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An element that was historically used for warmth

 To cook food

And for protection


And now—  our primal instincts are still drawn to the flames

Campfires provide a haven (on our terms)

 Where we can sit together—and feel a strong connection



In Australia, we have natural fire

That we usually accept and manage

But this time was different

This time—was savage


For months— the days were filled with smoke

At dawn— red embers glowed upon courtyard pavers— in suburban homes

The unfamiliar and  relentless— mighty gale of wind

 Shook us all

We felt powerless and alone


Mother nature asserted herself

She reminded us— that she has the final say in everything

A lethal combination of drought, wind and fire


Yes—this was going to sting



When the gumtrees were virtually charcoal

Kangaroos became more visible

They jumped through the bush at ease—like they always would

I wonder if they felt what had changed

And what they had fully understood


Burnt koalas- up to 30% of the species predicted dead

Even with refusing to look at the actual images

Just the thought of them suffering

Brought so much dread



People died— trying to defend their houses and agriculture

Homes, crops and livestock were lost

Climate change and human overpopulation

Has come at such a cost


The rest of us carried on with our day-to-day work— through the smoke

Feeling powerless—compounded by survivors’ guilt

Yet trying not to lose hope


In our harsh climate of Australia

Mother nature must have her way

Society has committed greedy and thoughtless sins to the earth

Perhaps this was our price to pay



Watching and waiting

Witnessing all that was lost in the flames— and continuing to grieve

Trusting and believing

That at some stage— the rain had to eventually come— to enable some reprieve


My mama once said that there are no atheists on a sinking ship

And I believe that this is true

Especially when everyone feels helpless and stuck

And doesn’t know what else to do


So everyone prayed for those fighting the fires

For the flora and fauna

And we prayed that the fires didn’t reach us too

Trying to remember that with the pain of the ash

Comes a special ability 

 To heal and renew

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Rasa Kabaila

Mon 6th Dec 2021 03:45

Thank you Stephen. Hopefully I touched on the concept of 'hope' too. We all need hope. Wishing you a lovely day.

Kind regards,

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Stephen Gospage

Sun 5th Dec 2021 16:50

There's a lot in this, Rasa. It brings home the reality of being close to and dealing with fires, as well as all the tragedies which result. Thanks for this.

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