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A nice Christmassy one.


And so this is Brexit and isn’t this fun?

We’re starting to find out just what you have done.


You wanted us sovereign to end Brussels rule

Now where are the drivers to transport our fuel?

They’ve gone back to Warsaw and Bucharest too

They’ve gone back to homelands throughout the EU.


The fishermen voted for “Leave” as their wish

But find they’ve been shafted and can’t catch their fish!

Bureaucracy stifled trade to the EU

With paperwork causing queues on the M2.

And Ulster in Ireland has proven complex

For who’d have thought exports would need customs checks.


There’s  vacancies offered on windows and doors

Of hotels and cafes, of pubs and in stores.

Cos Stefan and Reina, Marie and Jerome,

Irena and Zygmunt have buggered off home.


“Ah, but” you will tell me “There’s much we have gained;

With benefits lost if we had Remained”.

I ask you to list them, you find hard to do;

We’re back to bananas and sovereignty too.


And so this is Brexit and isn’t this fun?

We’re starting to find out just what you have done.




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John Coopey

Wed 8th Dec 2021 17:12

Thanks for the Likes, Mark, John, Stephen, Mahira and Tom.

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John Coopey

Wed 8th Dec 2021 00:11

Thankyou, each.
I do find it amusing that prior to the Brexit vote every burp and fart was blamed by Leavers on the EU; on the other hand, after Brexit they seem particularly upset that the fallibilities of Brexit are pointed out to them.


Tue 7th Dec 2021 22:34

Mildly amusing John, though is it to some degree plagiarism as it uses Lennon's tune and verse structure? Still, I don't expect Yoko to pursue it so I guess there's no harm done.

As for the sentiment, the anti-EU lot banged on about leaving for donkeys years so I guess we should let you and others have a few years sniping.

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Greg Freeman

Tue 7th Dec 2021 18:53

Tbh, I'm getting bored of Brexit. It got done, we got shafted, get over it. That doesn't mean I will be taking part in next year's Brexit festival, however it is packaged. But I remember quite liking the 1970s, first time around.

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Stephen Gospage

Tue 7th Dec 2021 17:29

I like this poem, John. From my perspective, Brexit was desperately sad.

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 7th Dec 2021 16:03

But for all those who have supposedly "buggered off home", the
population seems remarkably increased in my retirement years alone. I wish you - and these who seem ready to stay the course, in what we now face - and that includes my two foreign tenant/ neighbours here in this 3-flat dwelling - a very Merry Christmas!
Nil desperandum!!

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John Coopey

Tue 7th Dec 2021 15:47

We are doing quite well on vaccinations I grant you, Graham. But no cigar. You will note we sit behind Portugal, Spain, Italy and France for vax rates.

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Graham Sherwood

Tue 7th Dec 2021 15:12

Wriley put JC as always. I don't recall anyone saying it would be easy and of course you've very conveniently failed to mention the impact of covid on some of the things you mention. I for one am happy to be in charge of our own vaccination programme and not leave it to outgoing 'mother' in Germany or the French premier who's ego far outweighs his abilities.

Great song paraphrased as always but I prefer Merry Christmas Everyone (even if it is a little shakey).

Have a good one old friend!

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