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When we are fast asleep...
In the world of dreams deep,
Do you descend on earth?
To see what kind of dreams we peep.

You don't seem to be an alien but
We often keep our brains shut.
With such a beautiful mind,
O Moon.Girl! That's a feeling from my gut.

We are mere idols of sand and dust
Without compassion but filled with greed n lust
The ripples run through our conscience

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fairymoonyoung girl

Ruler of fluids

Moon, silent ruler. 
Everything is drawn to you. 
Everything tells me
I belong to you. 
This piece of a stone, 
A small ball. 
But gravity pulls you
And you pull me
With magnetic ribbons.
Tonight my body is yours, 
Silver master
Of shadows and light. 

©️ By Magical whispers 

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fluidsfull moongravityMoonpullwomen

splendid resplendence

in your essence I sense resplendence
could do no wrong by me, your personably impressioned defendant
your honor is what I strive for
it's why the day turns to night, sun and moon argue back and forth
fight about what's wrong and who's right, tug of war
light bends but doesn't break, shines through the prism, and is perceived in different waves

I met you once but my memory is starting to fade...

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dayLovelove poemlove poemsmoonnaturepoempoemsspiritualspiritualitysun

Afraid Of the Dark

How many times must I rinse off the moon

And unpeel the stars from my skin?

Have someone ask what were you drinking?

How many times must I try clinging to lamp lights?

Try configuring keys into shining beacons?

I cannot see in the dark

Yes, blackouts steal my sight

But when finished,

I wake up feeling feverish

And fear ferments and festers

The night can be sticky


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