Hair despair !!

When Jim  married Claire ,she was blonde,

But something happened which broke the bond.

"Your hair colour has changed Claire ,it was brown,

I feel as if you have disappointedly let me down !

Now I am married to a girl with dark brown hair,

I'm going to sue you for bleach of promise Claire !!"

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Also by hugh:

7000 steps a day could cut your risk of dying by 70 percent | Emma Raducanu , a fairy tale | The funding to create more G.P.'s and nurses is not enough !! | Ban assisted dying and keep us all alive |

Simply poetry

A River


A river runs gently caressing the sands, reaching out to touch the shore

her moods changing with every bend and turn, leaving you wanting more

as the wind blown tree's whisper their serenade to the purple sky

a dream of her dancing to the natural song occupies your inner eye


an innocent touch sends the heart screaming like the hawk that's free to glide

the sound...

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Also by Thomas Little wolf jr.:

Simply poetry |


Life is not just living day to day,
Or Pay to Pay, 
Like work - eat - sleep – repeat
Is not the way to behave.
Life is about being bold and being brave,
You have a life to save – your own!

Life is nothing but a finite number of seconds untill they’re bare,
And if Time is the true currency of life, then a real rich man invests it with care.

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How do you fight the Taliban in Afghanistan

Only a few options to choose

I would have giving arms to the Afghan women

For sure, they had the most to lose

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Also by Joe Marcello:


Does anyone know?

What does anyone know of my rebelliousness,

my tears of blood,

of the wounds of my thoughts?


What does anyone know

if my heart is a dreary and deep space,

if it is perfect or imperfect,

or a chaos of mirages?


What does anyone know

if my weeping has long strands,

whether my days are electric or serene,

or if I live an autumn of orphanhood?


Does anyone...

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Hat In Hand


Sometimes the right hand does not know
what the left hand is doing
on the other hand
having two hands comes in handy
every year
we hand over our money
to the government
which routinely mishandles it
as we grow older
we hand our lives over to caretakers
we become used
as in second-hand
but we get rewarded with
the better parking spaces
we ...

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Also by d.knape:

Itch | Possession Of Poetry | Morning | Moments & Moons | Basset Hounds | His & Hers | Before Our Very Eyes | A Chair | Our Agents Are Currently Busy | Exercise | Dementia | Moonlight | Parker | September | E.R. |

Something From Hell!


From the eerie, cool night

She drifted in

With her coal-black eyes 

and pale white skin

From a shallow grave, inhaling sin

To the village she crawled, 

to feed within


As the moonlight shone

most soundly slept

Into the flesh of their minds, 

she wriggled & crept

To expose a secret 

they had quietly kept

And devour their souls,

'til nothing was lef...

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Also by Stephen W Atkinson:

One's Crap & PisStory | Prelude to a working day | A Single Tear | Your Protector | A Beautiful, Dreamy Poetry Day, MASSACRE! |


The sands of time

The beach that looks out on the Channel

is uncomfortable, hard to walk on,

mainly shingle with just a hint of sand.

Difficult to sit on. But undeniably British.


The amusement arcade

adjoining the caravan park

boasts of classic slot machines

from the Sixties and Seventies.


The shore is quiet. Only

the sound of waves lapping,

the mournful cries of gulls.


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Also by Greg Freeman:

London September 2021 | Shade | Sunrise |

Misty Autumnal Morning

This veiled, sleepy, magical scene
brings a sense of mystery our way
This misty Autumnal morning
brings the promise of a beautiful day

Photo credit Dr Amir Khan 

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Also by julie callaghan:

Red Kite | The Mythical Story Of Devil’s Bridge | 9/11 2021 | Hazy September Morning | Just Two Frolicking Rabbits | So Frustrating | Wild Swan | Rich Pickings (rewrite) | Rich Pickings | Late Summer, Early Morning | Busy Bumble Bee | Herdy | The First Of September |

in the afternoom glow

In afternoon glow


I ought to take an interest in death

but I don´t find it a stimulating subject

it has to do with acceptance.

This is comforting since I’m not religious

but has a strong spiritual streak.

I believe in the mystic.

What we fail to understand in normal life can be understood by

a second sight.

I can see the near future

based on experience.

I bel...

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Also by jan oskar hansen:

alright then | minimum wage | MY Africa | the sea ghosts | ephiphany | we must haste | surgery | sceptical | trapped | writing and movies | a lesson learned | bedtime | temptation | the bookshelf | a dirge | Bosporus | the lucky ship |

New Avalon

strange days indeed, this vibrant hillside bazaar

a fiddle, wooden drum and scratched guitar

robes flowing, grey thinning hair

pilgrims like starlings flocking there

both having nowhere else to fly

milk Arthur’s airy-fairy legend dry

aged hippies, yippies living out their youth

busk, juggle, beg in search of a truth

vegan joss and nicotine fritter away each day


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Also by Graham Sherwood:

Cradle | Haiku |

Containment Veterans

A cacophony of virtual,

    composed voices,

     connected through veins of

      communication in vacuum.


       contemplations vaingloriously

        catapulted via videoconferencing.

         coercively (in)visible, our in-person

          community seemingly vanquished.


           closing our villages

           creates new vanguards.



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Also by S Sampson:

Tropical rain vs drizzle | Rainy Season in Hà Nội | Restoration |

Much much more

What is this emotion that I feel. 

The opinion you have was clear. 

A warning sign probably a better way of saying it

A sliver of truth mixed in with other words.

My thoughts are unclear at this moment. 

Everything is so fresh.

I haven’t given myself time.

Allowing myself to process how I feel.

I thought I knew what I was feeling for you.

The way I felt in your arms.


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Wishing Well

A crinkled fountain, 

Every ripple a wish

Just floating to meet

Its very next of kin;

Because won't there be

A reign of similarity

In this aquatic

Tapestry of humanity?

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Also by Holden Moncrieff:

Conclave | Phonograph | Reprised | Timelines | Cityscape |

Less obvious

Drop the less obvious, the cryptic clue;

I expect that from others, not from you.

Your talent is to give it to me straight;

Which is why you remain my friend and mate.

So please, no subtle hints, no secret code;

My kind of game is where all hands are showed.

Discreet intimations just leave me cold;

I need the direct, the up-front, the bold.

Inklings and whispers are no soli...

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Also by Stephen Gospage:

Johnny Bang-Bang | Beethoven | The Peppers | Old Writer |


If I had wings I'd fly

but I don't, so I walk

I walk around

and whilst walking around I think

I think about things

things like wingspans and thermals

and my complete lack of wings



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Also by Telboy:

Ekeing Out The Grains | That Friday |

A turn up for the book

Once Upon a Time, in the very good times it was too, there was turn-up for the book. This turn up for the book was a very very new car So far. This car was a-coming down the road he was so pleased so pleased he was a success. He was a businessman. When he arrived home he dangled his keys, like children on his knees, but she has gone, gone, gone. A dead black swa...

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Also by John E Marks:

Emptiness | WINTER IS COMING | The bridge of sighs | The smell of tar | PARALYTIC | The sign of the cross | Warmer than blood | The price of coal | A rose garden, at altitude, under occupation | SUBMISSION |

The Partial Object

there’s a resemblance

harmony more sympathetic

than complementary

it standing out from the rest


not sure what to do with it

fuck it eat it

kill it

love it would be hardest yet


when you almost feel your

synapses firing you admit

you never had a say in

your response to it

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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

Minutiae | Forever Chemicals | Promotion | “Stubborn” in eleven languages (by order of need) |

If You Can't Handle Me


I'm a woman

But not the palatable kind

Men see me

They want a taste but often can't stomach it

I writhe and thrash around

Until they have to spit me out

But women always see me

The whole of me

The pit of me

Every last bit of me

They don't complain that I'm too dark

To shine their torches through me

And make me bright 

I never bend to their will

But I ...

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acceptable behaviouralphaBisexualdominantDominatrixfeminismgenderhierarchylgtbqpalatablepower dynamicpower playqueersexismstrong womansubmissivewomanismwomen


Fellow Baby Boomers like myself will no doubt recall him.  He appeared on Opportunity Knocks during the 1960’s.

OK was a talent show – a forerunner of BGT and The X Factor and all those other similar programmes predicated on low-cost TV.  It was hosted by Hughie Green whose only talent seemed to be to pull a face every now and then.  But it’s reassuring this tradition of talentless presenters w...

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Also by John Coopey:



Fresh blood dripping
But the wound is old.
Teardrops falling
With a smile, too cold.
Memories smoldering
With layers to unfold.
Yet a sigh of relief,
As it reaches closure.
Hoping no relapses, as it's the
Cessation of a story untold...


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I told you I'd be there

I can't forgive myself if anything happens

I'd walk to hell and back

To make sure your head is okay

Your depression may be more than my word

My touch is more than it

So listen to me forever

I know you're your own worst enemy

So God damn it I'm not leaving you behind

I know the demons say

That you're better off not here

All the bleach bath,


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Also by Damon Blackery:

(untitled) | 12 years |



I should get up and sell mice

but I'll stay here instead

in the warm, embryonic bed,

and what is a mouse's life?


Getting your head crushed

for a bit of cheese,

or squirming like an addict

under the merciless paw.


I sink in dreams, a jaded skull

trailing hair all the way down

to the sad, depleted market

where I meet the others:



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Also by john short:


sleep doesn't matter

Sleep don't matter

 if the heart wanders all over the place.

Deep it sets on emotions,

Following motions the heart takes.

Some are like a heart attack,

Some are like genuine joy.


Past the time it felt sorrow, 

The time it felt nothing but hollow, 

Difficult times were times we were to swallow. 

But we decided to smile.

Pass the minute,

Its compass is never set...

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Also by Kelvin Sipho Masilela:

religion | am I lazy | phase don't last | hidden scars, unhealed wounds |

Venezuelan Diaspora

They have left behind their country,

Some of them by plane,

Some of them by boat,

Others less fortunate only have their legs

And do not hesitate to use them.


They have traveled with hope,

Hope to live a normal life,

Just they want to work,

Just they want to study,

Just they want to eat something

at the end of the day.


They have carried their diplomas ...

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Three voices, clear as bells but

more beautiful, blended as one in a

heaven made for the occasion and

hung from the vaulted ceiling,

each note a perfection,

each phrase a blaze of brilliance,

each song a longing to capture

every cornered soul; and in return

to offer, as bread and as wine,

a tiny part of the body and blood

of a new lord...

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Also by Peter Taylor:



Did you think any of this was right?

Did you realize you were in too far to change your mind?

Did you think it would be easier to just turn out the light?

Do you understand that more than a part of me died?


Do you think that someday, somehow, I will be alright?


Do you think you're the bigger person for putting off the fight?

Do you think I still don't see your face ever...

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Argument with a Fool

He seeks no answer

Yet he asks to seek a fight

It's just not worth it

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Also by Clive:

When the Storm is Over | Stormy Day | Stuck in a Rut | Rainy Day | When Things Go Wrong | Time | Lost |


Breaking Point

in a tense tennis battle two teenage stars of the future each want to win - - - so badly

Relentless rallies

courageously fought

precious points

muscles ache

mental durability

ace played

success delivered

roaring applause

jubilant celebration

Emma Raducanu

lifting trophy

u.s open

endless smiles

extending further

than the

watchful eye

can see.



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Also by Nigel Astell:

Dare We Keep On Dreaming | Convincing Someone Like You |

When Emma smiles we smile with her.

9. Poem

I now wish to live 

Not just survive 

The survival mode 

Has been always there 

Since a long time 


I now wish to laugh 

Not just simply smile 

Controlled laughter 

Has been always there 

Since I was told so 


I now wish to fly 

Not just go on crawling 

Crawlling always 

Couldn't even walk

Since just too long  


I wish to be happy 

Not al...

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Also by Moonlight:

8. Poem | 7. Poem | 6. Poem | poem 5 | poem 5 |

Bad Chat-Up Rhyme

You say you like a play on words, you say they make you laugh,

Then come on back to mine and let's get dirty in the bath.

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LAST POST - a re-post!

There's this to say for getting old:

You take more care against the cold

And value each new day.


And this to say for getting old:

You want to keep and not to scold

The children at their play.


And this to say for getting old:

It's always welcome to be told

To take a seat and stay.


And this to say for getting old:

You may not be so brash and bold,

But ...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:



emotion has no language 

but still it melts 

when someone touches it

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Angel's Wings

Angel’s Wings                          GLA                                 4/09/2021


With this voice a choice for freedom kept.

And you deserve this gift on Angels wings to Lift.

With their precious care is kept your soul to rest.

On cotton clouds a nest.

Forever blessed.

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Long is the night

I see a couple standing together hand in hand, he says this is my woman she said he is my man,

There is something deeper here that we will never fully understand, they passed away some years ago yet proceed to walk this land.

Let your spirits teach you, lessons of life and love, no matter where you stand below or just above and fly together gracefully on the flight path of a dove 🕊️ 

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Also by Luke:

Farther and son | Loves fire | Established/ ment |

King's Cross Robots

They pass by me in complete perfected execution,
whilst my breath is tightly held,
at their undisturbed, emotionless in-humanity.
For these Kings Cross Robots douse me in fear
that they may see I am not one of them.

& how likely it does feel
that in this systematic powerhouse 
of cogs and machines,
that they will soon turn to me, and laugh
in unwarranted amusement,
at I, the broken mac...

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Also by Connor Hamilton:

From the Winter of Discontent | Creativity's Passing | This, That, This, That | Cautious Kisses |


Why is it so easy to give other people advice but when it comes down to myself I can never follow my own?

Why is it that it's easy to help others but never myself?

Why.... is the question we all sometimes wonder about but never really have an answer to. 

So I'm just gonna keep on hoping that one day the answer will come to me because wondering why can be a lifelong question. 


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Re flex shun

The mirror is strange in the things it reflects

As each morning it stares at me silent , yet quizzical of memory  absorbed

Each day that I squint at it blinking into the light of each forgotten dawn


What can it hide what does it convey, what can it remember what can it say

It’s grey  face reflecting the room,  mist on the surface hides the forthcoming day.


Slicing my hand ...

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Also by Edbreathe:

Chinewrde | sPIT fiRe |

Melting lime

Distracted by a wisp of clouds,
I find myself on this lonely shore,
In distant hawks I soar vicarious,
wheeling through white powder,
Showers of droplets mix with salted tears
Watching all the years run past like sprinting deer
How they flew, far and near, to here, in quiet repose

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This Borrowed Time


Now it seems I am to live forever
all those dead come to me in dreams.
Insistently they put it to me
that I am not living at all.

Only they can risk everything
after losing time and time again.
Only they will race up a mountain
having learnt only how to fall.

I awake and review my agenda
insinuations still echoing loud.
It's only after long meditation
I learn to hear another vo...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

come over the stream | The Grandmaster Comments | Apocalypse Now | The First Word Is The Deepest |


Always trust a man in a shirt, the politicians say,

wear a tie for special effect when entering the fray.

If at first you don't succeed just change your upper half

then check that mirrors never lie and all will be OK. 

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Age is defined as a number

Old and fit, even if others slumber

Wrinkly and crinkly is what they see

The heart may still be young and free


Nothing can stop you from having fun

Dancing, singing or bathing in the sun

Even running a 26.2 miles marathon

No need to be shy, you are still number one


Live life to the fullest regardless of age

Your book flowing with ever...

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Also by Aisha Suleman:

Cash Cash |


Although I'm super safe harness goggles well wrapped

Ear plugs in windproof attire snug secure no gaps 

Fast heart irregular beat 

Sweaty palms cold feet

Safe yet frightened 

Amplified fears senses.. heightened 

Here goes make way 


Highest cliff 

Beautiful surroundings 

So so high

Have to look down to see the birds fly 

Blinded almost by clouds 

Ears ...

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flyingfreedomParaglidingvertual reality

A Perfect World?

In my infancy I only remember darkness

The stillness, a damp and murky existence

Only very occasionally feeling any movement

It seemed that this was it…my life


The strangest thing was the feeling of growth; slowly forming in the black wilderness

Seemingly taking up more room than usual and a sensation of not being alone in here?


Time passed very slowly in the endless da...

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Gaunt thoughts blaze, what flicker is gaslight; intrusion of mind, how emanations choke, this shortness of breath within me How your words gather, to weigh heavy as death upon my chest; figures of dark, shades cast from the light, how I steep in this saturation of mind; I gather me around me, in extrospection I feel as loneliness; this pervading of mind, to be of madness; declining in circles, I w...

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in the glass garden

It darkens me in the glass garden,

from the marriage of the rose and the hyacinth

a snowdrop was born.


In a barrel of wine

they threw me into space

between the sun and the moon,

silently I reaped the stars.


They brought me back alive

to grow old in a greenhouse,

and not to be afraid of bad people,

because I have one dying

and poetry for nine lives.

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Also by Sanja Atanasovska:

I drank your wine |



My beginnings are frantic and fraught

Ideas wild, untamed, unexplored

Fretted over, juggled and wrestled with

Battles with words, structure, themes

Wrangled, squeezed, changed

Trampled, shaped, honed

Polished, preened and shuffled

Finally caught and found right

From the wilderness finally emerges

Something which pleases

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Also by Brenda Wells:

Grey |

Agadonon's Stead

Flowers & Hummingbirds

I hear the wind over your voice every morning

Something sweet of your breath while I am running

In the willow leaves woven is golden hair


The bronze-valley of her eyes when the sun comes

Begin to glow

I keep running not knowing where I’m going


She is there

I know I would like to go home


Flowers and hummingbirds know the story

Of w...

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Also by Caleb Gorey:

Hazel Valley Fever | Philodendron |


Let us fly

The buildings have collapsed 

Caved in on themselves 

The signs were there 

But always overlooked 

Deterioration was prevalent 

No one seemed to care 

Forever looking to the stars for answers

Stressed beams 

Basic needs 

We now see

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Also by Cody Roach:

From the dust |


Poem 54 of 230:  HOBSON’S CHOICE

During a daytrip to Cambridge,

    My uncle showed the confined space

That left punters no choice to face -

    Using Hobson’s trade of carriage.


(C) David Franks 2003 -

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