Take action.

Strike a blow.

Ring the anvil.

Pace.  Drive.  Beat.

Be dynamis.  Perpetual origin.

Chain reaction ignition.

Strike hot iron. Watch hammer-sparks ignite satellite flames,

Orbiting original impetus: You.

Gravitational fulcrum.

Nuclear furnace.

Primal energy.

Ignite your world with positivity.  Watch the wildfire.

chain reactionenergypositive actionpositive feedbackpositivity

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Tue 28th Mar 2017 21:12

Thanks Col, really good to read your thoughts. I shall check out the band.
Thanks for your comment.

<Deleted User> (13762)

Sun 26th Mar 2017 09:28

lots of powerful hammer blow lines ringing out here Rich. For the sake of aesthetics I would be tempted to tap those 'watch' lines down a notch so that they don't stick out. Good stuff - like Dyphrent's recent Poem of the Week 'Man' there is a strong beat, a poem also that could be lengthened. Reminds me also of a couple of early 80's industrial bands that used tools and metal objects to make something resembling music - Tools You Can Trust, SPK.
thanks for posting. Col

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