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Unbareable Truth

What a pleasurable pain

to be loved by someone who only wants to use you 

someone who only wants your body and not your mind 

accepting the fact that you are wanted, only for vanity and not for soul purpose. 

You are but an object, 

a hole for someone to dump their sadness into. 

Nothing more, nothing less. 

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The Pit

I came across a hole one day
I filled it with my soul
But too frail was my soul that day
And too deep to fill the hole
I left it there in that hole, that day
I gave it up for lost
But I'll come back to that hole one day
With much more soul to toss.

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Becoming Alice

entry picture

I gaze into the rabbit hole. It does not gaze back. And still, I am ready to enter. 

This mischevious risk urges my desire

To fall within and forget all that is prior

I comtemplate the life I've lived and all the choices I've choose

And what is next in my life and where will my path go

I relieve my grip and accept this new phenomenon

I fall through the hole and embrace the myster...

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