by foot
find by looking
walking is
the ultimate stimulant.

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Also by d.knape:

The Mask |

Turkish Wild Fires

Desperate scenes from Turkey 
as wild fires rage and spread 
The news fills me with despair 
fear, sadness, worry and dread 

Assisted by dry weather
and forty plus degree heat 
Flames fanned out of control 
proving difficult to beat

People make their escape 
head towards the shore and the sea 
Where local fishing boats and yachts 
carry them to safety

In and around local towns

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Also by julie callaghan:

The Plight Of The Bumblebee | #Visibleandsafe | Yorkshire Day |

Me, you and she

I today finally

I saw a little sun.

You get involved

in conversation with self-confidence

which subdues them

all in fear,

and she buys time.


I told you a hundred times

do not leave me among wolves.

I borrowed my eyes

from a deer.


Me, you and her,

we are parts of a complex life,

and a simple sentence

which I put together with glue,

one frame wi...

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Also by Sanja Atanasovska:

One way |


a cough as dead leaves drop

detached with soft faint sigh

last breath of lonely martyrs

murmur of breeze in the sky


gravity's heavier as we age

ancient oaks sad blue eyes

saplings thrust like a lance

a loving that knows no lies


do remember me, I'm here,

did you forget I found you?

like a lost fawn, dappled in

shadowed glades and dew


scoured every ...

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climate changediversityfireforestlovesun.rootstrees

the failed revolution

The failed Revolution


In my childhood´s town, there was a blue neon sign

On top of a five-level building, “Jesus Saves”.

I asked my mother what “saves mean.

Souls, she said without looking up as she was reading

the communist manifesto dreamed of the day when workers would take over the factories

and throw the obese capitalists into prison.

She tried to emigrate to the Sov...

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Also by jan oskar hansen:

the transferable tourist | willful mausers |

If you’re reading this…

If you’re reading this

I’ve so much more to say

We’ve only gotten started

Along this precious way.


Stumbling at times

Often falling short

Terribly uncertain 

Not knowing what’s in store.


Wishing that your fingers

Would reach out and pull mine in

Wishing that your lips

Would savour my sweet skin. 


Next to you is where

My heart can take a rest


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Also by Donna R. Hedges:

The Moon in Reply |

Change The Narrow Thinking

Welcome to the twenty-first century

Let’s make this poem into a good memory

I have plenty of motivation and energy

The narrow thinking needs to alter, come and follow me

Stop with the forced marriages

Sending your daughters in beautiful carriages

Without asking for their consent

Coercing them to smile throughout the event

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Queer

There is no need ...

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Life Is Tougher

I am tough, but life is tougher

I’ve been through too much to doubt it

God must like to watch us suffer

Otherwise he’d do something about it

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dubito ergo sum

To Ride Jock's Bloody Bull

To Ride Jock’s Bloody Bull


When you’re ten years old, and you’ve got a best mate

You’re a very lucky lad

And my best mate was Sando

The best mate a lad coulda had


We stuck together through thick and thin

Through hail and stormy weather

Through trials and tribulations

We’d faced the world together


And always it was just me and him

And I liked it…. Just h...

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Conversation With My Nine-Year-Old Self

So here’s the thing kid,

you gotta pay a bit more attention,

think what you’re doing.


A simple game of rugby in the garden,

you might scratch a leg on the shed.

It may not look too bad, but it could

go septic, turn out real nasty.


I mean, two or three weeks in bed

in summer holidays would be bad enough,

but doctor visits every day

to poke and prod’s no fun. ...

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Who laps who kneels?


On perfumed patios ragged men pick their teeth with twigs,

Rested they untie their trod-down boots.


Draped like opium-eaters they laze in hazy pools of shimmering heat,

Victory makes men believe the battle won.


In stinking ditches hollowed-out men peel off their bloody rags,

Unable to sleep their cratered eyes stare wildly nowhere.


Crouched like coiled corpses...

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The Changing Breeze


Before the demolition

Turned my old Street

Into rubble

I went to steal some memories

Of our laughter & our struggle


I went to hopscotch down

The chalk lines of the past

Play tag with the echoes

Of ones who didn't last


Time had aged the street

Like a persons face too old

It wore the strain of many toils

From the ending of 'black gold'


I wal...

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Tears of the Moon


The legend speaks of a healing reflection,

light that preserves inward perfection.

Luminous sap in moonshine elixir,

eternal womb sustainity in a tear.


Silent voice shape shifting flow,

water of mercy and compassion beau.

Providence sphere in radiant shape,

endurance not knowing to be afraid.


Beyond all withered conception,

drifting along virtues convictio...

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On the Milk

5.30am until 7am

Monday to Friday before school,

up at 4am on Sundays 

finished by lunchtime,

If you drop and break anything

clean it up and never lie to me,


such a scant induction as a

sixteen-year old village milk boy

in 1967, the Summer of Love,

the hippy anthem ‘ San Francisco’

scrolling through my head,


in the rain, I wore a floor-length cape


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One more time

O life let me fall in love with you

Let me share the feelings true 

I have so much within to give

Holding back is killing me


O life let me breathe anew

Fresh air of emotions

And things that lends happiness

Joy of living with people I love 


O life let me hear your music true 

Lyrics of songs romantic that gets me kicking too

Into the realms of Neverending lov...

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Also by Ghazala lari:

Breathing anew |


Teaming of cold angles,

Yellow in its breaming,

Dying early at night.


Guttered rat,

Which teals the ground,

Broken edges at the banquet.


Hollowing the precious thin,

A serpentine tincture of handy men,

Because a stream struck a chord between.


Beneath a creep,

The kingdom come,

Rotting hearts of deathly grace.


It streaks the blue,

A red in ...

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Amidst the clouds of ego and selfdom,

Olly found a falcon out of the world,

who surprisingly was kind and humane,

making Olly hurled and swirled.

Falcon stopped his journey abruptly,

making nest on a banyan tree,

sudden wining and dining together,

gave Olly million reasons to glee.

Years passed in this gambol,

making them forget the truth,

the world works on some norm...

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Wars gestate in the wombs of Mothers

who will cry at the folding of a flag,

whilst cheering the burning of another.

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July goes out with a bang

walls collapse inward

port-a-loo effluence falls as rain


The sniper eats his breakfast

a fine dust of asbestos layers his tongue

his fingernails split by ricochet’d brick


Waking with his door like a coffin lid atop him

the room disappears into a falling sky

neighbours stagger blind like ghosts looking for shoes


And still the ...

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