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Pancake Days

she knows how to handle a skillet.
relationships measured by the 
number of non stick frying pans. 
so many eggy breakfasts 
how many pancake days ? 
sugar and lemon bitter sweet experiences. 
if you ever hurt  her 
remember you have to sleep , 
and she has a frying pan.


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my poem put through a google translator ?! into gangsta rap
  click click click Thursdizzle 13th January 2011 7:16 pm (first posted Wednesdizzle 12th January 2011 11:53 pm)


That was a funky-ass big-ass house

Came down up tha sky

And up in tha end it fell on me

Just mah sparkly Nikes ta show

 I str...

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begins dark, ends black

mistletoe rituals barren

plastic berries hang above

moonlit passionless mouths

without words  


ring out the bells,

bring out your dead

hearts stopped, enclosed in

holly red wreaths mocking

endless grief.



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going round the twist



my body knows its spiralling DNA

thoughts helter skelter down 

on this double helix of  evolution


my mind knows infinity is its home 

ideas  diffuse through the universe

thoughts expanding  with  the stars


a  journey through life

expectations collapsed

responsibility diminished

understanding illuminated



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Woman stuck in the 360 degree traffic jam

Driving home in the falling dusk, another day has already passed, she is constrained by plastic and steel, her visions are obscured by windows tinted against the world and in the following of her road home she feels the drowning tide of traffic flow systems, they steal her breath, leave her buffeted and gasping in their changing currents. Around the traffic island shoals of cars swim, dodging a...

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Standing in the 'lost child light'



Woodland breathes all around

People move dance and sway

I stand in the lost child light.

Friends approach

‘Hey you ok?’

‘Yes’ I say

Just standing

All the while

In the lost child light.

Blessings be upon you,

 Suffer the little children . . .


The woodland ages slower than I

And grows stronger than I

Holds me close comforted be...

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Once I followed a prophet

Step by step

He walked a little ahead.

Until I passed through a doorway

That was framed only for me,

no longer did I follow a prophet

he walked a little ahead

and I let him go.

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in another life




Too blue in my head,

In another life

I could have loved you

But this life

Has us both hard beaten.


We have closed  too many doors

so this woman

Will quietly  steal your words

and run away

hold them tight, and close .


Knowing  they will hold the answer

In another life.






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That was a big house

Came down out the sky

And in the end it fell on me

Just my sparkly shoes to show

 I really have been so wicked

A young girl now is wearing

My sparkly shoes,

Clicking her heels and feeling fine

She thinks I am dead, but

In this invisibility of middle age

I am enjoying the privacy

And the pleasure of knowing

I don’t nee...

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Full on the lips

My heart was kissed

Gentle tongues,

Pushing against

Feelings long

Held tight

Thoughts flooding

Upon this watershed

Their gentle flow

carried me

to reveal a new

understanding  of love


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I hear my mother

In this dark winter

As the crystal branches reach

To touch the star flecked sky

As I await the solstice moon

I hear her voice


‘by Walter de la Mare’



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Raspberry fib

Dripping sweet fresh juice,
Stimulates these moist swollen buds,
Tempts my tongue to pleasure deep in this submissive flesh .

my first attempt at a fibonacci poem .

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I welcome sleep

slipping away


as worlds expand

In this breath

I am connected

By solar plexus

In this blissful  moment

I am the universe

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Standing barefoot the

Cold cuts in upon my soul .

Winter takes my heart




I stood there barefoot

Cold cut in upon my soul

Winter took my heart

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No touch of life

No breath of grace

Closed eyes   

No smile

Death ends all.


A moulded face

A moment paused

No desire

No hope

Death ends all.

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Must be the season of the witch

Sitting on the edge     

look both ways 

divine the future 

recall the past

Split my focus between

Reality and imagination


Step quietly nearer death

Life all around me 

Resting in peace is

A solace to the  eye

Yet I  ride the hedge

 It makes me high

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Rowan Tree

All things are transient,
The rowan tree grows,
season on season.
Senses the earth breathe
and shift in her roots.
The sun feeds her leaves.
Blossoms fruit to ripe red berries.
Away the leaves fall,
Night sky winters,
And frost snaps at her branches
She will repeat to fade.


 a reposting, well its that time of year eh ?

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Beltane Dream


Hot on her face, her cheeks flushed, excited

fireflames are burning  all around, 

firmly treading the wrought iron walkway,

corn dollies hang in the night sky.

Blood red almost blue velvet gown

drapes against the fertile  body

writhing and dancing with the rapture of birth.

Her  arms are wrapped around his strong neck

he supports her as she  breathes ...

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i need to decorate a peg

Each year when I was a little girl we decorated wooden pegs at school with our names on to keep our wellies together for playtime. The boys and the girls designed their own. I don’t remember anyone else’s peg at all, only my own peg was important with flowers and patterns down the edge and the peg head always one solid colour.

c a r o l e

Plans for playtime
Coats smelling like wet d...

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Yes he is a cat

Changeable, fickle

Stroked only when he wishes

When his back arches to your touch

Sees you when he likes, or

Stares impassively into the middle distance

Eats when it’s just what he wants

But can choose to starve.

Snubs you when he wishes


And fucks indiscriminately

 He has no owners

She writes the cat in love with a man

I coul...

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forget the soul
forget the insight
forget the deeply sensitive understanding
of nature ,
of universe and
of god

i want
want something new
a romance
hearts and flowers
and fuck off big diamonds

enough to decorate a tit or two
glinting in my solar powered lights
reflections of my jealous green eyes

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snow texts

‘Hey what are you doing?
Look out your window it’s snowing
(Do you know I love you?)
Amazing white faeries are floating down’

‘Oh yes it’s beautiful,
And thanks, I went outside to see,
(Yes I know you love me,)
Thanks for the text
(I know, so sad I don’t love you in return)

My tears are silently falling
Drifts of losing you pile upon my heart


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Slip into the pool

First strokes move

Woman to water,

My rhythm settles

I reach out  hands to touch

This  tangible metamorphosis.

‘Cuisses de grenouille’

 amphibious in this element

 thoughts float through my mind,

I release them in the wake

In water, impermanence

is reality

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