It's five to three and my mind won't quiet
A million different thoughts congregated
In a rioted debate
I wait on the clock to stop but the
Tick tick tick is keeping me awake
Time stopping time from stopping.
It's strange, the unconscious brain
Like tapping into the universe
In sleep. 
Body in a slumped heap
I lie awake with these thoughts
Ironically keeping me up
Simultaneously worrying
About days past and future.
Nothing I can change
As time is set in stone
While we're aware of it.
Tick tick tick
Twenty to four and the battery's are on the floor
Can't stand moving forward anymore
I take conscious control
Sleep settles in silence and time
Becometh me
My body dead, with electricity
enlightening my brain
Myself, Time and 
Space now one in the same

sleepthe universelifedreamsnightthoughtsbrainmindtimespaceplanet in space

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