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Today is the Tomorrow You created Yesterday

We are who we are Today because we were who we were Yesterday. We do what we do Today because we did what we did Yesterday. We will become who we become Tomorrow because of who we are Today. So, if you get stuck in who you were Yesterday, instead of Living who you are Today, then who you become Tomorrow, will be shaped more by who you were Yesterday, than who you are Today. Just to ...

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#Today#Tomorrow#Yesterday#Change# Allow#Be

Life Tapestry

Each glorious day that we awake, There are many choices we all must make. Every choice brings new lessons for you to learn, If you study well, then ascension you will earn. Choices choices which one should I choose? If made with love in your heart, you cannot lose. Free Will is granted to all so make your own Choice, Some lessons are easier when you listen to your inner voice. Ea...

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Path of Tears

A single tear or multitude, what do they mean? Do they serve a purpose? no reason can be seen. A tear drop is so small but expresses emotions from deep inside, Of which most women are in touch with, while men run and hide. So who is the stronger sex, one that shows her true passion, Or he who holds it back in some macho fashion. I was there for many years, more of a man if I did not ...

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A Time of Change

It is my belief, we have entered a time of change. This is our chance to come together instead of pushing and pulling each other apart. A time for us to act out of Love instead of Fear. Find something to be for, just let go of the things you are against. The past is gone, we can do nothing about it. The Future is open before us, to create our lives, our World, however we wa...

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Earth School

Life is a lesson plan no one can escape, With effort you might, but your own Soul you do scrape. We are all Immortal souls here to learn and be healed, Make a wrong choice, just learn from it, your fate is never sealed. A unique agenda for each, the only choice is the pace, Take it slow, or speed it along, only ourselves to face. Is life purely haphazard, or strictly etched in stone?...

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Between the old and new I stand, If I lift a foot, where will I land? Even as pain whispers to my Heart, In this place I stay, feet wide apart. Step soon or into the chasm I will fall, Makes perfect sense, so why do I stall? For reasons unknown, I hold my ground, I try to listen, but there is no sound. To step forward does not feel like a choice, Have Faith, take a leap says th...

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