to my sweetest girl

sweetest girl
my greatest joy is
watching your 
imagination grow
I'm honored to 
be a spectator to 
how it unfolds 

even when it frightens you
because that unfortunately 
is the cost of creativity

but don't try to stop it
that will only weigh down 
your effervescent spirit
that would only mix your 
true colors to ashy grey

I'll hold your hand
walk you through 
the gravel and sand
and remind you to 
appreciate the grand 

your wonder 
delights me
I can't wait 
to see how you 
surprise me

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Travis Brow

Wed 29th Mar 2017 06:51

If you've got enough to keep body and soul together, having a three year old child is great. I think it's also a great age to be. I bet she prompts a lot more poetry, although finding the time to write might be tricky. Take care.

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Little Bit

Fri 24th Mar 2017 22:48

thanks andy! it's to my 3 year old daughter. :)

Travis Brow

Thu 23rd Mar 2017 11:51

This is lovely LB.

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