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The Winds Of Change

I’ve never liked the winds of change

they bring the cold and driving rain,

destroying what was calm and warm

and leaving nothing but the storm.


They make me have to rise and flee

to higher ground for my safety.

Then when they’re done I’m left again

to find new space I can fit in.


And oh the work, it brings me down

exhausted, humbled to the ground.

Yet in the...

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changedealing with change

One Change

I wish I could teach the world one simple thing,

then pray that they grasp it and start following.


Because it would change every outcome to be,

dispel all the darkness and set the soul free.


‘Twould make everything we do under the sun

a pure joy to do just because of this one


simple change that has nothing to do with the things

that we spend our time doing,...

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Walk Away

I wonder.

I wonder.

I wonder why it goes.

I deny it,

try to fight it

against the way it flows.


I ignore it,

I deplore it,

try to push it far away.

But I fear it,

I'm too near it

and it haunts me every day.


For circling in the skies are things

I wish I could disguise,

that melt to crystal teardrops

and it makes me realize -


that I’m p...

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Change is the most natural part of life 

The summer cannot last forever 
I have learned simply to never say never 

I change my mind 
Perspectives and feelings move with time 

Nothing is certain 

Before you know it, it is Autumn 
and your leaves are turning into shades of gold 

To begin something new you must let go of the old 
It is okay to fall

Winter may be harder and it wi...

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