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There's a space between each atom

A gap that nothing can ever repair

Stars carefully keep their distance

Clouds stand proud up in the air


There was no distance for us

Till ambition swelled so high

Our bodies knew no aloofness

Entwined across endless sky


Grand notions tugged you free

I could not offer you enough

You wanted life-style and fame

Glory and al...

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Hiroshima and Nagasaki

"We can't risk losing people,
Killed in action, far away.
What'll happen to their wives,
Their children, the next of kin?

We have to end the war,
But, none the less, we are
Too proud, too good, too vigorous,
To just give up, to just retreat.

Let's see what happens," did they say,
And to end a war, to save their lives,
They killed two hundred thousand people,
And didn't stop at all.


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