Our Denial of Hate

Our Denial of Hate



     Within the realms of madness

I look infinity in the eye,

     My hands outstretched to cushion

A fall into a darkened state

But the fall is never ending,

Never ceasing or explaining


     Infinity’s unwelcome grin.


     Downwards I continually plummet,

Like a Halo Jumper

With no parachute,

     No DZ below,

Just an Earth that reveals a

Gaping chasm to all our best offerings,


Down and down I go,

In a spiral with no

Points of a compass

To locate where I should be,

Just confusion and screaming till,

The grin reveals itself to me.


     And I am there

With hives upon the mind,

Discordant quarters of thought

That are tired from constant

Contradictions of daily living,

     Of daily throes of dying.


     In this state,

As birds I cannot hear

Squeal the last shrill tones of


     As the Great White Bears

Of the Polar Regions

Eat their own young;

     I know life as a lie

That death in all its ridicule

Has created,

     And its morbid

Undertakings has me

Hooked for; Death is life,

Life is death,

And none of it, is love!



Michael J Waite 11th of March 2017.




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Wolfgar Miere

Sun 12th Mar 2017 17:04

Hi Mike,

I fell into your this, its like a black hole in itself.

I can't stop reading the first verse which encapsulates (for me) a decline into madness, within which there is no end and no dimension other than madness itself. I see that as "infinity's unwelcomed grin" as you brilliantly coin it.

The following verses seem like the relating of the further descent from which there is no apparent return.

I am curious about the title. Could it be that by endlessly seeking purpose and reason, and finding none, yet continuing to search we are denying hate? If there is no love, what else is there but hate and the madness which such knowledge might bring? Thankfully I believe in love.

Please forgive my own personal rambling madness.


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Stu Buck

Sun 12th Mar 2017 16:24

what an excellent piece of writing. all your work showcases a real world weariness, and captures scenes and visions that only those who had the experiences that you did could hope to understand. but you translate them beautifully and allow us a glimpse into your mind, which is a dark yet attractive proposition

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