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No Answer


Either .. or, Neither .. nor. 

Your answer, is one of four 

Always "NO" or "I don't know" 

But in general "I'm not sure" 


Keeping silent is an answer 

Complicates the issues more 

Gaps grow in hearts faster 

To close mainly our main door 


Hiding always simple things 

That I'm really pleased to know 

Same as birds lost the wings 

How to f...

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bait and switch

mistaken for prosody
this mere flesh and bone

scrawled down from
amid lines that strafe
the subconscience

flipped to trip
a triggered trap.

reel it in and
it spits you out..

for my hunger
I'll wear this scar
carefully placed

and for theirs,
they will never forget
their faces as
they stare back at
them from the water.

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