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driving with my mother

She said 37 words in fifteen seconds on the start of the drive home. 37 words in fifteen seconds. I don’t know what she said. I was too busy counting. She says I live inside my head. I don’t think she understands the irony. 37 words, she wasn’t even breathless. I don’t know if it was an attempt to fill the silence or if it was her way of closing the distance between us by opening it, or she was si...

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the moon and the sun

you told me i’d only fail

laugh at my hopes and dreams

you act as if i’m frail

there’s often reoccurring themes 


you know i’m not dumb 

it’s just that you don’t care

so don’t ask me for gum

and don’t you give me that stare


i don’t know how we ever got along 

we’re opposites like the moon and the sun

you probably think you’re the moon, but i think that you’re...

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Penguins, Popsicles and Polar Bears

Astronauts were packing it in.

​​​​​Wrapping up a long mission

when the ships sensors had a vision.
Beyond the hill of ice.
On a planet deemed to have no life.
A sign of life before them
beyond the hill were penguins.
Sliding down the peak
with Popsicles in their beaks.
A bundle over polar bears
sat watching in folding chairs
on the planet of Coldairus.

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Scent Memories

charred scents linger
within the astronaut's mind
suits, boots, glove fingers
leave scent memories behind
reek of burnt toast and sulfur
a vacuum occupied by scientists and engineers
what Earthly scents trigger
the olfactory bulbs of space pioneers
acid burns, fireworks, the scent of torched meat
the bakery that burns a rack of bagels
on the putrid corner of smelly Smogstone Street
the ...

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Rhymespacesci Fi



(For Michael Collins – Astronaut 1930-2021)


The fourth person to spacewalk

And the second

To orbit the moon alone

While fellow crew members

Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong

Walked on the lunar surface


Sometimes glory is shared unevenly

But greatness often depends

On those backstage

Silently pulling levers

And watching instruments


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poetryWelsh Poets.David SubacchiDavid Subacchi.Welsh Poetryspace

The Sun’s Litany

My light, forever

Bright, proud, and true.

Would surely know if he was untrue?

His words a balm to desperate ears.

My body only what he holds dear?

Oh heart, emotions be.

Craving sweet shore of security.

Safe arms, to pull me close.

Cherish my heart, essence close.

Play and laugh with carefree joy,

Dance our hearth, 

Not destroy.

My warmth is strong to warm us b...

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break uplovemoonpoetryrelationshipsrisingspaceSun


There's a space between each atom

A gap that nothing can ever repair

Stars carefully keep their distance

Clouds stand proud up in the air


There was no distance for us

Till ambition swelled so high

Our bodies knew no aloofness

Entwined across endless sky


Grand notions tugged you free

I could not offer you enough

You wanted life-style and fame

Glory and al...

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Soul Songs

Your poetic words 

bring comfort

my mind

cannot comprehend. 

Floating in the

healing waters

of your soul, 

is my favorite pastime. 

Two stars colliding,

creating a kaleidoscope 

of time. 

In the space 

of your song, 

life is sublime.

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Beyond this place

To find a peace beyond

sentience and experience

to find that inner tranquility

floating in a calm sea of stillness

resting on an ocean of order

where there is no space

or physical place

just a quiet solitude

full of soulful grace.

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Light, from a billion years too late
Creating states of existence
In an essence of brilliance
On a journey that deliberates deliverance.

Belonging to all
These black nights filled with pockets of galactical,
manifested mystical’s –
of fire and pure delight.

Welcoming all, to join them in a dancing rage
Screaming to all who look upon their fate
Come and join us and live among this art...

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The Curse.

Grab a pinch  of quantum soup

mix with fresh picked arrowroot,



gasping gluts of interstellar air

with corona of Altair,


dying light of Betelgeuse 

cast around him double thrice,



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read poetry while high

Double fuck

hit with some starry metaphor like a hammer smash

can taste the iron of proxima's atmosphere

tangy on a tongue like steak was slapped.

In jest I speak but truly sweet holy fuck

when those twisted sibilant sentences scathe and scrape around the cranial pits.






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My hands are patterned by ambitions,

these lines on my skin are wishes,

palms marked like the sky after a shooting star

and shining when they interlace with your fingers,

your skin's wrinkles and crinkles.

The crevices of our skin do not match or meet

the way coloured paths on a map synchronise and intercross,

reaching destinations.

We are separate pieces of meat



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A Worlds End

Hello guys, I have a poem here that I have entered. It makes reference to space and distant galaxies and such, so I have included the latest track I have produced to go alongside it. It doesn't have any vocals to the track and is only there to add to the experience of the piece. I hope you like both the track and the poem.


A Worlds End


     I sit here, my quest stone - broke

My ...

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Dying PlanetSpaceloneliness

Old & New

Shuttles soar with seemingly unprecendented motion.
The children's eyes gaze to the floor.
The ground is green and brown and yellow.
The world below cannot bellow.

Bellow whole-heartedly,
Sing and hum its' tune.
A melody, sweet melody.
A rotation for all of you.

Its' sweet chillness pressed against the nostrils,
Its' gentle warmth against the skin.
Allow the gaze of the star above,

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These horror corridors, erratic,
Aged in oil, no known schematic,
Contorted without end or start,
Between the stars that ripped apart.
From out of darkness, darkness falls,
Creeps lattice floors and barren walls.
She, calculated, cruel and coarse;
No fear, no pity, care, remorse.

Past leaking pipes and daggered halls,
As bleating screens scream warning calls,
These rusted vents here wa...

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Gravity Waves

It’s so nice to receive your greeting,

From so far away,

I’ve often felt you tickle,

As Earth and Moon do play.


But I suppose cus you’re mostly constant,

And tugging at my feet,

It’s easy to ignore you,

And not feel your heavy beat.


You make such a big impression,

Fine grains in vast clouds you entrap,

And enormous globes entwine and swirl,

At your magic ...

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It's five to three and my mind won't quiet
A million different thoughts congregated
In a rioted debate
I wait on the clock to stop but the
Tick tick tick is keeping me awake
Time stopping time from stopping.
It's strange, the unconscious brain
Like tapping into the universe
In sleep. 
Body in a slumped heap
I lie awake with these thoughts
Ironically keeping me up
Simultaneously worryin...

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sleepthe universelifedreamsnightthoughtsbrainmindtimespaceplanet in space

I Am not a Great Writer














I am not a great writer
But in my writing I can be great.

You only go around once

in this life.


In my writing I have visited

Haunted houses, been greeted

by my long gone Father, and

even been to space.


I am not a great writer,

but my Family supports

and encourages me.


So, Yes I am a great...

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In Our Hands Everything - But Worlds

In Our Hands Everything - But Worlds


     On nights like this,

When the air is clear,

When no shrouds of covers

Blanket the Earth,

    I could,

I could stay with God till dawn,


     Looking up,

I see a million twinkles -

A million jewels

To comfort - inner thoughts,

Each dancing to distant

Mesmerising synths that

Tell of only wonder;

Open all my ...

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Oh, mighty planet of fire and of ice,

you are the bounty of life

and of all things ever made.

You belong in all worlds especially ours

where the frozen water at your poles

and the fire at your middle heart

make all life yours to control.


Creatures of fire swim in

seas of molten lava

while beings of ice glide

over infinite frozen ...

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future worldscififantasyspace


Hello and welcome to my second blog. I have a new poem for you this time which was inspired by something I saw on my way home from work recently. Winter nights bring much inspiration when the SAD let's up.




Silver coils glisten against blackened winter night

Penetrating granite fortress walls

A juxtaposition of time and craft

Sparkling with the intensi...

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You are my beacon,

I’m headed your way.

A speeding comet into

your darkness.


Lie in waiting

for when love hits,

the crater will be immense.

When it knocks you off your

stable core

life may at last begin upon your planet.


The dinosaurs will have to die

but you and me

and all the birds

will learn to fly!


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Hope through a Telescope


A formation of blue stars, replace a moonless sky.

Celestial co-ordinates navigate,

through mythic constellations.

Embraced within the spiral arms of her Galaxy,

free from Earths chains and imprisoned sea.


Through the luminous arc of Andromeda’s eyes

Seeing all that I am, as a trillion burning stars,

whisper all that I could be.

Reborn in collision, r...

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Planet Earth

You tell me I live on a different planet,

smiling, the way you smile

and sadly I agree

for when I look beneath

the earth is black,

my feet rooted to its soil

and when I look above

I see one moon,

waxing to a waning womb

and all around me vast skies,

peppered with my dreams,

every star I ever wished on

cold and dark and distant

as I breathe


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The Space of Love, the Space of Peace (Space)


A magic light has filled the space.

Our Lord has sent it with a grace.

We paradise create in dreams

Wishing to live in loves sunbeams.


The space of love we should create.

It would be so nice and great.

The space of peace for centuries,

For all the Earths countries.


©copyright Larisa Rzhepishevska

November 28th,2010

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Too Much Space, Too Much Time

The plan never changed
it was never revealed
suddenly, this cell was just mine

Can I still grow, can I still change?
I don't want to be my father
I don't want to live alone

Another evening in;
another night, pushing everyone away
'All I need is a little space
room enough to think a while
write some lines
a drink or two
Me; all to myself'

But the more I take, t...

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The Other Side (Space Poem)

Looking back now,
the space between us
was like looking through
a sheet of ice
from the other side.


The space between us
was as timeless
as the void between
earth and Mars.
A mirage
like Saturn’s rings
in all of their
haunting beauty.
The space in-between us
was an intense as
the purple evening sky
soaring over
the nearby street lights

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spacethe other side

love visits from another planet


Love visits from another planet

talks in a language I can’t understand

knocks me flat, throws me on my back

in seconds.

Love visits from another planet.


Love visits from another planet

with quiet voice, subtle demands

kills me right, every night then

I'm abandoned.

Love visits from another planet.


Love visits from another planet

is ...

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 my mind wanders

places unexplored

outer space

mind-blowingly vast

beyond our galaxy

planets sparkle

billions of them

so many

light years away

and beyond the stars

I can’t comprehend

just space

utterly infinite


like this space

in my head

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The net

Shrug away fears and firmly grasp the net;

come saddle up a snorting photon beam;

lean forward, grip the mane and ride the dream;

joust bravely with electrons tete-a-tete.

Go boldly into other worlds, forget

your leaden boots, leap out and get extreme.

In cyberspace, if no-one hears you scream,

who cares. Absorb the nothingness of jet

black night; lift just one d...

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november robin




                                                      the wee bird

                                           high viewing frosty blue

                                               its blushing breast

                                                  in filigree twigs


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Her Space

Oh how I adore her space


With just a trace of grace and favour

Her femininity to savour


Oh how I adore her space


Her secret nook and cranny


Oh how I adore her space





Oh how I adore her space


With just a trace of lace and French silk

Her blood red nails and her thighs of milk


Oh how I adore her space


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I welcome sleep

slipping away


as worlds expand

In this breath

I am connected

By solar plexus

In this blissful  moment

I am the universe

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Space - Between the Lines



Perimeters , none


Accumulating energy


Clouds , gone


Empathy in space

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Inner Space

A seventy kilo person

is seven billion trillion atoms.

That's all, so they say.

Or is it?

What is an atom?

An atom is a nucleus

surrounded by electrons.

The atom's nucleus is a speck,

one millionth of a billionth

of its volume.

Less than a flea in a cathedral,

or an ant in a stadium,

Atoms are nothing,

they are empty, empty, empty,

we are ...

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Space Beat Haiku

All I need is love

love to fill the empty space

space is all you need

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Guess Where Daddy's From

 Guess Where Daddy’s From



“are we there yet dad?”

Asked his son in the back of the car

That was jammed on the merry go round

Of a future with little importance,

And as dad with ma sat in the front

Of a tired Accord the source of his

Inspiration came flooding again

As the engine ceased on its will!

                “Not yet son” was his

Inward r...

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Love of the Stars ( Space)


On the suburb of the Universe

the Beta star has lighted up.

Her luminescence was a diverse,

By God she was set up.

His Majesty the Alpha star has seen her light,

 has fallen in love with her at first sight.

His nights has become so bright,

somewhere even white.

At once he has sent her a ray of love

wishing her to be his beloved.

Her Excellency the B...

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An Atoms Tale Is Epic

If I die before tomorrow

Though the sun won't shine for me

Take pleasure in it's warming glow

There's a future there to see


No life will last forever

The sun will one day fail

But not before we've all passed on

So who will hear the tale


A tree falls in a forest

A whale dies in the sea

What happens to the birds nest

Do the krill sigh with relief



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