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Shuttles soar with seemingly unprecendented motion.
The children's eyes gaze to the floor.
The ground is green and brown and yellow.
The world below cannot bellow.

Bellow whole-heartedly,
Sing and hum its' tune.
A melody, sweet melody.
A rotation for all of you.

Its' sweet chillness pressed against the nostrils,
Its' gentle warmth against the skin.
Allow the gaze of the star above,

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I Break Everything I Touch

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I break everything I touch; At first seemingly simple- But soon too much, For my games are so nimble. My feelings out of reach- always too far to touch. And not made known through speech; I am an observer- I keep my distance; I am not a conformer- And at times lack resistance. I speak my words carefully, I am a reformer- And I shall go about it tastefully, Though always be straig...

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the brooding


with paper cut


stares at a wall

of graffiti

and thinks

I could do that

so he picks up

a spray can


his feelings

in dribbling

white letters

fifteen feet high

his blood

becomes molten

his rage is

a torrent

of years

without voice

a scream

to be heard


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I have the right to write

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I have the

right to write.

You may not

like what I

have to say.


I have the

right to write,

I'll do

it anyway.


I have the

right to write.

With this you

may not agree.


I have the

right to write.

You know where

you can kiss me!



This was written a few


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