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Hope through a Telescope

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A formation of blue stars, replace a moonless sky.

Celestial co-ordinates navigate,

through mythic constellations.

Embraced within the spiral arms of her Galaxy,

free from Earths chains and imprisoned sea.


Through the luminous arc of Andromeda’s eyes

Seeing all that I am, as a trillion burning stars,

whisper all that I could be.

Reborn in collision, released from the rocks of barren lands.


Free falling through dark winding dust lanes.

Echoes fracture into mosaic clouds,

as if symphonies of stars were composed.

Where gentle elliptical melodies, carry cosmic sounds.


My view disconnects from eyepiece.

Ocean, land and skyline surround me,

dark matter’s astral wires no longer bind me.

There is I feel, hope through a telescope.


◄ There are doors

To know these lands ►


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Lynn Dye

Wed 8th Dec 2010 11:49

Hi Rachael, have just reread this a few times, and it gets more and more lyrical. Lovely work. x

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Mon 6th Dec 2010 18:59

Love the title, the last line and the ideas in this. Am I the only one to feel a bit depressed by the vastness of space? Perhaps that's because I'm a cancerian - I need the cosiness of a shell. The vastness makes me scared. :)
Glad to see you have started to enjoy WOL.

<Deleted User> (8672)

Thu 2nd Dec 2010 19:20

Again I like it and very interesting. There seem to be quite a few of 'us' doing celestial stuff at the mo.

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Ann Foxglove

Thu 2nd Dec 2010 16:59

Hi! Just to say I've enjoyed all your poems so far, this one is my favourite I think. The feminine and the scientific, mixed with optimism. You are very lyrical! Welcome to WOL. x

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