No Deal

No Deal



     Nicey nicey now,

Ease the soft fuckers in,

Let them believe they make difference,

Let them believe they’ll win,

     Here before your court

A truth sayer begins,

Knowing full well his bairns

May be taken,

Killed or imprisoned,

     One day you’ll awaken

to the carnage you live,

Eating the flesh of compassionate

Forms, while seeking forgive,


And you’re moulding conformists

Who lust the power you have,

And crippling the brightest of entities,

The brightest of intellects,

     But here is a warning

From before as in after the grave,

Your World soon deceased,

From this hate you gave.


     It’s too late for you,

Have at me as you will,

Continue the bloodletting,

Have upon me your kill,

     Your day is done – no more the Earth,

From beyond my death,

Your eternities cursed,

     Laugh like a banshee,

Let killing sparkle dull eyes,

Be brave eating your young

And spread your beliefs that are lies.


     Oh Alien Mind for imprisoning the innocent,

You’ll see the last of your own

Entering infinity’s gate,

And like Lords of the dying,

As you glance your own hands

Bloodied and red,

You’ll wish upon forever

That you were born upon World;




Michael J Waite 17th March 2017.

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