The Family

The Family


     You see that person standing there -

That bipedal quantum being,

They’re most important upon the World

As they calculate their daily living,

     They’re so accustomed to the pain

They no longer feel their worth,

But they inward weep for all

The troubles shared upon this

Dying Earth,

     And they’ve never really grown from

The days they slept soundly in their cribs,

Although their looking taller now

They’re still begging for a wish,

     Bombarded daily with

Thought’s and memes and indoctrination

For ‘other’s’ points of view,

They are as fragile now as has always

Been just like the child

Attending school,

     And they’re told to be tough

As killing ventures power upon the mind,

And yet within so deep

They’re still compassionate and kind,

     And every day they run the gauntlet

Navigating society’s cruel status,

Unsure whom to follow,

Unsure whom to trust,

     And the ideas elitists

Propagate give cause upon their freedoms,

When what they want most upon the globe

Is unity and peace,

     And they know they’re going to

Die one day and they just never

Know the date, and live in hope

Their children that they love so much

Do not make the same mistakes,

     They’re blood and bone

And carbon matter and easily

Destroyed, but they continue

Searching all environments

For the prospect of a Lord,

     And they’re so undermined

In all their integrity - they keep

Their tears upon themselves,

     Not knowing that

Their neighbour weeps

Alone in silent quarters too

But smiles despite the hurt,

     And everyone’s throwing

Distractions as they bid

To understand this life,

And every opinion shouted out

Means nothing really as

They know it’s propagating hate.


     They’re standing there

Within a cosmic interlude

Where experience is willing,

Yet a little piece of universe

That dies inside each time

They’re witness to a killing.


     Here they are,

At the mercy of their tears,

A brief history in time and place

Where confusion ridicules the years,

     They love so passionately

It can take away a life,

And they’re expected to

Live like this day by day

Within cities built like prisons,

     They’re rubbing shoulders

With the almighty and unworthy

Not knowing who each could be,

Hunkering  down in solitude –

Chastising all their thoughts,

They’re fragile and embattled –

Restrictions offering no peace,

While death is not that far away

Teasing all a secret wish.


     Who am I

And who are they,

And who are you upon this ball,

Who within sincerity - understands

This life at all?

     Not I not you nor they,

No-one on Earth can know

For we’re all as lonely as one another,

Even colour denies the right

To call a fellow man a brother,

And it’s sad to hear the propagated

Fake of charlatans in power,

     Who insist on isolated states of being

Just to keep this family unloved.


     They’re there,

Standing lonely in the world,

A human just the same as you and I

Prepared to die to save the Earth,

And I don’t care for preachers

Who direct antiquated philosophies

Backed by false psychology,

And I don’t care if they be rich or poor,

Straight or gay,

Political or religious,

Drunk as lords or sobered up,

Black or even white,

As long as they see the same Sun

And Moon as I

I’ll know them be from

My family,

     A family worthy of so

Much more than hate;

Kept down until we die!


Michael J Waite 20th March 2017.



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