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The wall, grey wall
It sits between the lines.
While the inside fiddles and fusses
Over prospects of the life.

A feeling here and there,
Yet hopeless and despair.
A jumble of the words,
Dancing like birds.

Chirp, chirp.
The words come out,
Seemingly nonsensical.
What to do when life becomes incomprehensible?

After everything that happened,
One stands at a loss.
Unable to toss,

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What art thou?

With winter's persistence,

The gardens grow dead.

The struggles fill us

With heavy dread.


The snow blazes passed us

The wind howls and echoes far.

My little brother clings to blankets,

And my parents hold each other without a second thought.


Yet I sit behind a candle,

Its' warmth so yummy and good.

The harsh winter will pass us by,

And by and by 'till the...

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guessing gamefun to playsee what it is

What am I?

I come suddenly,

My presence unexpected.

A shocking jolt,

Without reflection.


And as you look

Upon my form,

Just a mirror

Of your inner dorm.


And when your breath

Takes the air around,

A single sound

To fill the town.

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What am Itry to guessa game to playguessing game

How do I say it?

20 years to see
The world encompass all.
Its' messiness unbearable,
But when I caught your voice,
Its' sweetness a dulling touch.
The world and its' massive wildness,
Disappeared all to dust.

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lovevoicelifedifficultyunbearablesoulheartFrom the heart


It cuts deep within,
Its' touch gentle and soft.
It barks and howls,
Its' voice lovely and calm.

Its' thoughts are demeaning,
Its' love unconditional.
Its' presence a weight,
Pride churned in the ridicule.

It beats you to your knees,
But your kneecaps don't agree. 
You stand on your feet,
While the blades stab in deep.

The scars show malformity,
Yet the face shows ever delight.

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Old & New

Shuttles soar with seemingly unprecendented motion.
The children's eyes gaze to the floor.
The ground is green and brown and yellow.
The world below cannot bellow.

Bellow whole-heartedly,
Sing and hum its' tune.
A melody, sweet melody.
A rotation for all of you.

Its' sweet chillness pressed against the nostrils,
Its' gentle warmth against the skin.
Allow the gaze of the star above,

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An infinite amount of colors and I chose one.
To be wrapped in gauze and done.
Left to hang for some time now,
To open like a caccoon and dropped to the floor.

From there I soar and soar
Until my feet have met the ground.
And here I see a marvel to behold, golden gates to what waits behind a massive wall.

I draw near to get a better look,
Golden gates open with a brown wooden b...

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My own poetryno formal skill and simply out of the comfort of m

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