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The Faintest Farewell

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Pale fluorescent lighting paints the scene
ears still ring hollow
with such an effortless ‘goodbye’
All breathing paused
as she rations out that smile
all too aware of exactly what it does to me

Allowing a single kiss 
to parachute upon her cheek
I thank her for the madness
of all those past encounters
But she has nothing more for me
just empty eyes and vague replies

One foot follows the other
as she minds that endless gap
All confusion quickly thins
a bullet hits me, there’s no feeling
no reverence for the weight
of all that’s crumbling

That wild force once warped us
distorted the very shape of our existence
but now in its withdrawal
it has no effect on her
My eyes are filled with moon
hers rewind blue movies

Between our kisses
I’d sketched great journeys on a napkin
which she now takes and rips
tucks the scraps in my top pocket
In the glass of the parting doors
I watch myself get torn in two

So much remains unsaid
her thinning smile waves me on
as the sterile platform claims her
deep into its caverns
Every strand of thought
hangs unresolved and billowing

I know our show is over
our passion moot and spare
without a care
The faintest farewell
so fitting, so real
So what…



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John Marks

Thu 6th Oct 2022 16:03

This is a brilliant poem Tom and deserves a wide audience. My favourite line: "just empty eyes and vague replies."

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John Botterill

Sat 18th Dec 2021 11:34

I loved the lines
In the glass of the parting doors
I watch myself get torn in two
Very accomplished, Tom.
I admire your skill!
John Botterill

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Mon 6th Dec 2021 13:19

Thank you John, Keith, Stephen Aisha and Holden for reading this one and for the likes ? I really appreciate it.

And thank you Keith. I wanted to try and capture that moment of realisation; the thing you treasure means nothing to the other person (or they refused to express that it means anything to them). Thanks for reading and commenting. Hopefully the next piece I finish will be a bit more upbeat. ?

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keith jeffries

Fri 3rd Dec 2021 12:33

An excellent piece of writing, profound in its searching emotions and one which captivates the reader with a sense of being present at the scene and sharing in what is taking place. I particularly liked the words, "Allowing a single kiss to parachute on her cheek". Her attitude portrayed a fickle almost capricious quality and the writer a strong sense of realisation and acceptance.
I really enjoyed this. Thank you

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