Second Hand Living

Four-wall safe-box secure.

Heart beating duldrum to duldrum.

The World - Beyond my door: Danger.

Other-folk.  Living other-life.

Of glee.  Fun. Friends.  Sociality.

One screen.  Glitch.  One portal-opening reality twist.

Borrowed access.

Unchecked at the door.


Unpermission-beg desperation-need self-denialled.


To Closest.  Furthest.



Bludged world.  Purloined for emotional self-flagellation.

For clandestine review.

Peeping out.  From sanctuary base.

Hopeless wretch.  Approval-desire anxiety preventing participation.

Friendship-desperate vulnerability heart-grip swallowed.

Throat-lump imprisoned.

Coveted feelings.

To curl around.  Suck.

Hold.  As mine.

Proof that that's what I'm actually like.

It's just -

If only they could see me.

If only they knew.

If I could be liberated.

Meet that person.

Free my soul.

Find my world.



craving friends.lonely

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