Tonight all that is left of me is a small child 

My burdens are larger than any I’ve held before 

On my shoulders I carry more than I can handle 

With an inexperienced point of view it doesn’t appear as heavy, 

But now I’m matched with responsibilities far greater than myself. 

Uncertain for my future, I doubt the chances my of survival will be successful 

Nothing short of misery is what I’ve received from this mess

I sob in the night as guilt ravages my soul 

My peace was stolen from me, captured and never to return. 

I want dwell in a sweeter moment, just before the worst robbed me of contentment

Like Dusk before dawn.

Please don’t mind me I’m just grieving 

I miss my mother 

That Woman I have underestimated, I’ve taken for granted

Only a selfish fool could do such a thing 

Still I miss her more than these words can express 

Forget the rough past we both know so well 

It is our present that matters now

How loud must I, a grown woman, scream before my wishes are heard? 

Tell me there’s a lesson that will come from this, a way for me to grow. 

Or is my fate to crumble beneath all that weighs me down?


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Pete (edbreathe)

Wed 29th Dec 2021 17:21

Lovely .I love the gentleness of the words

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