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My new poetry collection 'Undaunted' is published on April 6th

In the last year we've had Trump & Brexit and me, a diagnosis of bladder cancer.

In this book I deal with it all - head on. Simultaneously the most personal and the most angry and political collection I've put together, and that says a lot after 3500 gigs in 24 countries, nine books of poems and over 40 CDs/LPs.

It's published on April 6th.

Fellow WOL readers may be interested to hear wha...

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attila the stockbrokernew poetry bookundaunted

My autobiography - a year on....

I have been incredibly pleased with the response to my autobiography 'Arguments Yard'.  Literally every single review has been fantastic - you can read a selection here - and it sold out of its first pressing of 2,000 several weeks ago, more than half of those sold by yours truly in the course of the 100+ gigs I have done since its publicatio...

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My Ninth Birthday


For the people of Aberfan, 50 years on.

October 21 1966. A day I will never forget.




I’m sure it won’t surprise you to learn
I was a proper little show-off.
‘Too clever by half’
said my Victorian grandmother
who lived in the flat downstairs.
‘You spoil him, Muriel.
Children should be seen
and not heard.
Be quiet, John!
When you begin to PAY a littl...

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AberfanChildhood memories

Little Man, Big Heart


It’s only a record, I said to myself:
and indeed it was
only a record.
Anarchy in the UK
on EMI
in the black sleeve.
One of two copies I’d queued up to buy
on the day it came out
in 1976
from the indie record store
in Canterbury High Street -
the other given to my then girlfriend
at Kent University
who was into Boston.
I had more than a feeling
she didn’t ...

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Attila the Stockbroker's autobiography 'Arguments Yard' - published September 2015

Radical-force-of-nature performance poet/musician Attila the Stockbroker celebrates the 35th anniversary of his first gig with the publication of his autobiography ‘Arguments Yard’  in September 2015 .


Launched into public consciousness by legendary Radio One DJ John Peel in 1982/83, he has spent 35 years touring the world as a self sustaining  DIY one man cottage industry, performing well...

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Hi everyone!
LOADS of gigs coming up including a tour all over England and Germany with my band Barnstormer celebrating our 20th anniversary...
Hope to see you somewhere :)
Cheers Attila

 26 BRADFORD 1 in 12 Protag Fest - at a celebration of the life of my old mate
27  LEEDS  Seacroft Village Hall for proper socialist Labour PPC Richard Burgon http://www....

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Lost in the Supermarket

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Ting Tongs in Bong Bongo Land.....

it's all becoming clear.

UKIP's policy statements

were penned by Edward Lear.

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UKIP; politics; Lear;

So farewell James Alexander

You gave football fans decades of fun

I recall with affection that vocal inflection

Which told us we'd lost, drawn or won

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football; james alexander gordon;

Auntie Rose


Auntie Rose
lived next door to us
here in Southwick.
Twenties flapper hat
Twenties clothes
Twenties shoes was 1964.
Faded, but still glamourous.
Retired buyer
for Debenhams of Brighton.
Never married.
Every Tuesday
after primary school
I'd go round for tea.
Tinned herring roes on toast
Cheese and onion crisps
a game of snap
then home to bed.
Every Tuesday

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world war onefamilyloss

Latest huge batch of gigs! Posted 14 July 2014


17 LONDON Star of Kings Fundraiser for John Leach's RMT General Secretary election campaign
24 SHOREHAM Ropetackle Centre GENTLE MEN Robb Johnson and Roy Bailey's brilliant First World War commemoration - I'll be reading my poem for my father

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A plea to Michael Gove

Oh Michael Gove
please come to Hove
and stick your head
in a gas stove
On second thoughts
I just don't care:
feel free to do
it anywhere

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A Centenary War Poem for my father Bill Baine (1899-1968)

for Bill Baine, 1899-1968

‘What passing-bells for those who die as cattle?
Only the monstrous anger of the guns.’
And so some lines to spike centenary prattle:
These words a sole survivor soldier’s son’s.

My father Bill, born in Victorian England:
The sixth of January, 1899.
His stock, loyal London. Proletarian doff-cap.
Aged seventeen, he went to join the line.


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Worried about family conflicts this Clashmas, especially those of a political nature? My new book of poems will bring instant harmony! Order from in the next couple of days for delivery by Crassmas!

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Me, I just hate Palace.

It's quite simple, brother.

Buckingham, Crystal -

As bad as each other!



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My Favourite Politician

Tuesday 5 November 2013.

As well as the poem below you can hear my song 'Guy Fawkes' Table', written in the Mother Shipton Inn in Guy's home town of  Knaresborough, at a table which had a plaque on it saying 'This table belonged to Guy Fawkes' - on the day ten years and a bit ago when the UK Labour Party voted to support Bush's illegal war in Iraq. A far more traitorous act than anything Guy Fa...

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The furnaces were roaring

With a foul and sulphurous smell

The damned were being tortured –

Just another day in Hell.

The air was full of ghastly screams

And soul-destroying moans

When above the dreadful clamour

Rose some shrill suburban tones…


‘So messy! And so smelly!

And so awfully, awfully hot!

And all you do is tor...

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We’re not fascists, are we, dear?

Bring that bottle over here.

Now. Where was I? Enoch Powell?

Sod this irritable bowel!

Do you play goff? Come down the club.

Just a snifter, lovely grub……

What, no blazer? Borrow mine.

Chin chin. Maggie, ‘79!


Now. Where was I?  Nigel Farage.

Dear! More bottles in the garage.

Really ...

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ALBANIA! My Glastonwick festival! And LOADS and LOADS of gigs

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GREAT gig/exhibition in Tirana, Albania last Saturday – celebrating the clandestine ‘gig’ I did with my friend Steve Drewett from the Newtown Neurotics there in 1989, which I can now 100% confirm was the very fir...

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New album 'Bankers & Looters' out now....

My angriest and most topical album ever....Available from

Loads of gigs happening soon....

Cheers A

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Mission Creep (with audio!)


I usually cheer at the word ‘revolution’
And rebels in action are my kith and kin
But when they are backed by the whole New World Order
That kind of description soon wears pretty thin
Royalists, Islamists,old regime turncoats
Internal divisions already exposed
The flag that they wave is the flag of King Idris
The sad Western toady Gaddafi deposed

No revolut...

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My 30th Anniversary Tour starts tomorrow!

Hi folks - I’m about to celebrate 3 decades as a stroppy loud Leftie pimple on the arse of the celebrity culture! 30 years of poems, songs, stories, campaigns, arguments, victories, disappointments – LIFE. All crammed into one evening. And it starts this Wednesday...
Wednesday Sept 8th - HARLOW
30 years to the day of my first gig as Attila, at The Square in Harlow, my old stomping g...

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Too Much Pressure

Written after i went to the doctor and was told I had high blood pressure and had to take tablets and give up everything i like. I haven't. I take tablets and cycle 50 miles a week. Everything else is as before..especailly BEER. 



This angry young man is still angry, but older

And now Father Time has just pissed on my shoulder.

‘You’ve got to grow up, John...

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It's Made Of Wire


It’s made of wire.
No, let’s be more specific.
It’s a piece of wire.
A piece of wire twisted round itself, with a loop at the far end.
It looks like a stiff metal lasso.
There’s an egg slicer too,
some plastic moulds
to make pastry shapes
and a brush thing:
it’s not a brush,
it’s a thing that looks like a brush,
but you couldn’t possibly use it as a ...

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There's A Man Down Our Road Who's A Nazi!

Following on from the publication of THAT list.....

There’s a man down our road who’s a Nazi!
He’s there on the list, that’s for sure
His hobbies are bowls and line dancing
And he lives at 204!
Well, I must say that he looks quite normal
And his wife makes a nice cup of tea.....
There’s a man down our road who’s a Nazi!
I’m glad he’s not next door to me!

He’s bald, but, no, he’s not a skinhead..
He wears Hu...

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Attila the Stockbroker cleans up the City!


I was a clerk there: I’ve seen the greed
How wealth and power eat hope and need
Now they’re eating each other but they’re still screaming
‘No interference’ – I start dreaming…
‘Self regulation?’ OK, I say
‘I’m a stockbroker – let’s do it my way’
And that’s the beginning of this little ditty:
Attila the Stockbroker cleans up the City!

Each gets a red nose so everyb...

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My new poetry book's out....

Hi everyone – my new poetry book’s out!

(Selected poems and song lyrics 1998-2008)
by Attila the Stockbroker
Published 19th May 1998
Roundhead Publications
ISBN 978-0-9532812-1-3

 I’m proud to announce the publication of ‘My Poetic Licence’, my first book of poems for 10 years.  I’ve brought it out it myself, as I did the last one, for the simple reason that I got tired of paying my ...

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