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Lust or Gravity?

I thought gravity is the real gangster,
It's nothing Until I met you.

I fall to pieces when I'm with you,
Where I Cut into pieces.

Pieces to Crumble.

Crumble to melt.

Melt to garpes all of your shades.

Shades to chew your emotions.

Emotions are danger and glamorous that it can open all your needs.

needs are so dark, darker than your black lipstick.

And your lipsticks are pitch, Rosemarie...

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gravityherLustlust to lovepoetry

Super Girl

I was one of your cold nights earlier. But today I am full eclipse.

I am raw sand for you. But if you come to me, you will slip into it like I am your worst mire.

But I am very calm like the sea.
And I can also drown you in my dark depths or I can give you an edge.

Even I am not a burnt skin for you, I am a fire.
And if you near to my body, you will become one of my ashes.

Today I'm not th...

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Different This Time

Pick and choose it

Place it

Move it

It's so beautiful- 

Isn't it beautiful?

I spin it and

Twist it

Flip it upside down

This way is better

I like this much better

Pull it

Shape it

Hold it together and 

Tape it 

I can make it

So much better

      This Time

I watch it and 

Play it

Over and over again


Change it

Arrange it

Won't ...

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end rhymeslovepoetryrelationships

Growing Pains

Piece of a broken bowl
Which reminds me of 
       Grits in the morning 
       That I ate standing up 
       With messy morning curls
       Watching Gumby 
       Watching you

We were kids then
You’d never believe it now
And I’d never be brave enough to tell you
But I loved you then
I wanted to be just like you
Which reminds me of
       Trying too hard to like uncooked las...

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free versehealingLong poemslovepoetryyouth

Today I Saw The Sun

today I saw the sun
for the first time in 
a long time
a cheerful ray brushed itself
against my cheek and
under my chin
as if to lift my head for my eyes to see 
the world lit up
and for the first time in a long time
it made me smile

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hopepoetryshort poemsmilesun

Views pt 1

currently the new year rolls in
but had you gotten up high enough
weeks ago
you would have looked east, and
felt it, if not seen it

this cyclic existence is something to
break from,
but facing the wave
so many hear, “stay”

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Shine On

Don't ever let anyone convince you 
to not share your soul songs. 

The weaponized words 
they hurl towards you, 
are formed from 
their own insecurities. 

You get one shot, 
in this time and space, 
accompanied by 
crabs in a bucket, 
and a host of other cliches,
determined to control 
your creative mind. 

Give in to dark energy,
and you become it. 

Rise above it. 

By sha...

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