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You are inside me but you are not really in.

I am clenching around you but I am not really close.


Such a paradox.

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pink strawberry milk

he says he can feel his heart getting covered with pink strawberry milk


he’s never had strawberry milk before

but he knows i like sucking on the fruit like a child does,

a popsicle


he says he’s falling

and cannot tell if this falling feels like that from a cliff into the oceans

or down a hole in the ground spiraling into nowhere and



he hurts when t...

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Will you be mind?

My time

Is not mine

But our time

You’ve made your bed in my dreams

I lie in it


this isn’t me


I would part with my skin

If it weren’t attached 

And never look back


Each night when I close my eyes for sleep

I see you in my head

Your feet poke out one side of your bed

And oh,

It makes me giddy for you

And so,

I end up crawling in bes...

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attachedBrainDistancedreamfeelingsheartbreaklovemindMissingMovingon my mindroutineSleepsubconsciousthinkingwake


the second my eyes caught your gaze,

i’ve been consumed with a powerless craze

i saw you.


your knife sits inside me stuck

but the high from this adrenaline rush 

i get through.


the two of us in a room:

please don’t leave, i better leave soon

turn me blue.


say my name in conversation 

dials up a full body sensation

this is new.


i resent the wo...

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distancelove poetrypoemsRomantic poems


When I was 7 years old, I went with my mother to visit her friend. I heard a dog bark when we knocked on the door. I love doggies! "Where's your doggie?" I asked. "I put him out back. He's an old police dog and isn't used to kids." 

"Stay away from him," my mother warned. 

Despite her warning, I went in search of the doggie and found him chained to a stake in the ground, head down, dark eyes...

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dangerdistancedogshuglife lessonsloverelationshipsshepherd

I asked

I asked If I wrote for you would you read it? I asked if I still had love for you would you need It? All I can think about is when we on that dock had our first kiss, Cupid shot that arrow and did not miss, How will I get through this? When you asked me to leave caused all this pain, Every day we have been apart has driven me insane.

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Far away love

There you are,
Near the fairies and mermaids
Yet, never far
Always in my heart


Here I am

Fueled by the memory of your love
I try to appease a untamed desire
Under this cold snowfall

In this absence, we meet in our dreams
With fictional daily routines
Craving for fluffy pillows and white sheets
and hoping for those embraced warm nights

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Small Shadow

There's so much between us Maybe it's only air I feel the waves Pulses I feel the open sky Wandering, climbing a skeleton. middle-of-the-night conversations getting lost amongst the lights and I want to have time with you I want to know you kindly I fell through time and drowned in space bearing a prayer in my heart known beyond time Sunstained rose frozen earth the quivering...

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AberdeendistanceslarSouth Dakota





Of all the chances, of all the places,

of all the people, it has happened.

Lori came along and into my life,

from the darklands of Scotland.

A Scottish Goth into planes,

a real soulmate I’ve found.

Distance will be overcome for in a week

I’ll be with her, at journeys end.

What are the chances? Well, it happened

and for that I’m grateful...

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What is this you call victory?

What is this you call victory?
by Ushiku Indigo Angel Crisafulli on Tuesday, 08 November 2011 at 22:35

What happens when a triumph

doesn't ring like titanic trumpets?

Hopes remain Titanic,

exceptional, erroneously erred

and sinking with realisation.


I decapitated depression, deep


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