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Trev does Texas yet again 2016: Austin 1

entry picture

Image: David Lester Young aka Ben Franklin, he is the Ben that I refer to in the Poets Three poems


03.04.16 - 19) End of a long flight,

landing always a delight

Luggage and car collected, change of intent

Drove first to the anthology event

Nothing to fear let the motel know I was here

It was alright, I’d be ther later that night

Then we took to the stage with our latest s...

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Also by Trev the Road Poet::

Trev in Texas yet again 2016: The journey out and arrival | Trev in Texas yet again 2016: The Run Up |


I swore allegiance to our Sovereign The Queen, her heirs and succcessors too.

Our Members of Parliament do the same, on behalf of me and you.

So I'll blame and shame those who are busy doing what they do -

Promoting and espousing the deeds and decisions of the ANTI-sovereign EU.

You can't plight your troth in favour of both; you can't be true to the TWO!


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Also by M.C. Newberry:



Gravity To Thought

Thoughts to writing,

Thoughts to speech,

Are, if you will,

A ball rolling down a hill,


The hill is my mind,

Consciousness is the shovel,

Ideas the furrows,


Ponder one way,

Be a channel,

Lose heart,

Be a hole,


I stand atop the hill,

A spark,

I release the ball,



It's path dictated,

Ever dictated,

Carried down ideas pa...

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Also by Lewis O'Brien:

Why I Hate Moths |


Maybe things have been more

Maybe things have been greater before,

But hearts change and feeling too

Why can't people understand when they do?


Didn't have it planned and don't have reasons why

But things have changed and left me so dry.

I don't want to loose the people I love so dear

But what's happening has always been my fear.


I try to back up, give myself some ...

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Also by Paige:

The Past | Need Me Still |


Baby otters are wonderful creatures

So I've often heard it said

They brush their teeth without demur

Before they go to bed

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Thorns and Their Roses

It was a painful thorn that had sewn our hearts together.

Yes, that was it,

A thorn that attached me to you,

Made your hell taste like heaven.

When I left you,

The flowers in my lungs died.

And for the first time, I could breath,

Although every day I find myself missing their beauty.

But for however many of my roses die,

This is something I can be proud of.

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Also by Hailey Hauck:

Round and Round They Go About Leaving | Love is Child's Play |

Lost LoveRosesThorns

apologize (04/30/2016)

a traitor of a thousand miles, i'll hold you in my shoe
push'd into my heels, step by step
those memories of black and blue
though time heels all wounds, it doesn't unbreak bones
chatter'd open in the breeze and brine
hanging like a laugh, swinging
alien on a face so tragic
painted with mascara, running toward gravity
running toward the sea
sprinting and tumbling and drowning
the wet san...

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Also by Zach Dafoe:

blacksmith (04/10/2016) | Meconopsis (04/02/2016) |

gray skies abounds

Dirty little butterfly

I want to catch a butterfly.
A pretty little butterfly,
Delicate, Beautiful, curving, intense, vibrant.

But not trapped in a net.
She chooses my rough hand,
Rather than a rich flower to provide for her.
Not a conservative or vain butterfly.
Not one that flutters around you,
But has an aversion to touch.

A butterfly that longs to be admired,
In all her beauty,
Only by me.
To land on...

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Also by Matt:

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the jackdaws...

...clattered into the pane

like a meteorite of feathered rubbing,

beak and claw ensuring 

the whole room lifted an inch before rushing to the window,

now flecked with crimson loss and hairline fractures,

a scream trapped tight behind the teeth of a child.

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Also by Stuart Buck:

shard | lord i just can't keep from crying sometimes | early onset | playing games | in a while crocodile | guilt cage | bonsai | holiday in cambodia | cruel sea | playing koi | victory lap | infinite tanka | still life | Haiku: Having cats in Spring | gone |


entry picture

The wall, grey wall
It sits between the lines.
While the inside fiddles and fusses
Over prospects of the life.

A feeling here and there,
Yet hopeless and despair.
A jumble of the words,
Dancing like birds.

Chirp, chirp.
The words come out,
Seemingly nonsensical.
What to do when life becomes incomprehensible?

After everything that happened,
One stands at a loss.
Unable to toss,

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Also by Mem:

What art thou? | What am I? | How do I say it? | Revelation | Old & New |

stitch THIS!

me,Stef Wilde,

one time kid of a fuckall childhood

probably concieved in some shit hole.

Brought up on too many thick ears,scroungings,left overs and corner shop shite

on rare occasions when dad had'nt pissed his wages up the wall.


Skinny can-kicking short trousered little bastard

in the days when arse wiping social workers were not in fashion

trying my best not to use th...

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Also by Patricia and Stefan Wilde:

Silver fruition | Quadruple 4 | Quadruple 3 | Sad cause without effect | Quadruple 2 | Quadruple 1 | Haiku; Backstabber | Haiku; Prosthetics | Dallas Nightmare | Haiku; Motorcycling aka getting a life | Haiku; Dummy throwers | Haiku; board game of days | In the shadow of the swastika | Being me | Gang member-Deceasing | Barmy book titles (additions anyone?) | Logie box scholar | Haiku: Headlines |


Shaking it at the window

In her pink panties

Raking through her thick auburn

Stretching and twisting

A cock-straightening routine 

Just for me -

Drunk at 10am

With itchy five day growth

And the orange of his

Hospitalized neighbours fish 

Floating freshly dead


A good two minutes pass


Slipping my hand down

I push it to one side and turn away



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Also by mike watts:

Two things | Subject matter | Makeover | The lovers | Not a single tulip |


entry picture

Ken says to us,

“Why all the fuss?

I don’t understand.

It’s hardly big news –

My thoughts on the Jews and

Their Promised Land.

I simply pointed out that Hitler wanted that too.”

How stupid of you;

You don’t have a clue;



It might have been dead and

All put to bed by

Bradford’s Naz Shah;

She offered MPs


And blah blah-di-blah;

We a...

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Also by John Coopey:







On bottom

Eager lip


Not too



Just a






Go on






It in








With a




Of me  



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I could be kind

but when I meet the man

I can't help but think


You are a vile creature


How does your wife stand

to look at you now?


I'm not the best

at kindness, though.

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Also by Alan Inman:

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Every day I push myself through this world

Bending and creaking

Ejecting splinters so small 

Not even I can see them.


Every month I pull the wiry wigged head

Of humanity's shine to its own bastardization 

Closer to my breast 

Hoping its nuzzle will be less coarse. 


Every pay day it feels soft,

For a moment 

Then looks up at me with wooden teeth

And coughs...

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Also by Corr Lens:

Pay | Looking to teach a class |

getting my thoughts in a thinking twist

I thought about something,then I thought

why am I thinking that thought?

thought I knew better

than to be thinking thoughts like that

thought I'll try not to think about that thought again

thought that would be best




I forgot thinking about that thought

that I should'nt have been thinking about 

and went back to thinking about the the thought

that I was t...

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Also by Jemima Jones:

Black day | browsings (respecting the opening line) | faded follower | home | lasting look.Dedicated to Stef Wilde | for old times sake | where Elephants can live in matchboxes | Haiku:Prime Moneyster | last one out,at last! | Goodbye to the Sun | dip | a sport it is not! | fat lot of use | offspring |

words formed at waking

a muttering crowd gathers
'round a well of human tears
they lower dirt-sodden buckets to recover
the wet product of night terrors,
tumult and nascent fear

an ejaculate shower glistens
on the dead leaves and automobiles
while nature howls
then hunkers down in silence
posturing for the next kill

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Also by nunya:

getaway car |

deathfearhuman naturevengeance

Cold April Days

He thinks the sun is rude
for blaring into his day;
She is simply happier
when couched in her mumbles of grey
Curtains drawn, blinds down
They have their blinkers on
They leave the paths untrodden
While the world chokes out a song
Their confinement is not a prison though
It's a choice that they embrace
They know the Earth keeps turning
At its' baffling, blurring pace

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Also by David Lindsay:

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sexperimentally dreaming

suspended in solitude.

Love emptied.


I am between yesterdays cushions of pleasure

and todays nails of loneliness


this is when tempting thoughts

of forbidden fruits

need to be tasted


I have no concerns

about the fear

of letting myself fall


it is beautiful and bizarre 

as to where I can be taken to

by these thoughts

places my body wants to


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Also by Rose Casserley:

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Shades of convenience and ease

All pigs are pigs

all hacks are hacks


Apply this logic

then stand right back


All black is black

all white is white


In the gulf between

you’ll lose your sight


and just might drown

in what you’ve sewn

by dumbing down

all that’s known


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Also by harry:

Rag Doll | The Lion and the Unicorn (from sea to shining sea) | Career development |

Heard this happened. Who knows.


They ran wild in woods

Full of bears

And carried bells 

And pepper spray

To keep the bears at bay

They knew no fear

The road was clear

Safety a written rule

They laughed and frolicked

And mocked the wild life 

with their bells

And hid behind 

Their pepper 

Until one day

Invited to stay

At a vets on the hill

In weather a 

little drizzly

He ...

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Also by Phil Kay:

Punks and the Dolls. | My Son My Sun | Blaire Peach 1979 | Write now every day. | Cancer Care (or anything else for that matter) | Your Seven | The thief of life. | Don't be the fool. | Dancing in the mind. |

Wildlife. Bears. Tourists.

The Problem with Grammar





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Also by Tommy Carroll:

Hillsborough ll | Hillsborough | wetting her lips |

To Find The Muse

To find the muse I know not how;

As skittish wench or sacred cow.

She’ll tantalise and lead you on,

But suddenly you find her gone

And left you with a knotted brow.


The words won’t come at all somehow,

As gloomily your head will bow;

Though you contrive to battle on

To find the muse.


Those hopeful dreams of verse endow

Your aspiration here and now

For ins...

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Also by Trevor Alexander:

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entry picture


(Wrecked off Moelfre, Anglesey 1859)

From Melbourne to Liverpool bound

in less than fifty eight days, by sail

and steam the Royal Charter comes

via Queenstown in Ireland and around

the Skerries with cargo of wool and hides

weighted with golden dust and coins

from fortunes made in a far off land.


To Moelfre’s razor rocks on Anglesey coast

a total...

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David Subacchi.Welsh PoetryLiverpool poetry

Sleep Peacefully At Last

Twenty seven years of sleepless nights
enduring a lifetime of injustice.
Fighting endlessly to clear the name...
of friends and loved ones wrongly blamed.
Justice should have been swift and free,
but corruption was present from the start
and lay at the heart of this tragedy.
Adding pain and deepening their misery.

Always dignified. Unflinching in their efforts,
the strength it has...

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Love reversed

Theses days idk if I'm coming or going, I'm not sure if I'm walking backwards or forward.  I'm left to center, I am out of tune. My fire is cold and my ice is hot. Not sure if you're my best friend or my worst enemy. I keep digging holes that lift me to mountaintops.  My river has run dry and my desert is flooded. As I age another year my body grows younger.  As the time flies by it passes in slow...

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The Foster Family

I love you and I trust you and just really want to say,

I know you wern't meant to stay by through the long, tiring days.

I love you guys and leaned on you in my times of need,

You protected me and cared for me and made me very aware of my need.

I see my need for family, the loving imperfected whole.

The ones who keep you close, even when you're mad and choose to take a stroll.


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Also by Victoria Nicole Jackson:

The Lukewarm |


Have you forgotten? Oh so easily you forgotten. I am you. I am the darkness that consumes your primitive mind. Wrath,Lust, and Greed that eats the last ray of light in your soul. The carnal need that crawls under your skin. Ravaging your soul as I feast on your sins. Forever I will be the shadow haunting your primitive being

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Also by Lilly Star:

Affair | Traffic | Earth Child | Silence | Inner Self | (untitled) | Daddy's Strength | Betrayal | Withered | Faded |


I would have waited there

there under the scalloped canopy

where the firebuckets nestled

where a shadowed door waited too

with its brass handle loose with too much use


there I would have waited too

so that the day could progress

at a pace that suited the sun

in its lazy arc

before the day turned dark,

and the flower bed sprang

and the dusty broom loitered



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Also by ray pool:


Is Aways Be

Is Always Be

Imamu Amiri Baraka taught, “Is always be,” I’ve interpreted it many ways because I’ve had time to contemplate what it means and why it resonates. “The changing same,” sometimes depresses me but mostly there’s assurance that I’m not the first to face struggles for freedom and self-determination in worlds fenced off from each other with barbed wire. Change like the Mississippi River ...

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Also by J. Otis Powell‽ (with interrobang):

Asphalt Sky |

Eternal Grudge

Now you’ve done it.

Now we’re done.

You’ve waved the flag and brought the bull

You’ve been an astronomic fool


I’m just like you

the rage

the fire

In tremulous swell


I warned you once

I warned you twice

I even fucking warned you thrice


But there you go

You take no heed

And now you want to cry and plead


You drew back your arrows

And ai...

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Also by Shonda Hurley Bell:

Waiting | Tetris | Tetris | Stay | Nursing Home |

"Gengulphus" (A diversion)

This is legendary,



When Botolph pillaged Burgundy

And stole Gengulphus’ Rod from a reliquary

He thought he was about

Divine appointed



He planted the naked wand in the precincts of

A long abandoned Celtic chapel

Across the Channel Sea


The desiccated stump

Like Aaron’s Rod

Flourished to a spreading

Yew tree


St Botolph’s Abb...

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Also by Rick Gammon:

"Rachel" | "Chuck" | "Come Dancing" | "Coming of Age in Oxford" |



What devils do I dance with

in the darkness

of my dreams

only those of a past forgot

that vanish with my screams.

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Also by JustAnotherPoet:

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Daft again

1.Sounding my horn


I was zooming up the road

The other day

Saw you on the pavement

Walking towards me.

Put the window down

Gave a few loud hoots

Of my extremely loud horn

Stuck my arm out of the window hole, and waved.


Ah!  Oh dear!

Sorry if I startled you.

Made you jump.

Gave you a heart-attack.

Wrong person.

A genuine case of mistaken identity.


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Also by Andy Smyth:

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Sun Bleached Bones

entry picture

Sun Bleached Bones


someone put it in the sun

and hoped that it would grow

but others said it wouldn’t

and they were right you know

not everything that’s in the sun

is bathed in warming light

a lot of it is hard and cold

and isn’t very bright


someone put it in the sun

and hoped that it would sell

but right minded individuals

can tell a lie by smell


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Also by Ian Whiteley:

Cursed Be He That Moves My Bones | This Is England | The Parchment, The Bullet & The Word | Tumbleweed |

HillsboroughJFT96newspaper liesThe Sun


Without her I am nothing
Comparable to Christmas with a light dusting
I feel incomplete
I just need to hear her speak
To feel the brush of her skin,
To feel The warmth of her breath as our lips come to a close
I love her to an extent she'll never know
Young lovers caught in turmoil
Only finding hope in each other 
I pray to our God that we're together 


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Also by Joshua:

Weathered Friend | My Poen | Cup |

lifeLovewinterYoung Love

Bitter Sweet Dreams

When your in my dreams it's bitter sweet.
I can see your smile
Hear your voice 
Feel your touch
Taste your kiss
Smell your skin
But when my eyes open your gone again.

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Also by Sn0w:

Never Ending Loop | Searching | Coming out of shock | Craving | Mike | Without You | Suddenly Gone |


Rebellion On High

A two finger salute to reverance

I say fuck to peace on earth

Let the meek and mild rise up

And take paradise for all it's worth

Harmony be broken

Revelation anger filled

I pray angels turn to demons

In none acceptance of what's willed

Harps be smashed by celestial choirs

Halo's smeared with shit

In protest against self proclaimed lords of fate

On glory of heaven I...

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Also by Jacqueline Phillips:

Post Frontier |

All I Want Is You

All I want is you,

but seems like yo ex-bitch still wants you too,

so what is a girl to do,

you must choose one and boy don't be no fool,

one kiss,

late nights and early morning conversations was all that it took,

I got sucked into you and I couldn't get enough,

time is never on our side,

but on our stick shift adventures,

I'd let you be the guide,

I'm not like the re...

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I Am

I am thunder.
I am the roar of the waves,
crashing, suffocating, breathing my howls 
into your bones. 
Smearing my wrath and power across your 
and branding my smile onto your lungs,
a sight that cannot be obliterated.
I am the night.
I am the explosion of stars, 
the beauty of the eclipse.
The music of the moon, the dance
of the sun. 
The Earth foams with my words
and trembles ...

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The Call Within

If you live your life in fear

There exists a call you cannot hear

A call for reason, trust and hope

One that will pull you up, and

pull you from the downward slope


It comes from within, and not from outside

And it can flow through you, reaching far

and reaching wide

It is your call, and yours alone

So make sure you listen, and

always pick up that phone

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Also by Christian Reeve:

At Least |

PoemThe Call Within


Oh President Barack Obama
'Dodgy Dave' might think you're a charmer
There to be seen
At the 'gig' for the Queen
So have some of this Instant Karma


Put UK at the back of the queue?
Is that what you really would do?
When it comes down to Brexit
If we stay or we exit


(c) Daniel Dwryran

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Also by Daniel Dwyran:


BrexitEuropepoliticstongue in cheek

Threats No More

I remember when we were younger  , we were happy to be alive . Happy to work and strive , just happy . Never insulted in our streets , never spat at and insulted . Never had no go areas , hardly ever saw a gang . Our elderly were treated with respect . Rarlely were we insulted on the roads . Our food we knew where it came from , no chemicals brought in from abroad . We are being Threatened for bei...

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Malaria and dengue are among the main dangers of stagnant water, a breeding ground for the mosquitoes that transmit the disease.

Stagnant water can be dangerous with many kinds of bacteria and parasites that spread with ease.

A spring is a place where water naturally flows. Not only do springs come in different forms, but they also come in different sizes. 

Water from springs is usually c...

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The Island

What love what loss so close so long so long 

The birds carry on in song 

It's an awful walk up 

Do you ever get the feeling like you are being watched? 

Subconsciously being lured off course? 

Everythings not alright on the island tonight 

Lifes unfair 


Something is going to happen 

But why? 

I swear I am a good person 

Sence supernatural weirdness in the ...

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Earth's Not Everything | Confusion | Thank God I went school, could of just Nearly been banged out there | Clare wants a river to die |

The lady of the night.

There's a lady
who's known as the lady of the night. 
On the dot of 9-00 she arrives, 
with her fiery lips and fiery hips
dressed in colours that match her eyes. 
She totters on heels as high as a hand
and makes her way down the street 
to the place that she calls her place of work 
where her clients know that she’ll be. 
In driving rain she'll be there again 
as the drivers stutter on b...

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Also by Ronnie Leek 1:

The Mother. | Boys and girls |



entry picture

her smell of perfume so seductive..

as she passes by I got addictive..

caught my soul like casting of spell..

a lonely heart where she dwell..

inside this heart you will find a place..

crying eyes searching into the maze..

from darkness to light in this winter night..

like twinkling of stars an illusion so bright..

I left my shadow behind me..

come my angel set me free


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Also by sunil sharma:

whisper love | reflections |

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