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Do.RoThy on Oops....I forgot the title of this poem😒 (10 hours ago)


Life is full of illusion, 
a process of disillusion. 

No perfection in decay. 

To die, 
to be reborn, 
to be all that I am 
is eternity. 

Oblivion only comes 
to those that seek it.


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Also by MyDystopiA:

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I found my doctor a little remote

as he checked my lungs

and checked my throat.


The trouble was the blinking screen

new guru of the live well scene,

it seemed to come between us

as he consulted comparison apps


I said I was recently prone to cramps

and suffering memory lapse.

The screen came in between us

as he searched for answers online


and, offerin...

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Also by ray pool:


What Happened

I ran the hot water over them

Trying to scrub them away

They weren’t dirt or mud

They were too wide and deep

A part of me


I’d have bleached them off if I could


I’d been so busy

Eight hours working with a hangover

I ached and winced like it was nothing

Smiled and waited on strangers


It could have been him


The bath is when I realised my reality


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2017 and Trev goes to Texas for a 7th time: The Run Up

entry picture

Image: Our new addition Milo another Boston Terrier enjoying a sleep as in poem 5, not to replace Louie but as a pet in his own right. Poem 5 was also my first of 2017. This will be the third blog in a row that has featured a Boston Terrier as the "Run up" image


13.08.2016 - 1) The urge to book my flight I feel

Search the internet for the best deal

Quotes printed of to the letter, bu...

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He bleeds Autumn.


Your skin like the yellow brick road,

and what is it that creates that rush of blush?

I’d love to shovel out your flesh or drill through your cheeks

to reach those autumn leaves,

that grow behind the golden weeds,

the red leaves that were never green.

No, never new, they never grew,

they stayed and they remained:

Dying, but never dead,

thriving, behind your face of ...

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No More the Sea

No More the Sea


     Even an immortal soul would expire

Before reaching the ends of the Universe,

For it is big, competing with time –

Perhaps in peril, where the

Sacred chalice filled with wine

From a cellar built from infinity,

Can bring back make believe

Deities now so desperately missing

From life,

     Oh how ridiculous the story of Man,

His chalice fille...

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Also by Noetic-fret!:

The Family | No Deal | Our Denial of Hate | If You Ain't Soldier, Then You'll NEVER Know. |

i'm fine, not fine

you know that 
I wear my crazy
on my sleeve.

it's best if 
you just 
let me be.

aren't there other
train wrecks 
for you to go 
and see?

if you really 
love me,
then leave.

because there
isn't anything
here but me. 

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Also by Little Bit:

gold stars | the playlist | to my sweetest girl | know your soul | one day | this rain, it knows |

The wind

My whole world is reflected in your face 
I can't believe I've finally found the place 
Which could be my mind's saving grace 
Such symmetry in the way we orbit life
It's like our paths were designed to unite
To alleviate all the suffering and strife
Which is life's reminder that it's all trite 
This world was not meant for the soul
A pitstop on the road to meeting a goal
Which will surel...

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Also by Alonelymouse:

Wait | Strange ground | Distant | A knock on the door | Insecure | What are we? | Sad song |


I refuse to be 

the damsel in distress.

I refuse to be 

the princess who waits 

for her prince charming.

I am my own happy ending,

I am my own fairytale. 

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Also by Maria Renea:

Melatonin | V. | x | Asking for it | Ten Years | I will continue to suffer | infertile | Appreciation | III. | Blame | Mujer de Elección | II. | I'm better now | difference | Object | Changes | Tattoo |

The flaming

Seeking out the passion from the everyday
As the light seems to dim on the important parts
Soaking up all the fuel of the creative arts
Burning on the surface to the treacherous tray

Lacking the oxygen to expand the fire
Smouldering in distance as the retreat happened
To a safe existence with the notebook blackened
By the arsenic root in the mind's retire

Chasing away pages of talented...

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Also by Louis Audet:

Island Paradise | The beauty of everyday | The bad part of town | Sunset | Unwanted Deaths | Work imitating art | La noirceur de l’âme | L'amour est ... | Pouvoir d'état | Mouvement | Paint night | Fairness | My last one | Happy | Being Right | For her fantasy | Sad senator | My bad day | Mr Fantismo on the river | Her fun | We all do it | The night is young | Final thoughts | Love life | Pour les deux maîtres en mer | Sainte beauté | Sculpture d’enfance | The end | The homeless man | Mr Fantismo on tight rope |


Ireland with Emily, you what

Emily indeed, you must be

having a laugh a top notch

society Doris she was Nemo

Me Impune Lacessit ancient

lineage, so you don’t grass up


a royals’ name you might get

some Corgi poo through the

letter box or worse still one of

those rambling diatribes from

HRH, you know who I mean not

the Queen no the one from that


grand es...

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Also by Philipos:


Our World

Our World


We have a planet of immeasureable immensity

Vibrant in its rich diversity

Intimately carved and intricately balanced

Flora and fauna lavishly abound

Oceans and mountains full of majesty and awe

Deserts, jungles and ice capped poles

People of different races and tongues

Vegetables, fruits and more besides

Air, wind, fire in one glorious globe

A wonder to...

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Also by keith jeffries:

A Perspective | Indignation | Windows of the Soul | Inspiration | The Sea Gull | Afternoon Tea | Thank you | The Darkness of the Night | The Currency of Truth | A Profound Labyrinth | Shot | They only went to pray....... | A Chasm too Great | Deceit | The Bibulous Few | The Sunflower | Nimrod | Afraid? | Drowning | Solitude | Spiritual Warfare | Institutions | Free Speech | The Sepulchre | Hell´s Quagmire | HAAS - 2016 SYRIA |

Dears and Pleasants

I love you

That defines your beauty

Real love is


Cast clouds

Your shine shines through

This is all I feel: you


As if you're reachable

I would hug you

With that gun in your hand


And tell you loud enough for you to hear:

"I never meant to feel this way

And love


Why are you finding fun in

Shooting deer and pheasants

While you could be free...

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entry picture

:-"Meri Zindagi me Aakey" (BY ENTERING IN TO MY LIFE)


Tune dil me ye Kaisa Ahsaas Jaga diya Meri Zindagi me Aakey,

Mere bikhre Armaano ko phir se Saja diya Meri Zindagi me Aakey


 Band ho chukey they meri Ummedon ke Raastey Sabhi,

Tune ek naya Raasta Dikha diya Meri Zindagi me Aakey


 Bikhra pada tha Gham ke andhere me na jane kab se main,

tune Chiraagh-e-mohabbat Ja...

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Also by AATIF:



grief in b-flat

grief is the thing with feathers - max porter

the swallows swam that evening as they
so often had the summer through, pricking 
the bruised peach sky with their infinite
spots, spits, peppering the sky with noise.
but they bled on your brain, everything bled 
and passed through the grief lens, 
the sickening beige of it all.

the siren that screamed at three o'clock did
not save lives....

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Also by Stuart Buck:

grief in e-minor | i am a cloud and when i cry it rains | dear richard, | on symbiosis and a concerning dream | odaxelagnia (how i learnt to love being bitten) | possessed | like skin upon my bones | the only answer we will ever need |


I am a slight and lesser man,

With added prunes

To keep me regular.


My Christmas feast,

Chicken stew with added sprouts,

Is splattering the microwave.


I shall pull a festive cracker,

Eat dinner wearing a paper hat.


Lost in love

Hobbled by fervent hope, 

I stood in siling rain

Gently pebbling my lover’s window.

The curtains stayed closed,

The we...

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Also by Rick Gammon:

Last Summer in Co. Clare | In Passing | Reflections - A Soliloquy | Mission Hall |

Changing Paths

Path deemed distinctive

in reality turned opposed


Odds proved enormous

from humanly supposed


All possible had a shot at

for unviable to come true


Now logic takes primacy

to ditch all on a good cue

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reflections; review; pondering

Why can't you

Why can't you love me when I'm low
Why can't you love me when I'm high
Why can't you love me when I'm trying 
Why can't you love me when I'm crying
Why can't you love me when I'm a mess
Why can't you love me when I'm the best
Why can't you love me when you're my world 
Why can't you love me when you're my sun, moon, and stars
Why couldn't I stop loving you when you never even tried

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Merci, Monsieur Claude

Au, mon cher, Claude!

I have longed for this moment

ready with this eager pen, this expectant paper

and donned my prettiest words

to express to you

the first time ever I saw

Water Lillies

It pulled,

(not so gently),

emotion from me

till it spilled over out of new eyes

the greens, the blues, the peeking pinks

the movement, the quiet, definite, almost imperceptibl...

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Also by Dyphrent:

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Thank You

Honey dripped from hands, divine;

She’s never felt so enjoyed.

This captivation,

Awe and devotion,

This care,

So lovely and novel.

And she began to like herself once more.


In the unlikeliest touch,

She found a friend;

But more than that,

She found herself.

No remorse, or guilt

She would not unravel.

And she began to like herself once more.


The si...

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Also by Rachel Miller:

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Everyone knew but me

I wondered why that set
Of Mediterranean sky
Was domed between these whirls of weather we get,


Why, through the jibs
Of the low oaks, the sun-shafts
Kept digging me in the ribs,


Why I could feel
The shock of spring seas bursting against a far coast
Vibrant under my heel –


The sudden toil
Of all kinds of coming-alive things
Stirring in the soil


(What was it...

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Also by Harry O`N eill:

Touching....and going. | For Linda, just turned... | Carol |

Public Mileage Limited

dedicated to John Lydon/Lygone/Rotten/Forgotten, on his recent outburst...

Rubber Johnny's been buttered up
Now his talk is cheap
The punks that once did idolise him
Have now begun to weep
His public image limited
Now there's no anarchy in the UK
He used to hate the queen
But now probably wants a knighthood to come his way

They say never have idols
Cos all they'll do is break your he...

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Johnny rottenpunk poetrySex pistols


i cant carry

  the weight of your regrets.

It wasnt meant for me,

  so why cant you forget.


Forget the past,

  embrace my future.

You're pushing me too fast,

  you think im stronger.


Just give me time

  to make my own choice.

Dont try to read my mind,

  let me use my voice.


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Also by LeeJ Waters:

untitled |


My eyes blink

tears stroll down my cheek

My head explodes

Thoughts everywhere

My heart aches

Yearning for a better relationship

Heart rate rises

Breathing loudly

Control. Control. I need control.

He’s yelling louder

My eyes are piercing

Memories of the last time he did this come afloat

Hitting and shoving

Now I’m running

I can’t stand him

Eyes eve...

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Also by iesha washington:

Natural Disaster | Father |


Stranger in a well known body

trapped in the fleshy suit of a woman

who carries mountains on her shoulders

dirt crumbles into the strands of her hair

which lays on the peaks and valleys of her chest 

she longs to peel away the layers

that cover her true form

lumpy and misshapen 

movement has become less than automatic

as mountains shift and slide

her back bends to tak...

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Also by Alexandra Rockwell Lorenz:

Shock Absorber | Studio | Paper Route |


Least said...soonest mended

Does not appeal to the easily offended.

They look around eagerly, seeking to get

On the unctuous side of being upset.


They trot out the "isms", (their bible in life),

Ever pious of pose, they'll disguise the knife

Of righteous riposte till the time is thought right

To drive home the blade in sanctimonious delight!.


They are found all ar...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:


Suicide’s Beck

                                    To a friend

There is a small and unremarkable bridge I often cross

That now stands guardian to the memory of a friend.

When your burden became too much, it held you in its thrall

And gave passage across your own imagin’d Styx.

And on that very day and hour your demon choice was made

What base chance made me bypass the bridge, and you?

This i...

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Also by Chris Armstrong:

Love | On leaving a hospital room |

Super Mum: Another Working Class Hero

She’s got two part time jobs

and works her fingers to the bone

a single mum with no support from him

but she made that house a home.

Empty promises of child support

to help to feed her pack

every bloke she’s ever known’s

always fucked off and turned their back.

She doesn’t feel resentment

she never has the time

if she gets an hour to herself each day

she swears tha...

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Also by Matthew Nicholson:

A Million Questions Unanswered |

austerityhardshippoempoetrypovertysingle mumworking class


space travel can bend you out of shape

so wandering too close to black 

holes would be a big mistake

and if you fall in feet first 

tidal forces and 






















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Also by Paul Waring:

A So-So So and So | Stalker | Enigma Variations | From Out Of Nowhere | Memory Thief | The First Of The Rest | Terminal Zoo | Nan Was My Nigella | Mona Lisa Musing | Insomnia | Inevitabilities | Not Quite 8½ |


The door is closed,

unlocked but

cobwebs make it clear

this door is rarely entered.


Paint chipping,

black faded

stain dripping down

cracked glass.

Abandoned yet


like deja vu I know

I've entered this door before.


I turn the key.


Wrapped in darkness

the echo of my stiletto guides me



at a time,



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entry picture

“Hail to the Chief of Old Mother Rossiya

Oops!  A slip – I mean USA”

But Dubya and Ronald

Were brighter than Donald

At the time, though, you all said, “No Way!”


There’s no disputing

That Vladimir Putin

Is, like me, brilliant and fab

We’re sharing a bromance

But pooftahs?  Hell! No chance!

Preferring some pussy or titties to grab.


He wouldn’t hack mail


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Also by John Coopey:




It is good to approach the water's edge.
Here I put behind me all that which has
been so loud-voiced, so particular
and pressing.
Held by the constant rhythm of the waves
rolling in regardless of millenia,
struck by this vastness tickling my toes
and hushing.

It is good to find the sea and the sky
create and preserve with a lasting kiss
my ever out of reach horizon,
caught in the...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

D.W. | Change Of Heart | (untitled) | Winning | (untitled) | (untitled) | Communication/Noise |


I sit in a Titan's clasp.


Locked tight.

Breaking out my only wish.

Looking through fingers.

Hesitant.  Testing.

Scared to touch.

Lest I am detected.



By titan machinations.


I sit.

'til forgot.

And run like magic,

At freedom's opportunity.

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Also by Rich:

Dynamis | Second Hand Living | Solitude's serenity |

break freecaptivity

camidien (03/21/2017)

beneath a chiding veneer--beneath the toothy and fleshy laughter, there lies some terrible truth and absurdity as tired and twisted as the utterance of the oldest names of the oldest gods, and older still than our kind: a death as old as life.

lo, beneath that, the comedian quivers and shakes under the weight of sweat-soaked sheets -- the company of painkillers of every color -- he knows the sh...

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Also by Zach Dafoe:

hfo (03/10/2017) |

the comedian unkillable eldritch horror

Damsel & The Naughty Boy

entry picture

A Damsel Asks a Boy, what's your wish,

The Naughty Boy replies!!


My hands in your T-Shirt, trying to feel your spine,

Give me some time to prove myself and trust you will be mine


Lips to be locked together, until the breath of sy,

Feel my skin to the extent, that you wanna cry


Your nerves are running strong enough, your heart beats are making noise,

Now i know y...

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Also by Ankit Gulati:

A Christmas Night |

keith jeffries

My new poetry collection 'Undaunted' is published on April 6th

entry picture

In the last year we've had Trump & Brexit and me, a diagnosis of bladder cancer.

In this book I deal with it all - head on. Simultaneously the most personal and the most angry and political collection I've put together, and that says a lot after 3500 gigs in 24 countries, nine books of poems and over 40 CDs/LPs.

It's published on April 6th.

Fellow WOL readers may be interested to hear wha...

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attila the stockbrokernew poetry bookundaunted

The elusive sage

entry picture

“Look at it closely” said the old man as he dragged on his roller,

smoke rings rising like halos in the evening sky

“the human awareness that we experience

is actually vibrations from the angelic orbits.

This is where our creativity is born, releasing our souls to soar.

It is here that our potential to bond with each other

emerges. Unreservedly.”

I moved closer to him on the b...

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Also by Chakraj:

Trump Cards | Born Again | Play it again Andy | Fake You | Ssssh, there's someone speaking | To that tantalizing lady in red | The Infinite Kingdom | Building bridges, healing hearts |


An unwelcome intruder

you were, that Wednesday night

you landed on the vinyl

while I tended to the bags

under my eyes before bed.

This, of all places? But why?

Did you want a change of scene,

somewhere to make a fresh start?

Or did you just end up here

and have no idea why?


If your answer's the latter,

don't worry - you're not alone.

Poor thing - you were s...

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Also by Neil Robertson:

Fair | Pigeon | Desert | Interval | The Stream | Cigarettes and Rum |

The Passing of love

The Passing of love


It started in the dead of night

As the box dropped, the noose pulled tight

His eyes as cold as stone

His skin as white as bone


As the night grew colder

The light in his heart grew older

As the candles light came to end

The hearse rounds the final bend


The tears in his eyes made him choke

As the casket lowered, his heart broke


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entry picture


What can the boy do when he’s at home?
But only it isn’t his home because every night he feels so alone.
When the boy’s father drowns himself every night in liquor.
When he goes to school and is asked, “What happened?” while his eyes are left low and bruised
He responds with, “daddy did it.”

Years of not being allowed to visit mom on his birthdays
Years of not being able to t...

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Delightfully blown away


My courage in the middle of nowhere 
she came into my life like a grenade
I reeled back to familiar territory 
and stepped on a land-mine

Blown away! We both were and then we weren't...just 
a myriad of incandescent stardust undulating like waves
in a sea of oblivion...a sea that conquered the byzantine 
walls I erected to safeguard...? (NOTHING, nada, zip, zero)


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Also by Juan Pablo Lynch:

Giant flower | Sexual immorality | Test the test | C | Censorship | Ignite the flame | Reality? | Us three | I vowed to you | Stone not thrown | Unfinished conversations | Broken | Hunger |

love and romance

I am arisen

I rise

I go downstairs

I make you a coffee

I return

I shave

I shower

I dress

I am exhausted

I lay on the bed

I ponder the desires and the designs

Of heart mind and body

And the time for equilibrium to return

Time to recover

I rise

And go downstairs again

The medication gives me a headache

And I doze

I sit and watch any old toot on T.V.

I rise...

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Also by Martin Elder:

School dinners |


Now the lights are coming on
pink and orange, white and blue
from this distance they seem to melt into an aura
a haze hung above this haunted city

A clock tower looms over the rails
passing through this place I've never stopped here
I know nothing about how it moves or swells or stalls
but the lights all blanket it so heavenly
I think to myself, I'd like to return someday

Always, I fi...

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adolescencehomepassing throughteenagetrains

Unmatched Grace

When a traditional
Music and dance,
A century-old bilateral
Ties, took place
A biracial and mesmeric
Greeck  goddess,
With chocolate Lucy's face,
Exhibiting elegance
And radiant face
With splendour
Leased in the citadel of
My heart a place
Making it palpitate
Picking pace
Driving home
The intermingling of
This with that race
At times lends human beings
Unmatched gra...

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Also by Alem Hailu G/Kristos:

Systematically Explicating a Narrative and Descriptive Poem | Bravo practice harmful tradation | Heroines in the dark | Four hundered ninety | Distilling from the past making tomorrow bright |

beautybiracialromantic distance love dan hooks

Poem XIX


I saw you dragging on the ground

longing I let you be free.

I hoped you didn’t find out

one day you could spread your wings.

Would you go to the west or east?


With those emerald eyes

you thought the time was a line.

You knew you weren’t mine,

but you finally could realize

the world was not your size.


You became a gorgeous creature.

You broke the crys...

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entry picture

Lakeside, I watch 

the Coots bouncing

on top of the water.


They throw their heads

with intention and abandon.

Plunging - immersing themselves.


I want to bounce,

immerse myself.

Plunge into you...


Frances Macaulay Forde © 2001

*Coots: small black waterbird related to Moorhens: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coot

(1st Pub. 'Hidden Capacity ~ a poet's jo...

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Also by Frances Macaulay Forde:

Without Wheels | (untitled) | Sketching in Ireland. | Suits and Ties |


Situationist Haiku

Print off this haiku

wrap it around a large brick

hurl through a window.

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The Truth About Pain

entry picture

The truth about pain...

The truth about MY PAIN.

The truth is nobody knows about my pain.

The truth about my pain..

The truth is nobody asked me about MY PAIN...

Since the start of my time, here on this plane (planet) all I ever felt is pain.

Truth is behind this smile, this pretty face all you'll see is this here PAIN.


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Around the Cirrus and Nimbostratus

entry picture

Scoliosis – Abnormal lateral curvature of the spine – From the Greek Skolios

The angel used to dance high above
from down here
I gleefully watched her run rings
around  the Cirrus and Nimbostratus
through long daylight and short moonlight
only touching the soil with her feet to make sure we were still safe and warm

Watching her stumble was an unnerving sight
the snag of a razor thin wi...

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familymothermothers daypoetryscoliosis

World Upside Down (a short tribute to John Lever, Band on the Wall, 1998)

entry picture

Pushing and shoving on the dance floor

We must have looked a right sight

Ducking and diving next to the waves

Of distorted guitars and tribal like drums;

Our Hair blowing wild in the over ripe summer air

As we laughed at the singer

Stumbling at his words for a few seconds

Before carrying on, pushing each other

Up and down the dance-floor


Your hair was punked up, dye...

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Also by Andy N:

Duty |

John LeverMemoriesThe Chameleons

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