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Blessed are the arrested

Rock on with lock-ons

fighting heart-black frack backers. 

The glue is super. 

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Haiku. Environment



We don’t know how our food is made,

We don’t know how the eggs are laid.

We try to learn but get brain fade,

We don’t know how our food is made.


We don’t know how our food is cooked,

We meant to learn but never looked.

We don’t know how our tickets are booked,

We don’t know how the goose is cooked.


Who knows how money moves around?

Value disappears, the cr...

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Set the paper boat

afloat upon the river

to find divine hands

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Camel through a needle's eye

The rich are cursed

always first

in queues, they never feel thirst, 

their chests burst

with pride, while lackeys durst

not cross them, opponents are coerced,

and they are so versed, so very well versed

in the avoidance of tax and all other such vexations, and so

morality is reversed

in the looking glass world in which they are immersed. 

If ill, in luxury they're nur...

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Life is brief

but lasts a long time. 

I like short poems

and it helps if they rhyme. 

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