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Space - Between the Lines



Perimeters , none


Accumulating energy


Clouds , gone


Empathy in space


◄ Clearance Lines

Madness ►


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Laura Taylor

Thu 18th Nov 2010 10:02

Yes, I see why, and I am officially a complete berk, as I totally missed it first time around! DESPITE having done the same bloody thing with my own pome! Jesus I can be reet thick sometimes :D

<Deleted User> (7164)

Thu 18th Nov 2010 00:54

Thanks for comments everyone :-)

Laura - if I added a sixth line it would have to begin with either the letter S or the letter D to keep within the theme. Can you see why now? :-)

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Elaine Booth

Wed 17th Nov 2010 23:00

Very atmospheric.

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Andy N

Wed 17th Nov 2010 13:40

you are defo on a good role, Janet here.. one of my favourites so far on this space theme... x

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Laura Taylor

Wed 17th Nov 2010 12:48

Ooo, very short and compact. Empathy? I'm going a bit mad on structure lately...I would have liked to have seen another one word line at the end there.

Just my symmetrical obsession rearing its ugly head again ;)

<Deleted User> (8657)

Tue 16th Nov 2010 21:45


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Ann Foxglove

Tue 16th Nov 2010 19:03

Wot! No final frontier? Good one Janet! Concise. xx

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