one day

i hope your 

i hate you's

turn into

thank you's

and your

fuck you's

turn into

love you's 

one day


even though

you hurt so

i hope you 

see what I do

one day


I'm selfish

it's true

I don't want

to lose you


pressed pause 

hopeful to make time

for you to realize

you're not that small


i'm sorry for my haste

i know how you hate it

how i always want

to save you

i hope the pause

doesn't prolong 

the misery

but helps you to see

the amazing


if one day never comes

see you in my dreams

feel you in the beats

here's the space 

you requested


even if you stay

bitter forever

know i'm here 


never say never

i love you

as fiercely as ever

◄ this rain, it knows

know your soul ►


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Little Bit

Thu 9th Mar 2017 16:53

andy, there is sort of an unspoken "i'm" before the hopeful in the 4th verse.

thank you for your kind words, miss, david, and andy. this one is pretty personal and recent.


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Wed 8th Mar 2017 23:23

"I hope your I hates you's"
Great first line. X

Travis Brow

Wed 8th Mar 2017 07:36

Brilliant LB; poignant and beseeching and heartfelt. I particularly like the construction of the first verse. I also like the final reference to love as something fiercely felt.

In the fourth verse, could you alter the tense of 'hopeful'? I know there may be colloquial considerations at play, so ignore me if I'm misinterpreting what is simply vernacular.


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