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I Am Out of Fashion

Are you pumping your asses? Come on!

Are you pumping tits and lips… Come on!

There are tattoos on your eyebrows, ass.

You forgot the word, LASS.


You know how to comb your hair.

But you don’t know how to be fair.

You know how to do makeup

But you don’t know how to wash up.


You know how to make money doing nothing,

But you don’t know how to do something.

You l...

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steel wool

Panic is a double edged sword,
for the unyielding man at arms
meant to be wielded
with a quick wit and an iron fist

It seems to me
these steel toes
could use a good shoe shine
to assist with
my rugged exterior
worn out appearance

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Silk wraps baseball caps
Cotton bow ties on wedding hats
Vintage buttons on modern jackets
Handbags designed like crisp packets
Fishnet tights and lycra cling on
Printed t-shirts Jeans with bling on
Rara skirts with vivviene shirts
Tight mini dresses for all you flirts
Over the knee boots
Boots with studs on
Jogging bottoms and tops hoods on
Pattern socks odd socks if you're feeling sil...

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The Coming of a New Age

With every year's end - the advent marks the start of a new day,
as human kind we’re always growing wiser, furthermore, fully face to face with the task of taking baby steps toward a straight forward path —
It’s time to take a stand…
(With that being said: we really need to enjoy such a joyous occasion)
In an effort to boost morale; International Women’s Day should pronounce a two part holiday...

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"Cancel Couture"

Go home

Take a shower

Put on your brand-new Couture


Walking down the street as clean as can be

Though you know your character lacks such hygiene

Carefully avoiding anything that will dirty your all-white attire

Your outfit is custom made of course


But yet the inevitable happens

The same way you ruined the previous ensemble

Destroys any hope for salvage

And w...

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cancel-culturefashionnew poet


Fashion - Poem by Marie

I am a mannequin fashion me today 
bend me shape me any way 
Make me look like your woman 

I am you mannequin I love you 
look into my eyes shy blue 
Take me break me into pieces 
Dress me in your fancy fleeces 

Show me off in any style 
I have just one request 
Please go with me the mile 

I am your mannequin, I'm all yours 
we can open many doors 
do w...

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Generation Gap, Next...

Take me back to the days of heady boutiques

Those psychedelic shades which heighten the senses

Racks of lush purple velvet, loon pants, cheesecloth, suede mini skirts

Float me to Biba, Granny Takes A Trip

Where tender darkness and patchouli wafting

Not sickly Haribo sweetness...clinging, cloying

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Passing Fashions

When they grow up they dress in a new life:

a family of new suits and shirts to wear.

And the ties are new too.

He strides out on his new catwalk

proudly wearing his new self,

blind to the day the cloth may unravel

or fade or lose its style.

What will clothe him then?

I shall not grace his shoulders again:

I am the coat he has outworn

in my pockets are his memories


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fashionclothessuitscoatslifememoriesthe pastfamilies

I can't take my eyes off those silver boots

I went window shopping a couple of weeks ago, not planning on parting with any cash, but then, I saw these beauties.  Three thoughts flashed in a state of instant wild excitement: 1. Starman.  2. Noel Fielding.  3. Give them to me nowwwwww!  And then I thought of this - ENJOY!

I will wear them down the pub
I will shop in them at Sainsburys
I went to a book launch in them last week
I hoovered...

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fashionnew bootsnoel fieldingschoolstarman

...and a new pair of shoes

 How do I love my shoes?

Let me count the ways.

I love their comfort and style and price.
When my foot can slip in


when kicking out of sight

foolish Insults and remarks.
I love them for their shine

and waterproofing,
Quiet in the walking,

By sun and torch-light.
I love the comfort as men

strive for Comfort.
I love their fashionability,

as they bask In praise...

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Fashion antithesis

The fashion industry grips girls and boys in a funny spot,
Gets self hatred leaking from their mouth's like a money shot.
‘Cos there’s nothing wrong with exercise to tighten your thighs,
But there’s something wrong with drinking bleach to purify your insides.
So if we run out of cannabis,
I’ll have to handle this,
Just to release the pressure on her
With a fashion antithesis.


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Fashion Womble

I am a fashion womble, ‘cause I like to find

clothes that the everyday folk leave behind

in charity shops. They’ve got quite a range

the vintage, the bargain, the oddball and strange:


Chenille turtlenecks that are falling to pieces,

stonewashed Wranglers with turn-ups and creases,

a Hellbunny dress that won’t fit round the middle,

a gabardine coat that smells s...

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