Life Tapestry

Each glorious day that we awake, There are many choices we all must make. Every choice brings new lessons for you to learn, If you study well, then ascension you will earn. Choices choices which one should I choose? If made with love in your heart, you cannot lose. Free Will is granted to all so make your own Choice, Some lessons are easier when you listen to your inner voice. Ea...

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On Hearing A Lament


No one as simple as I
need claim visions, or tortures
but when you sing it I see it
Oh minstrel, Oh chantuese.
The second worst thing in the world:
the ones I love most driven to tears.

Worst is when I have been the cause.
What wouldn't I do to have it any other way?
How it ever happens is humbling.
And easily, unintentially, repeatedly:
 a nightmare that threatens my sanity.


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Also by Adam Whitworth:

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Another year passes by..

Another year passes by...
Many a strings I tie...
I shifted to a new world...
Started again in a new mould...
Was it tough?
Was it rough?
I count my blessings for none of the above...
Love can do wonderful things...
It shines in uncertainty like beautiful bling....
I was supported by all those I knew
And by all those I made bridges with anew...
Laughter, love, life...

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The Devil's tempting cocktail (new year fail)

I'm losing it

I'm losing it

I'm stood right here

refusing it

an ice cold one

that shouts-

'get  gone!'

that thrills of 

my abusing it

I excuse myself

a ruse myself

excuses me and

I myself

deny myself

a lift from

this Moscow mule

that i drive myself

I'm losing it

I'm losing it

I'm giving in

and chosing it.


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The cloak of nothingness

“Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.” Hemingway.


Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Luncheon of the Boating Party (1880–1881). Courtesy of the Phillips Collection, DC.

When I look into the mirror
I do not see my face
I see those ghosts behind me,
Trailing blood and lace.

Please excuse my misapprehension,
I do apologise for my fault,

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Also by John E Marks:

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Goodbye 2021?

Will this new year

be a new year?

Or, the same as the old?

I guess, patience is an essence of time

As we wait for what unfolds


So, goodbye to covid 

Goodbye to crime

Goodbye to war

Make peace in our time


Goodbye to jealousy

Goodbye to rage

Let love be the sunlight

And, Earth, be its stage


Goodbye dictators 

Goodbye to greed

We're under on...

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Also by Stephen W Atkinson:

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New yearhopelove#onerace


There's a breed that won't get New Year bonhomie from me

The culpable controlling Chinese Government Commie!


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Also by M.C. Newberry:

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2022 or twenty twenty too?!

So the sun ducks down
Shattered clouds frown
Crimson rays mix with gray
The sky starts the count down

All feather balls are back in nests
Bellies full, they're ready to rest
The restless Venus sparkles again
The Golden Ball is deep in the west

 Another year has come to an end
Wrapping wounds and grieves to mend
Our happy memories brighten the eve
As from the cradle of the Earth Moon...

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Professor Sarcasm reading Reverse Philosophy

Discard your mask

crowded party dance

airless disco club

perfect sensible setting

can't catch me

Coronavirus D J says.

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Also by Nigel Astell:

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bookings are down



The hoopla over New Years day
always leaves me laughing,
what is the myth we're dealing with
that celebrates each passing,
Reflect on what we did this year
forgive us our trespassing,
acknowledge we are lucky just
to see more sins amassing.

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Also by d.knape:

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Now I’ve retired I’ve adopted a routine whereby I get all my chores done first thing so the rest of the day’s my own.  This morning, for instance, I’d read-the-paper and had-the-shit so I settled into my shed in front of the log burner, put the coffee machine on and started thinking.

All sorts.

And every argument I had in my head I won by clear philosophical thought.

Now after an hour or ...

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Also by John Coopey:


That crucial difference

come on down

on crushed spirits


bring me your

broken promises


I’ll take all 

secret wishes


and any

last chances


join me on the lost crusade

gone tomorrow here today

roll up for that passion play

staring you and me and everyone else


we don’t need



leave behind



I’ll bring enough 



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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

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New Year, No New News

It’s New Years Eve, the last day of twenty, twenty one
This time last year, we were hoping Covid would soon be gone

One year forward and the news is very much the same
Covid still makes the headlines a new variant is to blame 

We pinned our hopes on the vaccine to bring an end at last
But the rates are rising, it’s spreading across the nation, fast 

Infection rates are at their highest...

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White Friday (day of noor)

Every Friday is special for me

It's a day where week finally breaks

The rest for the end that's beginning today

And more so it's a celebration day


Fridays are very special for us

A day marked holy in our calendar 

It's like a day of eid every week

Something miraculous we do seek


This Friday is all the more different 

It not only ends the weeks boredom

But we...

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Also by Ghazala lari:

Divine love | On my demise | Chapters of life |

Self inside


I am more than my sexuality. My job. My pleasure. My image.

I am my past

my future, my lessons,

my life, my heart, my fears.

My skin aches to be loved and my eyes to be seen,

my ears to be heard,

and me

.. me... ME... to be seen.

My passion, is not simply created and finished between my legs,

between my thighs,

but flows within my body like glitter in the wind.


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Also by Sarah-Kaye:

Expressions of turmoil |

self worthself lovesocietyperception


As we enter 2022,
What will it bring for me and you?  
Will it be a brave new year?
And not be filled with dread or fear.

Will it bring us joy and bring us hope?
And no longer find it hard to cope.
Where we'll get back to normality,
And this will be our reality.

Will this new year bring us new beginnings?
Where we'll succeed and keep our winnings.
Where we will get on the proper trac...

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Stuart VannerThe new year2022Hope


The health and growth of the human soul

To reach the highest point as pulled from the earth to the light

survival of the fittist 

A dance to reclaim your rights

A dance with the Devil

 spun into the pits of darkness

Alone with only the energy of your creation

The loss of strength

The loss of will

The structure of thought in the image that you have projected

Burned to ...

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Also by New Shoes:

Happy Holy Days |


Skating down cracked sidewalk waves

Shedding this mind enslaved

Shredding in the name of peace

Inner peace, not some short term lease

The real deal, official seal

Watch me steal away down this sidewalk

Hear my wheels talk under streetlight

Disappear into deep night, no fright

Riding concrete waves out of sight

Knowing this feeling is right

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Also by Patrick Kennon:

Our rotting green garden |

How, when and where

How, when and where

I lost my laughter and smile

I can't recall the way

It slipped off my face 

And went somewhere else


How, when and where

The unity can be sought

The hearts meant to be woven together

Shall find their home on earth 

To live forever together in love


How, when and where

Democracy was lost 

Dictators creeped within

Spreading misery an...

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My reflection through the glass just makes me walk pass,

No matter what I see it will never be worthy to me.


I can't stand the sight that makes my stomach tight,

I bite my lips and my eyes are teared up bright.


I fear that I no longer want to be here.

Why should I? When all I ever do is give up and sigh.

So please light, take me up high,

Up above the sky to a place w...

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sad poemsdepressionbody dysmorphiasad

New Beginnings

New Beginnings


The very roots of my inner being tingle with anticipation

as we make our preparations for the New Year celebration

I possess a renewed sense of profound optimism

as I discard the forlorn cares of past pessimism

My mind is overwhelmed with new and inspired ideas

which look forward to new and fertile fields

I shall cast away the clouds of despair and depressi...

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Addictive families

I am fighting an addiction that I cannot seem to shift,


Every single time I try it makes me feel like shit,


So tasked with making myself better, I reach for another hit,


Looks like I’ve failed again, again my mind set split.


Round and round and round I go desperate for that ride,


The pace at which I’m spinning starts to hurt my eyes,


I hold on tight ...

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Also by Luke:

Follow the leader | Redemption |

Wild Woman (3.)

Born of something more than flesh and bone 

She wasn’t of this world 

And maybe that’s why she felt a great deal of pain 

Maybe that's why she chose to be wild 

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My wish-Happy new year

My wish -Happy new year

Thursday, 30th December 2021

What shall be my wish?

What shall be the words to finish?

I know nothing about the entire world?

some unknown fears unfold!

"Wish all, Happy new year day" my conscious is told

this must come from all

rise and become tall

no disgrace when faces a fall

let everybody have a resolve to scale walls

let march be contin...

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On the outskirts of a sadness

otherworldly that casts one

into the mould of observer, 

a mere overseer of self

who's no longer tethered

to the entity observed, 

the very entity that can

no longer be embraced

as one and the same,

no matter how congenially

the arms are outrstretched. 

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Also by Holden Moncrieff:

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nightly thoughts

a chocolate Santa Claus

a piece of motivation

a piece of dedication

a piece of dictation

mission failed

a piece of self hate

a piece of failure

a piece of disappointment

a piece of weakness

cancelled mission

new year, new start

mission restarted


lose weight


goals you have to achieve

goals you can't achieve

goals you must proceed


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thoughtsMidnight thoughtseating disordermental healthnew year

I feel crap today (sorry)

Crouch on a mountain

Of a life times emotions


Piled high like contorted corpses

Stretching their hands 

Up to me to pluck them

From the detritus 


Rotting from the bottom

Melting into stinking filth

Collapsing under its own weight

Delivering eternal fate


Each day bringing layer 

On layer of unclaimed fears

Cemented by rivers of tears

Navigated b...

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Also by Edbreathe:

con fuse shun | bAL-a-NCe | Shdw | Molden Y(ears) | Feet | THEM | Fevvered |

The Gifts of life

To breathe is not a thought
          We do it all day
      Never realised we do
      Since it's a gift of life 

         To love you is easy
               I do it all day
          Never realised I do
Since it's just another gift of life.

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The Wonder

Kicking through the moss
in the cooling evening air
I’m staring down the barrel
of a living Rivelin Valley

Crickets clicking in the tall grass 
bramble searching for a shin
I stoop to flick away
the tickle of a nettle
caught under my tongue

O, why could I not have felt this way
at twenty one
To know myself
my capabilities, my limitations
to feel this comfortable
in my own skin 

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Also by Tom:

Ship In A Bottle | The Faintest Farewell |


The Tower

I built a wall around the shimmer of God. 

Layer upon layer it was layed 

Cast in the blood, And the filth, and the Death. 

Built on foundations of rage. 

Forged from the darkness, the fortress was bound. 

As the molten tread flooded the bank. 

Plastered among the dark shadows of envy.

Built on foundations of pain. 

The tower was high, no crack to be seen

the bricks were...

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Also by Nintai:

Gaia | Tip Toes | Those Who Flicker | The Wave | Watts |

The Quiet Spirit of Christmas

The spirit of Christmas descends with a whisper

Unnoticed by shoppers and revellers

To sprinkle a little of its magic dust

Which settles into the spaces left between

Food piled in kitchens; parcels tucked under trees

Deflated decorations; precious hopes and dreams


On Christmas Eve children in pyjamas, wait longingly

Peering through bedroom windows

Hoping to glimpse Sa...

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Also by Brenda Wells:

The Turn of the Year | Midwinter Mistletoe | The Woods in Midwinter | Dark December Days | The Wise Oak - A Celebratory Haiku |


So. We are done with our expierence of the year 2021

What might we do with the year 2022

Well, first we can dry our tears

Brought to us by the pain of the previous years

Get over our misery, and confront our fears

Life as we have known it has reached its end

Time marches on, another year passed, we turn the bend

Forever living with a pandemic is now the new trend

Death at o...

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Also by J.D. Bardo:



I was told I need to filter my words.
Be more quiet, let others be heard.
...and for that I was sorry. 


Potential suitors intimidated by my success.

Friends tell me maybe say less.
....and for that I was sorry. 

Scholars pointing out my looks as I tried to study my books.

Was there a step I mistook? 

...and still for that I was sorry.


But year after year, my fears ...

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At Aldeburgh you have to watch your back.

The beach is chilled, the Borough vents its wrath,

And whispered, ghostly choruses proclaim

‘Grimes’, as though in agony. Tormented,

A man prepares to sink his boat. Foghorns

Sound on nearby sandbanks. Night shelters shame.

Sweet morning comes, tearing at consciences

Of perky seafarers. Go, cast your nets,

And bring home lost m...

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Also by Stephen Gospage:

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It was said by some that the church organ

played of its own accord

behind locked doors with no one inside

to do the playing,

but that was when a hesitant wind

sprang across the stubbles of wheat

stretched the branches of trees to harps

and the leaves of hedges with a - rustling

like an ordinance. 


Suffolk byways keep their secrets well

and backs are turned agains...

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Also by ray pool:


At ceremony of the poem

I wantted to know of the Violin

How much he suffered from his heart-

The melody of pain canbe heard

The Violin could not answer.

I wanted to know the sun

How long did it burn?

I would he can shine as you as

Even today I have not received any answer.

Profit calulates Lose

Never walk the path

When's I think your nice face at abnormal bored.

This is the magic of good ...

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Kiss Fm


She asked me

What is it like?

I replied 

You know

Like when you cant swim and you start to drown

So you're drowning right?

But its like everyone else around you can breathe

They seem to be floating on their back with ease

Everyone else has their head above water

Keeping afloat

And even some of the fortunate ones

They have their own boat

Not even touching the wat...

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Also by Mama Lola:

Self Love | Forgiveness | My Dear Beloved | You deserve it all |

How A Heart Breaks

i.m. Martin Cooke (1955-2021)


‘Behold the fowls of the air’

Matthew 6:26



This is the way it happens: a voice on the phone

explaining that one we took for granted

is no longer there, that junk food

and countless pints that wrecked

your balance and strained your heart

became in the end too much –

even at your shuffling pace.


Refusing to put a penny a...

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Four Haikus outside at Christmas in Yorkshire

Holding arms open

the snow tickles your shoulders

in a cold silence.




putting on your gloves

you wish you had your hat on

stepping in the snow.




Whispering winter

the snow turns the station white

shunning the moon’s scorn.




Opening the door

boat was frozen in the lake

freezing getting home.

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Also by Andy N:

Christmas Card Poem (2021) |


Mutation (2021)

It was running round the House of Commons

With no mask

Handing out PPE contracts to their mates

For a laugh


As the population was falling into graves

They gave out party invites

Drunk on festive cheer.

Tears streaming down the cheeks of relatives

Who couldn’t see them go

                                        Ho Ho Ho


The lies multiplied, given a boost


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Also by David R Mellor:

Wayward | Not Today… |

Boris Johnson

6 Words of Christmas

T'is a season to be jolly

Dont need a reason to be holy 

Greatful for my shortcomings 

I know greater things are coming

All glory to the holy one 

As we celebrate him as a family

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#Christmas Poems


Your spark became a flame
Your touch was electric
This heart found a beat
A heart imprisoned in the dark
A lost ancient rhythm
So familiar but forgotten
The sound of time
The spine unfolds
The hair stands on the back of his neck
And he howls to the heavens
His curse is freedom
Destined to roam alone
Lethal, restless, unkillable
The world is bleeding him
Only to lick his woun...

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Also by Jim:

I |

Surface value

We become lost within ourselves

Permanently fixated on our reflection upon the water

The image casted out constitutes one’s ego

Look through yourself

Dive into your actions and reasoning

Continually finding ways to stay grounded

Anchor yourself

As there is infinite things to learn below one’s surface

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Also by Cody Roach:

My Marigold | Blindsided |

A fitting reply !

It was Boxing Day and Jenny was passing her local M&S,

She was going to a New Years Eve party and needed a new dress.

She saw a dress in the window which caught her eye,

"Please can I try on that dress in the window?" to an assistant she did cry.

The assistant replied,"For you to try on that dress in the window I would deplore !

You'll have to try it on in the fitting room like ever...

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Also by hugh:

An inhaler error | Love is intoxicating | A haunting ruined credit rating !!! | Act now Boris after Christmas will be too late !! | Life at the morgue | A despicable crime on a lady in her 80's, robbed in her own home in Accrington yesterday | Omicron,new symptoms.A Hugh warning | A meal deal by Boris for his cabinet | "Please be kind !" | The Salvation Army,the light in the window that says somebody cares | Fred Faithful's dilemma | Strictly Come Dancing | Wokingham council draw the lines. Traffic wardens issue the fines !! | Warning !!! |


Love isn't a burden

until it is gone

A failure of stone

I thought was forever

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Also by Mike McPeek:

Sway | Owl Said | Rose | Letter To St. Nick |

To Swami Girijatmananda

You'd embroidered the Inferno
sewn with the thread
of supple beauty,
endowed Ganguria
with philosophical
profundity and great altitude
of enlightenment.
You'd reconciled
an old skirmish
between disdain
and phobia.
O God, you made
Ganguria an ultimate abode
decked with platonic ideal
of love and mosaic complexion.




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So she let the rain set in

So she let the rain set in



When we had nearly given in

Mother nature

Decided she could absolve us from our sins…

So she let the rain set in


Her eyes did not water lightly

Instead— she wept a river

She gave us more than we deserved

More than what we thought—she could deliver


Everlasting daisies and orchids emerged

In abundance— on the once bone-d...

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Also by Rasa Kabaila:

Fire |


Sometimes I imagine being a rainbow,

Shooting off into the sky and coloring in every perception anew,

Just to find my way back into myself.





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Also by M3RK:

Oblivion | pink | hey there |

Believe it right now as in the future you ought to

Jesus' dad through a flying sourcer  

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Also by Jed:

Shabby Corrode | Don't Get Uppity Get A Cuppa Tea | Unhappy |

Happy Christmas Day Mum


High above the sky and all its birds.
Hello Mum, please read these words.
With every Christmas bell I hear peal.
An ache in my heart, I begin to feel.

This year I don't care for Winter snow. 
It's early days Mum, that much I know.
With God's help, it'll get better in time.
I will look for a Robin, a heavenly sign.

In such God sent things, I truly believe.
Maybe I'll see one tod...

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Also by Mike Bartram:

The Cloud | 'Can I Come With You' |

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