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Distilling from the past making tomorrow bright

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Forefathers shedding blood
In a spectacular
Bravery and unity
"A violated-not sovereignty
And self confidence"
For posterity!
What is more
An unpolluted culture
And intact identity!

Thus, maintaining integrity
And hard-preserved identity
Getting poverty and lack
Behind our back,
For the coming generation
We have to pave the track
With Mega projects  Like
So that on a bright tomorrow
Our children embark!//

Ethiopia today has locked horns with poverty mobilizing its citizens
Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam(GERD)-- A self-financed examplary project that could feed electricity to the horn of Africa and beyond!



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Alem Hailu G/Kristos

Sat 4th Mar 2017 14:32

Yes its merits outweigh its negligible demerits.No felling of trees for firewood and little use of petrol that pollutes the environment are chief among its upsides.I think GERD is in line with the green -resilient economy.But all due care must be given to the environment I agree with you!

I used to read classic poems that de-familiarize language like
"I sit me down" I try also to use inversion for the sake of rhyming,in Amharic poem rhyming is a must. You see a sense of local touch is manifest in my poems. Inversion could also be used for emphasis and aesthetic effect. I think writing in a way I feel poems must be written has become my style.I have not read modern poems much hence I less appreciate them because I feel such poems could be better expressed in prose!
Thank you for the comment

<Deleted User> (13762)

Fri 3rd Mar 2017 08:41

these great mega-dams bring environmental and population problems both up and down stream not just for the country in which they are constructed. But it seems from reading about it on Wikipedia that this might be an exception and that the benefits will outweigh any short term negatives. I hope so. It's great to read poetry from different parts of the world. Often the way it is written, the language used, is so different from ours in the UK. Thanks for posting Alem.

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