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I Wrote a Poem for You

I was told to write a poem for you

I understand why, it’s a lovely gift

Provided it’s any good

But you think they’re all good

So you will enjoy the poem I wrote for you

I’m not being arrogant, not at all

My poems aren’t good or lovely

They’re just words that barely connect

No rhyme, no reason, no theme.

I still don’t know if I’m trying

If anyone will think it’s good


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This Writer is Not a Poet

I'm a writer not a poet
Sometimes my writing seems like a poem
But that is because I have no control over my self expression
I pour my soul into words
I don't spend time observing the shape they take
Sometimes they might rhyme
Sometimes they might come as stanzas not as paragraphs
But I'm not a poet, I am a writer.

You say but a poet is a writer
I do not dispute that observation
Now co...

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