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Thank God I went school, could of just Nearly been banged out there

Am blipped at the bus stop 

Late as usual, in a rush 

​Banging KRS ONE 

Having a laugh with my shadow 

Feeling good big up everyone 

Enjoying myself I could kiss the floor

Delighted to be alive at the moment 

Much love rejoice rejoice joy joy joy 

Buzzing pure nuff hectic energy 

Can't keep still good day to be living 

Rowdy in my Luimneach jersey 

The 192 comes and we all pile on 

One by one, I loved it I tell ye 

Upstairs most spaces are taken 

But I notice an area clear at the back 

Next minute all of a sudden 

The bus jerks forward 

Hits a pot hole or a bump 

Which made me lose my footing 

Out of my depth and by accident 

I stepped on the foot of a big lad 

By mistake 

Now my man wants to just bang me out 

I know this because 

He's going sick and I'm not stupid 

So it's me vs 3 meatheads from here on in 

They are eyeing me up working me out 

Reading my body language 

Studying my behaviour 

As I make a mental note to keep my head up 

Wonder how to go about things 

Imagine having to ring Carly from the hospital 

Saying sorry I didn't turn up it wasn't my fault 

​trying not to act too confident 

As I'm sure that would result in a kick off 

A long way from safety 

I tried apologising 

But he's just saying 

Do you want to sit on my knee or something? 

Oh shit 

Expecting contact any time now 

Am preparing myself mentally 

For a good old smack to the face 

I can almost think I feel it already 

Now they are testing my reactions 

Making sharp movements 

To see if I'm shitting it 

This is why I don't make plans 

You never know 

What's around the corner 

I am aware enough to fully understand 

My man wants to bang me out 

No matter what 

I'm in a situation here

Sure there'll win but I'm bringing one with me 

No doubt I look rags and they know that 

I'm not afraid I'm making plans 

It's only a matter of time 

Accept the reality of things 

My heart races 

What can I say? 

You obviously know I didn't mean it 

That would be insane 

No way of escaping this 

I have been here before 

My lifes never dull love 

Boys will be boys 

Do you want to sit on my knee or something? 

He violently erupted and wanted answering 

Needed to choose my words carefully ​

Them boys looked maniac -ish 

Soz mate I slipped abit God hates me 

Who knows the strange signals I'd be seaping 

He needs to bang me out still 

I can feel it 

Him in front asks if he can roll a cig 

Head down eyes up contemplating headbutting me

Reminds me of Wednesday 14th May 2008 

Out of nowhere one goes 

What school did you go? 

You went my school! 

Thought I recognised you from somewhere 

Yeah man ripped shirt 

Shoes with holes and a Malcome X coat from Dunnes 

im unsure if I'm still getting my head ripped off 

Hopefully not 

Their talking about getting off 

Its now or never 

I'll be well surprised 

If he dunt want it no more 


I mean wow 

It was the only time in my life 

That I was glad to have gone school 

They chipped at Longsight 

My man looked at me like you was lucky 

i went town smiling 

To the 3 minute threatre 

Where they refused to serve me 

But that's another story 

Xxx Eoin 


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