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What If?

what if the sky was never blue

what if there was no morning dew

what if the tiger was green

what if all dogs were mean.


what if the water was air

what if all the snakes decided to care

what if the world was never round

what if we all were playing in the aliens background.


what if we never spoke

what if life were a joke

what if night was day

what if there ...

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Wandering mind broken down

perhaps one day i'l stop with this nonsense
but can you really escape your own fucking conscience?
Think future present past nothing will change unless you make it
when you see your chance you better take it
I should be wathcing the movie i paid to see
not worrying about my family
But unfortunately that's to much leisure
I deny myself that lovely pleasure

Who know's what you just might f...

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Wandering mind

I should be focussing on the task at hand

yet i don't because theirs more interesting thing's in my head

i should be watching the movie that i paid to see

but i don't because theirs stuff to worry about

I should enjoy the train ride home listening to music on my phone

but unfortunately that's to much leisure 

i must go back to thinking some more 

Lying awake in bed at night 


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Jellicle Identity

Jellicle Cats with their three names

The Common
The Unqiue
The Label

The I in which no one but "I" would know. A self inscribed name tag collar wrapped 'round in my keyboard cutthroat self inflicted mental recognition.


The Gay One?
The Stupid One?


Pollicle Dogs, with their bark BARK BARKING up and down t...

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Connor LannesIdentitythought




If dolphins could talk

What would they say?

What would they say

About the "games" that men play?

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Old & New

entry picture

Shuttles soar with seemingly unprecendented motion.
The children's eyes gaze to the floor.
The ground is green and brown and yellow.
The world below cannot bellow.

Bellow whole-heartedly,
Sing and hum its' tune.
A melody, sweet melody.
A rotation for all of you.

Its' sweet chillness pressed against the nostrils,
Its' gentle warmth against the skin.
Allow the gaze of the star above,

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In the forest of future words

entry picture

In the forest of future words

branches expand ever upward,

competing to tear the skies rich belly.

From where a pour of inspiration falls, 

to drench the woodlands dreamy ramblers.


Then on the forest floor, 

in the sodden earth of hope,

wormy crawling. 

Evolving thought embeds itself,

seeking seed.

By chance to couple some dormant gift

and sprout the chute tha...

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A Dream Come True

Feelings that once were hidden
Are now expressed to you.
Days that once were stormy
Are now the brightest blue.

Times that once were lonely
Are now filled with pleasure.
All that once was mine alone
Are now things we both treasure.

Nights that once were cold
Are now comforting and warm.
Fears that once were very real
Are now gone with the storm.

A heart that once was broken
Can now fi...

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Rain Men

White nights,

white nights...

I'm colourblind.

Kind of like to think I know

why we stand solid,

struck dumb by perennial sadness;

and the salient points,

burst like bubbles in smoked air;

clasped to the breast

that sinks as seconds lengthen

even beyond reason for purge.


Beyond the clouds that fall,

in spirals, now thick moistened rope;

we are given base,


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On the universe, thinking and string theory.

Walk down the street and stop to notice the 20 other people walking too. Consider, first these thoughts you have, now consider theirs too.

You know they are thinking, thinking of dinner, of work and of sex but you are merely an observer, a cognitive voyeur. You gaze at them through the telescope of your eye, and they just beyond that glass, are out of reach. 

You can never leave your own min...

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humanitythe universethought


There is one place of total privacy
To which you can escape and hide away
Your imagination.  Avoiding piracy
Your fears, for a while;  you can alay

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Light or dark

Light or dark

I've been here for quite some time, thinking of a poem or doing a rhyme 
as Im sitting at my desk, in my long pair of shorts an a tatty old vest
Thinking of the topic, of which I would write, will it be heavy or will it be light, 
will it be love, a passionate ode, or would be of struggle, and a desolate road, 
giving my self over, to the emotion I need
I'll let my pen find t...

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By: Yvette Howie
I got home and I was alone
My thoughts whispered and America teemed
Across the street dreams tasted like ice cream
First dates ended in forever partners
My belly cried for food and love
I had no food or love
My phone forgot I existed
It laid dormant
Without so much as the soul of an earlier phone call
Games did not amuse me

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alonenessdark nights alonememoriesmenmusingNostalgiapoempoetrysensualthought

Thoughts Are Things

Thoughts are things

Not things that disappear when your mind is closed

Or a wave of energy that fades away

Oh no, thoughts are things

They’re here to stay


So when I see you face to face

I take that vision place to place

And when I’m tired and sleeping fast

That thought is with me in my dreams

Because thoughts are things

They’re here to stay



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I am not your cup of tea!



I may not be

your cup of tea

but I am your

bottle of rum --

most definitely...

so ease up that grip:

Stop strangling my neck.   


Let My liquid conflagration

scorch your lying condescension 

again and again and again.... without fail.   


If you but remember to be true  

to what lurks deep within you

I will assail your do...

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Bemused Rumination

entry picture




the balm of barometric exuberance.
This night
no longer young, dissipates.

the dewy welcome of sun-quaffed green.
revive severed umbilical dreams.

the present with fleeting acumen.
ceases yet emerges again tomorrow.

the kindling of autumnal reticence.
genial kindnesses shall spring.




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