In my element

In my element


I cocoon myself in a creative cave

where I luxuriate and fondly bathe

It is my demi paradise and retreat

where I take my fill of drink and meat


Books and more books precariously stored

surround the wall to prevent me from being bored

Pens, paper and ink with many a blot

is my sofa my warm cradling cot


One lamp is all the light I need

as I sit propped up in order to read

Then I write with my pen on paper

letters which I shall post sometime later


The cave is where my piano lives with me

a place which few ever do seldom see

My inner sanctum of prayer and meditation

free from a world so ridden with consternation


Music filters through my daily chores

more often do I hear piano notes that soar

My mind soon comes alive to create

where there is nought which can suffocate


The telephone and other devices are subdued

not that I wish to be unsociable or rude

Imperative it is that I remain alone

without the incessant ubiquitous telephone


My mind becomes a slide show of thought

where past memories to the fore are brought

These produce the seeds I need to write

and often do so well into the night

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keith jeffries

Fri 3rd Dec 2021 12:21

Thank you for your comment. I have a television but seldom watch it because I prefer to read and use my imagination than be subjected to someone else's. Reading and writing are creative and mind engaging, whereas TV is an out let only.

Thank you also to others who kindly commented on this poem.

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jennifer Malden

Fri 3rd Dec 2021 11:06

Note that TV isn't mentioned, unless included in 'other devices'.
So evocative that one almost feels cocooned in your creative cave! You sound very selfsufficient, and content with it. Had to stay in bed for 3 weeks recently, and to be honest, quite enjoyed it. No TV, thank God, computer only for urgencies, mobile as little as poss, but books and more books!!!! Managed two poems as well! Jennifer

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Stephen Atkinson

Wed 1st Dec 2021 19:55

A lovely, cosy well rhymed piece, Keith

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John Botterill

Wed 1st Dec 2021 09:55

The rhythm works brilliantly to capture a relaxed, reflective mood. Really enjoyed this, Keith.

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