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The City of God

In the disturbed world of today, I believe we must look to the tragedies of the past for guidance into the future. This piece is based on one of my first efforts, now many years ago.


The City of God

“It stands on a hill,” you say,

"a golden fortress, buttress to our faith,

a Heavenly Jerusalem to Rome's decay”.

Such piety is useful

to commanders of the expendable,



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My hands are patterned by ambitions,

these lines on my skin are wishes,

palms marked like the sky after a shooting star

and shining when they interlace with your fingers,

your skin's wrinkles and crinkles.

The crevices of our skin do not match or meet

the way coloured paths on a map synchronise and intercross,

reaching destinations.

We are separate pieces of meat



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Things have changed

My heart over powers my head lately

Must be linked to my stomach

I'm always feeling sick

Things changed

My person has opened up

I've been shut down for so long

I require drastic change

Shame is what I'm swimming in

I don’t feel guilty I just hate

Knowing how you are going to look at me

I never know what you think

I feel like you will just settle with me

Instead ...

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