The never-ending Good Friday


Christian female fighters take on Daesh in Syria | Mena — Gulf News


Sackcloth on our backs
Ashes in our mouths
Wailing loudly and bitterly
We mourn our dead. 

The Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic
Awakens me to the truth
We need more fighters, more youth.

The promises from West 
Turn out to be a blasphemy:
The rich mired 
In such maggoty apathy

Over the mountains,
Black clouds scud 
A perverted vivacity
Holds sway in the blood. .

Killing as they go
Blood on the floor.
Refugees waiting
Knocking at your door.

Seeking sanctuary, they say,
Christendom has fallen away
Collapsed from within,
Deep, deep in the luxuries of sin.

Oh! I’m glad I never fell in love with you
I’m glad that I do not have to speak
On these endless, numbered days:
Of Daesh barbarians 
Selling Yezedi girls as sex slaves.
Leaving children chained up naked
As they die

Christians crucified, mass graves,
Images that will never fade

No crystal ball
No prescience

Let us pray,
With ashes in our mouths,
For this new day
As iron enters the soul,
In a world
Suddenly grown old.


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John Marks

Tue 7th Dec 2021 14:27

Strongly felt and fluently angry Keith. We all should be angry. Muslim majority States in the middle East have conducted a 120 year genocide against Christians and other religious minorities. We ignore these First Christians at our eternal peril. Over a million (1,000,000) Assyrian Christians have fled persecution, genocide and forced conversions. The UK , to our shame, has given sanctuary to fewer than 4000 Assyrian Christians.

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keith jeffries

Mon 6th Dec 2021 22:07

A powerful poem indeed. The West is living in a post Christian era or would it be more accurate to say that Christianity has been abandoned. We are guilty along with the US and others of sanctioning the murder of Middle Eastern Christians as we ignored the plight of the Armenians in the early years of the last century. We glibly talk of freedom and democracy and with audacity, of Christian values, yet we permit the wholesale slaughter of our brothers and sisters in Christ at whatever is today's price on the market. I am sickened by all this flagrant duplicity. This poem is raw to the nerve and so it should be. I salute every word you have written here.
Thank you for this. I hope everyone will read and meditate on this poem. The voice, if not the cry of the innocent, who lie in the dust of their churches in Kurdistan and other places will forever haunt us..

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