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The Island

What love what loss so close so long so long 

The birds carry on in song 

It's an awful walk up 

Do you ever get the feeling like you are being watched? 

Subconsciously being lured off course? 

Everythings not alright on the island tonight 

Lifes unfair 


Something is going to happen 

But why? 

I swear I am a good person 

Sence supernatural weirdness in the air 

Something clearly devastating awaits 

Can't explain how strange it feels 

Seen rustling bushes did not want to know 

Lighting up haunted courners with a torch 

Heard footsteps closer running towards me 

Truly frightening 

"Hello is anyone there?! "

Hoped I was talking to myself 

Harrowing it was 

Somethings not right 

I am paniced and very afraid 

Watched for movement 

"you know I'm here. We've had our fun "

My head is fucked 

The dark is a genius 

It's breathtaking 

I am not alone here 


Sometime later... 

I awake my head on a beach my body completely buried 

Stuck standing trapped in sand 

And the sea is in front of me 

And the tide is coming in. 

◄ Earth's Not Everything


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