Maybe I Don't Love You

"Maybe I don't love you,"

she said out loud to no one

Waiting for a response

but there came none


Maybe I don't love you

maybe I am not

tantalizingly tormented

     with tenacious tinklings of thoughts

of you

Maybe I don't love you

Maybe it isn't true


And maybe

there is no expanse above my head

maybe there is just this roof in

                              its stead

And maybe

there are no petals

colorful velvet birthed from stems

maybe there is no purpose

we all here by just a whim



there's no ocean

lulling the earth into calm

and maybe the sun doesn't

reluctantly emerge from its depths

to announce the morn


nothing exists

but that's pretty hard to prove

maybe you can take this however

you choose

Maybe, I don't love you

But what if I do?

It doesn't mean you are obligated to

                                          love me

simply just that I love you

I love you like the clouds in the sky

everyday refreshing us with shade

while obliviously we never question why

I love you like the earth

it supports us all

always there to catch you

every single time you fall

I love you like blood

moving silently in your veins

a trillion trillion cells

quickening your frame

I love you like this

in my bedroom here

I know

    my heart knows

This love doesn't need


                from your ears

It is real

It is substantial

It has matter and takes up space

And even though I would count it

     a great blessing

It doesn't have to be in your face

you see,

     maybe I don't love you

But, God know that I do

Because real love loves first

with never a guarantee that it will

be returned by you

You know I love you

somewhere inside yourself

but, then again

"maybe" you don't

and love is just lying to ourself






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