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fat man

has an apple

picks a worm

from its flesh

and sticks it

on a hook


hangs the rod

over the river

casts the line

into the water

tugs a little



the bait

glints in sunlight


in the water

silver sliver

whispers “feed”


all the little fishes



round the worm

in the swirling


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One Line Poems

Chilled air scatters leaves, winter.

Chilled air old body, winter.

A Mime make a rhyme, hear it?

Anger consumes me, inflicts hell.

Stormy sea of life, God's there.

You bring out the best in me.

Poems come from heart, speaks soul.

Turn eyes I'm not here, homeless.

Depressed, with Jesus find rest.

Happy, lonely, share love.

White Horse fell in mud, dirty.

Story of yo...

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Twenty, One Line Poem

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A ghostly Soldier, a Mother and babe alone, the price of freedom.

The chilled air rushes through the leaf strewn forest floor, winter's on its way.

A Mime make a rhyme, sure a Mime can make a rhyme, but who would hear it.

God is good and great, praise him now and don't be late, will decide Your fate.

The wind blows the snow into whirlin...

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Two Line Horror(ible) Story

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I stood there and chanted, "Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary!"
"I heard you the first time," said the Bar Tender.






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Another Two Line Horror Story

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I look into the mirror, an old Woman is staring back at me!

AHH!, oh wait, it's just me.




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No Line


No Line
by, Melissa R. Mendelson
No line. 
I’m spiraling into darkness. 
The world is gone, 
buried six feet deep 
of white, 
my future. 
Will I know love? 
Frost falls free 
from the swaying trees, 
and the trees 
fall down, 
breaking ground, 
my past. 
No connection. 
Silent is my heart 
holding its breath, 

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