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An Atoms Tale Is Epic

If I die before tomorrow

Though the sun won't shine for me

Take pleasure in it's warming glow

There's a future there to see


No life will last forever

The sun will one day fail

But not before we've all passed on

So who will hear the tale


A tree falls in a forest

A whale dies in the sea

What happens to the birds nest

Do the krill sigh with relief


For all things have their moments

And moments are just that

Fleeting blinks of birds eyes

While they are swallowing a gnat


The movement in those atoms

That constitute our food

May see them come full circle

How oft have they been chewed


Eternity is far too short 

To learn all that is about

Everything this world has

Is really nowt but nowt


In pondering the puzzles

That plague us one and all

Don't succumb to sorrow

When you see the last leaf fall


As somewhere in the realms of space

In one parallel or two

Will be another one of us

Who holds a similar view


All the atoms that we find here 

Have been around so long 

Their air miles are quite staggering

But their engines still on song


While visions of perpetual motion

That man has sought for centuries

Can never match these tiny dots that

Have whizzed around with endless ease



December 4th 2008

Edited February 5th 2017


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