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Winter Chill

The cold winter air whistles melodically

A gentle breeze sneaks past my fingers

Blue Lipped

Frozen Feet 

Teary eyed

Memories of autumn spring forth

So close yet so far away

Teddy coat wearers scattered across the London fog

AirPods in, walking briskly

Listening to my favourite tunes 

Not trying to blend in 

Just learning to be

Realising that happiness is free

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Living here in the free world,

We can get up every day,

Expressing our opinions

And saying, more or less, the things we want to say.

Inconvenient, no doubt, for some, at times,

Who cannot hide the truth or cover up their crimes.


While elsewhere it can be dangerous to even smile

Or raise an eyebrow, clench your teeth (or fist),

For showing disapproval puts you on a...

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