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Thank You

Honey dripped from hands, divine;

She’s never felt so enjoyed.

This captivation,

Awe and devotion,

This care,

So lovely and novel.

And she began to like herself once more.


In the unlikeliest touch,

She found a friend;

But more than that,

She found herself.

No remorse, or guilt

She would not unravel.

And she began to like herself once more.


The si...

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He's Different Now

The echoes of her woes,

they sharpen like the knives of the ones that wounded

her war scars;

they deepen.


Some nights she’ll lie awake,

much like the lies that he fed to her through a spoon

down her throat;

she suffers.


The demon inside him,

It is the same demon that married her although

now he sits;

without guilt.


And now his eyes stay dark,


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Coffee Mugs

Our love is made of coffee mugs,

A house that isn’t big enough,

And all these happy, autumn thoughts;

When you are here with me.


Our love is fire, slow with need,

A never-aging willow tree,

And here is where I’ll never leave;

When you are here with me.


Our love is necessary air,

A spark that makes judgment impaired,

It’s a perfect little love affair;


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I'll Drive

I’ll drive until I see the end,

The flowers falling off the edge,

The perilous drop to nothingness-

The place where we shall meet.


Perhaps this land will let us be,

And collide together happily,

Your heart will float adjacent to me-

The place where we shall meet.


Here we’ll lay under sky so full,

With blue stretched out above our skulls,

This place is home t...

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He Was Wrong for me

Kill the name upon my lips,

By pressing yours to mine.

I would rather die a thousand deaths,

Than suffer in the shrine

Of the life he was before he harmed,

My heart a thousand times.


Hold my palm in a vice grip,

Refusing to let go.

And please forget to stop the fire,

That trails beneath my bones

When you touch the piece of me,

No other soul will know.

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A poem using all of my favorite words:

Maybe fate is not just fate,

Maybe the moon is more than slate,

And maybe the serendipitous ways

Were all just make-believe.


Perhaps our luck is more than luck,

Perhaps the lock inside was stuck,

And perhaps we can never escape the clutch

Up the inevitable future’s sleeve.


Possibly our home was never our home,

Possibly euphoria resides in our bones,

And quit...

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I didn’t know I could fall so tragically

by standing on ground level,

When I told you my heart was slowly defrosting,

And you countered that you would

thaw me completely. 

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Wrong Addiction

Jittery were the days that I took sips of you,

Inhaled in your scent like an addict anew.

Easily attached,

An impossible recovery.

Swimming in my veins like a flu.

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Under Clear Skies

He loved her under clear skies,

Blue reflected off the ponds in her eyes.

Clouds were spent, no white in sight,

Under crystal skies.


When fog came down, he loved her still,

Gray swirled under window sill.

White was marbled, paint that spilled.

Beneath storm-filled skies.


Sherbet ran amuck above,

And covered all the girl he loved.

Her hair was coated, since s...

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Try as you may to see the flaws,

My eyes see only love.

And when the wonder in your depths-

Feels less than big enough;

Remember, oh remember please,

That you are not corrupt.


The world is dark and darker still,

The streetlights dim with time.

When your soul chameleons-

To the black that pours outside;

Stay pure, and never let the ink,

Run havoc in your life. 


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Her past made for a damaged soul,

He fixes her with glue.

Until the crack appears again,

Then he fixes her with tape.

The hole emerges,

Growing still,

He tries to mend her whole again-

He kisses the spots

Where dark shines through,

Now she’s anything but broken.

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When I die

Tell my mom I love her

And that every time I sip coconut coffee

I hear her voice beside me.

Tell my dad I miss him

And that when Phil Collins is on the radio

I feel like he’s singing with me.

Tell my brother that I wish

That we could simply be

As close as siblings should be.

Tell my family I’m still here

And they are forever engraved

In a rock inside my skull-


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If I gave you nightmares,

You’d turn them to fantasy;

A swirling haven, sea-green dreams

In the castle of your heart.


If I handed over messes,

Beautiful artwork you’d create;

Spinning strings of disbelief

In the castle of your heart.


And if I say I’m lonely,

Say you’d lay me down in roses;

Petals, the sweetest company

In the castle of your heart.



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You'll Find me in You

When your heart yearns for the touch of my lips,

And your eyes sheen of rivers unshed;

Just kiss towards the moon,

And that’s where you’ll find me.


When the chime in your chest blares a vibrant panic,

And you ache for my palm in yours;

Just smile towards the moon,

And that’s where you’ll see me.


When the moon falls asleep in the heat of the day,

And you feel lo...

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Forget This



Don’t remember the time

When the number on the scale was infinitely less.

Don’t remember the time

When your bones were months away from dust.

Don’t remember the panic

Inside of your chest

When the white porcelain rose goosebumps

And you failed to protest-

The one thing you should have been fighting for;

You stubborn, foolish, arrogant girl.


Don’t rememb...

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Castor and Pollux

Castor, he ran- he was swift in the field,

With horses, they vaulted behind.

A brother to him, with a love so blood-deep,

Was Pollux, son of Zeus and divine.


Their devotion together, not one to be quelled,

Was tested when one half had died.

Then Pollux wept out, with his soul ripped to shreds,

And demanded they share the same sky. 

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I am not enough,

But far too much-

And everything in between.


I am tears and I am hurt,

While I preach happiness –

and self-worth.


I am a walking cemetery,

Of things undone-

And people I never wanted to become.


What the fuck is wrong with me

Please tell me what I’ve done.

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CRASH went the boy as he wrecked into ice,

And his thoughts which were only of her.

SLAM into another, as he panicked alas,

Her thoughts were only of him.


SKID into snow, other flakes trickle down,

And the passing minutes seem like a trance.

BOOM her heart shook for the thought that perhaps,

His heart was done beating for her.


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His hands, they worshipped her like she was pure-

Precious and carved out of jade.

And his wings, they stayed tucked away from the realm-

His halo made her unafraid. 


Dauntless, she adored him, far more than herself-

Wind carried her nightmares away.

And with love in his eyes, and his lips pulled upward-

He mouthed that he felt the same way. 

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Someday maybe I will be kept in a world without churches,

In a world without kneeling and praying,

Up to the heavens that we don’t understand.


Someday maybe I will thrive in a world without prayer,

Because how can I love a being

If I don’t know that being?


And how can I blindly follow in the footsteps,

Of those older than me, of those “wiser” than me-

If I don’t b...

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Gilded Crown

Paper Mache were him and her,

The girl with wilted hair.

Then snow parted way for green earth,

Where she grew into herself.

When sidewalks smelled of lemonade,

That girl long disappeared;

Into a fairer, stronger lass,

With hair spun into gold.


The gilded crown upon her head,

It was not tainted from his ruin-

Instead, it furthered, strengthened her,

Into a glow...

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Cloak me in Stars...

Cloak me in the stars that fall from the black,

And shelter my body in midnight.

Bury my being in a cosmic trail,

Where passionate space escapes your lungs.


Let the constellations kiss me as I run from my life.

The only remains as I leave,

The glitter from my supernova,

As my comet perils into the Earth.


Drink in my stardust through the lips that kiss,

Like I a...

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Until My Sorry End

I picture water filling lungs,

My head against the tile,

I picture floating till my end,

Until my sorry end.


Blood in vision, spilling free,

Heart filled with nothing, nothing-


I picture dying peacefully,

People say nothing, nothing-



White surrounds me, I fade out,

In and out of consciousness.

Credits roll as eyes roll back-

Until ...

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Instead of your eyes, I see only warmth,

I feel only heat from the heart that you hold.

Inside those great pools of a deep, liquid hearth,

My own eyes seek shelter from the cruel in the world.


Instead of your lips, I see only my future,

All the stories ready to spill from your mouth, they unravel.

There it holds the embers of a pink, raging fire,

There it holds me, hypnot...

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Temporary wounds did form,

Above the ones I had ignored.

And the thoughts you had bestowed in me,

Are nothing but a memory.


Where you were weak, he is so fierce,

And where you lack, he comes in first.

The boy I thought I craved before,

Is nothing but a closing door.

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And there lay the girl, balloon in her hand,

Who wanted to travel to Mars.

Until the great day, when somebody came,

And slaughtered that daydream of hers.


So there in the field, where the dandelion grew,

And adorned the hilltop in gold.

The girl made a deal, a deal no one could steal,

To one day fly to the moon.


She carried that dream, for many a month,


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Like grains of rice, her love it grows;

Forms a crown from lush meadows.

Beneath their skulls with blooming fields,

Dandelions caress skin, living shields.

Arrays of light pour onto ivory,

Little, brown connect-the-dots scatter accordingly.

With envy in their eyes, the fairies hover,

Frowning between one another;

Wondering how they lost their glen

To a pair of human...

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Less time than it took for my heart to catch fire,

In a raging fit; I gave in.

The number of minutes between my arms clasping yours,

And the time till skin touches skin.


Fewer minutes than someone settling into a house,

In one passionate kiss; you’re my home.

The number of minutes till my lips aren’t alone anymore,

And the time till by body feels warm. 

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The Bird

The cage she’s in is paper thin,

She sits upon her perch and then

She cries, a chirp, a whistle, a hymn,

But no one hears the bird.


The world she’s in is waging war,

She cannot try to match the score.

And now, she screams out, “Nevermore”,

But no one hears the bird.


Flutter as she might, she fails,

Falls to the clutch of someone else.

And then she tries to r...

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