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he me called beautiful or so I think.


what could truly be beautiful about me? 

the scars on my legs,

face or chin? 


My uneven hips, 

my bow legs? 


or maybe it was in the heat of the moment, 

I gave him my lips and 

he pounced. 


he tasted the sweet nectar we call saliva 

And made it his home. 


his rent was due to stay in my arms  

So he u...

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Heartlessdesperate romanticpoet

Our Green Earth poets read at Liverpool’s beautiful Palm House

Merseyside poets and musicians performed their environmental anthology last week at Liverpool’s beautiful Victorian Palm House in Sefton Park. Led by Michelle Wright, Barry Woods and Ali Harwood, the event covered ocean pollution, global warming and rainforest reduction, with contributions from many local poets and some first time writers from local schools.

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Aethereal protégée

Universal consciousness is omnipresent
— living vicariously, we too are one - and the same,
Having the time of our lives
all knowing— enlightened divine sparks
going —Godspeed.

This is a way of life:

Anatomic amino acid building blocks chain letters,
into the complex double helix;
in our initials is a chemical signature—me and my significant other have between us—
this bond, that

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