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Lady Mary Berkeley


Once, long time ago a Lady of grace and elegance,

her child and spouse in glamorous remembrance.

Chillingham Castle in its prime of residence and tragic,

Lord Grey in spell of love by Mary’s sister Henrietta’s magic.


Heartbroken and in despair with baby girl alone,

took her life and child falling from the tower like a stone.

The Castle already haunted by spirits from th...

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spiritual humor

grass clippers

Silent grass clippers

 Why must lawn movers make such a noise?

Why do people with a garden seek to make an outdoor carpet?

Why people seek to make lawns look like an arrested childhood?

We can understand football stadiums, the ball runs faster

and the players do not stub their delicate feet on mature grass.

One day grass will give up growing turn into sand pits a place

For chi...

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Also by jan oskar hansen:

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Trapped in Grief

Trapped in grief

The superposition of states.

The is-now

And the might-have-been

Two worlds collide

In an endless cacophony

Of emotional and cognitive dissonance

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The only thing I knew was pain,
And you showed me what love was.
All I had experienced was crude desire,
And you wanted me like no-one else
Ever had.
I'd burnt my faith,
And then the ashes of my faith, away.
And still it felt safe to believe you.
Any sadness I had,
I know was only brought with me.
It was my only possession, still,
You convinced me to throw it away.
How did those arms, ...

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Also by Aviva Rifka Bhandari:

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breakuplove's tempestperspectivestar crossed love


I know I find pleasure in seeing others happy 

even though I do not get it in return 

it leaves me with sorrows to know they do not want me to grow

I am always there in the time of need 

To save and never be seen 

I wish they understand I come from a place of sand 

scatter feelings blowing in the win never able to land 

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tHe Pass -T

The breath on my neck ,

Sweet perfume consumes

Intoxication of elegant fumes,

That anaesthetise the  bloody soul,

That reaches to find ether to hold


Your eyes they keep

Dark and deep to make me weep

To turn my wrist 

To shake my fist

At sickness that inside me grips.


Your pale calm beauty 

Now gentle eyes, your soft warm skin

Your welcome sighs.


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Also by Edbreathe:

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The Incidentals

Reading between the line's
a habit of mind
so look again,
out of the side of your eye,
to spy what I perceive,
and half-create,
Aye! The lonely maiden by the five-bar gate. 

Buried in her looks,
as she studies her books,
a rumble of thunder
reverberates in this clinging air
Aye! she's not there, No! she's not there.

This yew-strewn churchyard,
leaves by the side of her grave,

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Also by John E Marks:

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For The Face Beset With Grimaces


Five here, six there -families of geese
about their morning swim-
in all their senses
more aware than the human
(as always, the passer-by)
who reckons they are their own song
and when they raise their voices,
the mortal, featherless biped
-all manner of things being well-
finds an unfamiliar smile graces the face
ordinarily beset so with grimaces.

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

Intrusion | Earth's Plea | You People |

Mismatch reparations

Sometimes and innocently so

you are the same brick wall I am talking to


there is no door in it that could just allow me to get through to you


but you didn't purposely build that wall

or intentionally leave out that neccessary door


because your unfortunante upbringing had failed

to provide you with the tools of spiritual or educational understanding


so day b...

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Subliminal Cucumber

Subliminal Cucumber


Place it here

Place it there

Really just about anywhere

Subliminal Cucumber


Video playing guitar

Never did become a star

But I can secretly lumber

A Subliminal Cucumber


Subconcious recollection

Visuals of skyscraper erection

So I know you ain't forgetting my number

I got a subliminal cucumber

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Also by Matthew A Mayo:

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Running through a tunnel,

But you're on a treadmill.

Panting for the exit,

But you're only guessing. 

Looking over your shoulder

For the Fury on pursuit,

But you're just ruminating

While the Jury she recruits. 

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Also by Holden Moncrieff:

Maladapted | Laconic | Mortal | Horizon Hermeneutics | Off-key | Pandora's Box |



This is my last gasp

the last batch of poems

you will receive from me for awhile

We are moving so

we will lose the internet

and all its entrails

until we get reconnected in time and space

In the meantime, if

you have some of my spare poems laying around

with nothing better to do

Put them to work in your head

They will work for free.






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Also by d.knape:

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We would like a happy ending here.

We would like a happy ending here.

We would like a happy ending here.

We would like a happy ending here.

We would like a happy ending here.

We would like an ending.

















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Also by Laura Taylor:

A Capital Demand |

Blenheim Palace

A visit to Blenheim Palace
On a hot and sunny June day
Amazing buildings and gardens
Breathtaking in every way

Over three hundred years ago
Gifted from Queen Anne to John Churchill 
The seat of Dukes of Marlborough
Today the twelfth Duke lives there still 

The only non royal residence
To be granted the palace name
Birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill
One of the Palaces claims to fame


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Also by julie callaghan:

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How I see things differently

It's undoubtedly a blessing

To have loving parents

And sweet loving family

With children who love

And family that bonds well

And undoubtedly she is blessed

But never forget all blessings are from God

A blessing that takes you closer to God

Or you are so lost in worldly love

That you completely forgot God

those who don't believe 

Will never understand what I mean


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Also by Moon.girl:

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Divine pearls

The past like a burnt candle

Lighted my path that I traversed 

My present is like the glowing sun

That stands overhead at me now

Brightening my path to be walked upon

My future lies under the gift wrapper concealed 

Which I shall open zealously when I shall receive

And shall run on the roads discovering treasures heavenly


My book of life still open

The chapters read...

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Also by Ghazala lari:

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Age of Aquarius amethyst young man 

Cemetery floor he used as a seat 

With his drums and alter giving life to the mourned he gives the place heart beat 


A world of knowledge and freedom in the form of a man aged twenty three 

A druid in training  blessed healer 

Suffered and he struggles what he's seen he can't unsee 


Celtic meaning name is straight and narrow piece of ...

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Also by Sarah Louise mcnee:




Sadly I ponder how they have all made themselves so lovable, those who are loved.

How you made yourself so perfect so as to be adored.

How you deemed yourself worth being treated like a human, like a woman.

Sadly I ponder, why they note her importance when no one has really ever noted mine.

When no one ever wanted to take the time.

Sadly. I ponder.

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If I were a horse


I don’t know where the water in the estuary comes from,

I saw a Canada Goose fall from the sky today and drown.

Another of its flock circled around to find it,

It was a pathetic and harrowing death, the survivor flew on.


I sat in The Passage House Inn and drank Whiskied water until I fell,

I watched Heavy Horses across the dyke, they never looked skyward,

The grass and ...

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Also by Marsha Cool:

Komorebi | 44 | Bookworm | After an eConsult (the fine art of pitiful indulgence) | Primum Non Nocere |

The Damselfly

A damselfly descends onto my book

Her wings open and shiver

She rises, to then hover majestically

Colours of iridescent green and aquamarine

Shimmer brightly in the sunshine

Moving softly, delicately, as an eyelash

Might briefly curtain an eye

Her wings casting shadows below

Fleetingly she remains nearby

For a moment of shared intimacy

To then pass swiftly and gently ...

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Also by Brenda Wells:

Boats on the Stour |

The World is Sadist

The world is sadist, just look around.

Their smile on your success are distorted around.

Their empathy on your failure are so hollow,
I can do bungee-jumping if were near around.

It's so exciting when you are rock bottom, they can hardly wait to **¢k you around.

Making you feel like trash at every minor problem, now you have a new house.. see that dustbin around.

If you think no on...

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ladies who live in my memory,

were they really so very fair?

did their laughter tinkle softly,

was it gold thread in their hair?


these days no ladies visit me

a lonely room more my line

do I imagine what happened,

what was never really mine?


three or four left their legacy,

odd scars garnish my facade,

some were softer than satin

others came of granite ha...

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Also by simon lucan:

Bloom | Surfs | Blistered | Hides |

how to

how to not be afraid of losing someone?

how to stop to let everyone walk over me?

how to not be afraid of confrontation?

how to find someone I can really be myself with?

how to change?

how to learn to let someone go?

how to be a better me?

how to stop to always say sorry first?

even when it's not my fault

how to understand if someone really cares?

how to stop caring s...

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Also by mona:

the red road |


Today I am tired and it's nice

My body so worn my mind is ice

And so no thought but what action is next

Pick up write down climb these steps

Maybe I'm a wreck

But I have today 

And any disappointment will wait

I just have to ease my time

It so likes to quickly run by

Just a little more time


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Also by Collin Pulmano:

On The Team | CareBear |

Obey 1984.

Did i know to much

cant shake away the feeling

obey the machine

claim its first victim

twist the truth to fit

in your little box of world domination

Would we care just enough

rise to resist a system

were revoking mens rights

by hostage taking

Talking about revolution

not mind pollution.


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Also by Rudyard Kooistra:

Consume. | Impression. | Life after death. | The walls. |


Robert the Dyas lost Bannockburn

a descendant repelled the English at Culloden

who sold his wares at Scottish fairs

and marketed the sporran. 


Stories like this on wild nights

can shiver the balls off a bull,

but Robert the Dyas lighted the fires

that showed the way for all. 


His family legacy soldiers on

from tartans to tomorite (now in stock)

his reputatio...

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Also by ray pool:

ANTON KARAS 1906 - 1985 |

I Look For Certain Things In Poetry

I look for certain things in poetry

I look for art, not ambiguity

I try my best to read with acumen

To recognize the poem's qualities--

Like when its depth is greater than its length

Or when its use of metaphor is fair

When it employs conventional techniques

When it examines universal themes

When its remarks are witty and sublime

When its arrays of lines and stanza rhyme


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Also by The Chessplayer:

Sunsets & Birdsong | The Willow Tree | The Mysteries Within Us | War | Face-To-Face |

dubito ergo sum



What she remembered was the sound of seagulls,

Not the burning eyes of the eager boy

She had come away with for a dare.

Harold. Yes, that was his name.

She could see he had it all planned out.

‘I’ve brought some,’ were his first words.


Frinton. She had gone there because that was where

Mum and Dad had spent their honeymoon.

Where she was conceived, almost certainl...

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Also by Stephen Gospage:

Streaker | The Little Book of Love | Come out today! |

Up Close

Who is he?

This man I only know up close?

Does he know me? And if so, 

who is this woman, this me he knows?

We have an odd situation, he and I, like a fantasy played out on a stage,

a performance, a curtain call and

then done.

I know the up-close, the heat, the physical

yet when I see him from a cool distance, 

I don't know him.

He becomes someone else with someone el...

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Also by Michelle Cote:

They Are Everywhere |

love poetrypoetry

Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is enigmatic

to the average tourist, hoping,

For a quick look , and some shopping:


Sitting, self-satisfied,with an old lady

Praying before her, and Ladoga Lake

For when the Neva River forsakes


The escape of the nomenklatura

To greener, foreign upland pastures

Gunning great Zils to Finnish rapture.


Now they return, slipping in once more,


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Also by Chris Hubbard:

Deep Last Autumn | Lifeboat |


Poem 222 of 230: FROM THE MINORITY

More-and-more at tennis tournaments,
Cheap-shots drop from somewhere in the crowd:
A whistle during a service-toss,
Or, in rallies, calls of “out” out loud.

All these events have security,
So, if goons try such to dupe a win,
Perhaps umpires should ask a guard
To watch the area of the sin.

(C) David Franks 2003 -

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Marching Clouds

We march away into the light...
Blown by winds beyond the sight...
Moving together,sometimes in directions unknown...
Paths in which our generation has grown...
When we are light we fly away..
When we are laden we drench the way...
The ever changing kaleidoscope of our shapes...
We are party to various animal maps..
Playing with the Sun , moon and stars and at times just going away to let ...

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Also by Shrawani Sen:


New kinds of evil

New kinds of evil

Dripping out of 

My skin

Seeping out of 

My pores 

Are you threatening 


Am I intimidated by 


Do you think

Your age and 



Of experience 

Can get close 

To me 

Can make me 



Make me 



You don’t know 

Me at 




The rage 

You failed to 



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Also by Twilbury Wist:

New Born | Stepping out |


Thunder roars through the empty halls

Lost, forbidden, in the dreams of the dead

Desolation descends to answer the call

Of petulance, compunction and dread


The horror of the night, haunts the moon

As it shines on the blackness of life

Earth disembowelled by all it consumes

Distorting truth, fouling Gods paradise


Death reigns hard, as love is defiled

His cloak b...

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Also by Gary Cuming:

Tap. Tap. |


Woman- rare gesture

 Woman- Rare gesture

Friday,11th June 2021


My gesture

rarest of rare

but you dare

I shall not stare


I am a woman

and also a human

different by nature

but also a mother


I present

the beautiful scent

the fragrance of a flower

a beautiful child of nature


you can see

in me

the whole of the world

and pleasure untold


take me ...

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Also by Jadia4708au:

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Consequences XIX

The trees turned purple with the breeze blowing like Chinese whispers. What a great title! I absolutely love this album by Coldplay.... Should I buy tickets to the show? And that's when she turned around and said: Absolutely not, Coldplay are shit! And anyway, we can't go anyway, not after what we read about chris Martin in the daily mail this morning, he hadn't read the article of course, so she ...

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Also by Andy N:

Peace from the Sirens |

Claribella Constance Hits A High Note


As I gaze around that vast music hall, The Palladium,
I shout a fervent ‘Good luck!’ to my favourite singer, Miss Claribella Constance,
and am rewarded with a wave from behind the stage curtain.

I remembered when, as a young girl, a roving gypsy, Ma McDonogool, 
prophesied, ‘Her heart is full of high notes, yet I sense there is unfulfilled passion.’

As a teenager, I’d thought I was i...

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Unforgiving love

Love can only be measured 

By the scale of another persons heart 


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Also by Cody Roach:

Grandpa Doug | Cold | Rashviknaka |


From Dewsbury Moor to New Orleans,

Frosty Jack, Romanian Bourbon. 

Filleted skunk swooned upon a breeze,

all mustard lit in white urban.


We rage hard on tongue come toothless codes.

Offer kisses then ball up our fists.

Short odds between a frog and a toad.

You’re either torn or crossed off our list.


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The thing about poetry...


Poetry is a funny thing

It can cause debate

Or make hearts sing

It can take you to

A wondrous place

And brighten up

A moody face

It can make you smile

Or make you fume!

And sometimes even

Make you swoon

It can make you cry

And make you shout

Or, sometimes, be 

About absolutely nowt!

It can make you think

And make you ponder

What lies beyond


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Also by Stephen W Atkinson:

Avalon | Equilibrium |


Pieces of You

Everywhere I go

I see pieces of you…

A piece of you in the parking lot

Where we used to meet and chat,

A video clip of you at that burger resto

Walking up to me with the menu.

I find you in my playlists,

The songs you picked for me.

Alone in the car,

Conversations playback.

Shopping at the mall,

You critique my choices.

Even in the shower

I can hear your laug...

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I Seek Them Here I Seek Them There

Blind as a bat

dependable glasses were lost

sharp pull cat's tail

not rolled up newspaper

instant super glue tube

mistaken for squeezing toothpaste

permanent smile unfortunately guaranteed

gripping bathroom door knob

Granddad does a flip

worst of all anticipations

do it yourself job

instead of using putty

Aunt May's sturdy porridge

only found out when


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Also by Nigel Astell:

Poem For Brian | Pimp My Ride |

Optician could not stop laughing

We All Wanna Die Sometimes

Can't do this anymore I'm ripping at the seams of reality
Trying to make a world that's not real anymore
Sick of being single and death knocking in 3'es
I'm sick of watching everyone be happy

As I'm just miserable I'm terrified to be left alone at home
Why has every woman I've loved left me
The mental scarring is all that's left
My mom taught me how to lie
My father taught me how to get ...

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I love to feel contentment.
It always gives me satisfaction.
It comforts and relaxes,
And is a beautiful distraction.

It makes me warm and cozy.
It gives me a definite direction.
And whatever I may be doing,
I shall keep a sweet reflection.

Wherever that I may be,
I hope it shall stay forever.
To cherish and to hold it,
And to let it go - I do say: never.

I then believe the world...

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Also by Stuart Vanner:

This Life |

ContentmentHappinessHopepleasureStuart Vanner

Every man

Every man that I have ever found attractive

Any man that I loved

They all possessed qualities 

That I already have dwelling within me

Wounded masculine energy

Searching for my daddy in other men

Yet again

I didn’t even know how to be

My own mother

I expected my mother to do the job

Reparent myself

To heal the toxicity 

That kept me from 

Protecting myself


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Also by Lola Carmella:

I deserve a proper genuine love | My son is so beautiful | Gossip | I love the idea of love | I love you Black man | Snake | You have no power over me | Spiritually Protected | Wake Up Call | Pride Is The Devil | Past Life Regression | Babydaddy JuJu | Why Do You Keep Dating Your Father? | Sovereignty | Sex Without Love Is Meaningless | I Am Worthy Of Divine Love | I Abandoned Myself | My Child’s Father is a Narcissist |

The G7

As I was going to St Ives

I met seven people 

with their heads in the sand

whilst holding billions of lives

in the palm of their hand

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Also by Chameleon:


Blue Eyes

Blue as the sky above

Your eyes shine so bright like the morning light

I was scared to let you in my heart

I was scared  that this was going to be too hard 

I was scared to fall 

But your blue eyes, that shine so bright 

Gave me hope, gave me a reason to believe, and fight

I look at you with awe

Wondering where you have been and what you have done

And I pray to God


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Awakeningaweblue eyesbreak upGodhearthopelightlovenew love

Lunar love

Everything night timed

is subjected to the Moons powdery unfelt dressings


like my welcoming heart and soul

this room embraces

its ghostly white arrival.


Wind bullied clouds have been scattered

their removals allowing the sky

to become one vast deep blue oceanic stage


upon which the stars are free

to show off their glittering performances


but, only ...

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Nonrefundable black hat

Flies on the lip of my coffee cup, dancing with their sick, fat, bodies
They're on my legs, in my hair, stuck in my imagination like gum to shoe
I can't stand to look at them, dancing in the air, landing with no care, putrid
Wipe the crap out of the corners of my eyes, out of the crevasse of my head
Empty empty empty
I somersault from the summit, crack back on every cornice
Fall where every ...

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Five Basic Creative Writing Exercises

Do you want to write but lack ideas?
Don't worry; here I am to rescue your creativity with the five exercises that I consider fundamental to start writing. 

Practice makes perfect, so let's practice. It's not just about writing what you already know or continuing to write in the first person daily, but what I want to give you is the key to unlock your imagination and help you create new storie...

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creative writing

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