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The Island

What love what loss so close so long so long 

The birds carry on in song 

It's an awful walk up 

Do you ever get the feeling like you are being watched? 

Subconsciously being lured off course? 

Everythings not alright on the island tonight 

Lifes unfair 


Something is going to happen 

But why? 

I swear I am a good person 

Sence supernatural weirdness in the ...

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Earth's Not Everything

Let's find ourselves Tonight Outside 

Climb buildings high explore underground deep 

Excited Earth's not all its cracked up to be 

As if my water's fluoridated I don't trust it 

Seeming aggetated 

It's getting boring now mate, 

They are fucking with us somehow 

Bet you believe I'm wrong or not right in the head. 

Been attending funerals since 1993 

Real life harsh times 


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Can't make sense of anything going crazy I believe can't help it need no assistance 

Jotting up pros and cons of being wrecked or restless I get by 

Isn't ideal thinking these types of thoughts I'm not special or guilty

Take no notice of me still getting to know myself

Collective consciousness is worth researching

Maddening pine forest tricks

Can live without gossip

Found a ri...

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Thank God I went school, could of just Nearly been banged out there

Am blipped at the bus stop 

Late as usual, in a rush 

​Banging KRS ONE 

Having a laugh with my shadow 

Feeling good big up everyone 

Enjoying myself I could kiss the floor

Delighted to be alive at the moment 

Much love rejoice rejoice joy joy joy 

Buzzing pure nuff hectic energy 

Can't keep still good day to be living 

Rowdy in my Luimneach jersey 

The 192 comes an...

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Clare wants a river to die

For Christmas I got dumped but.. 

Even though I lost my girlfriend I also found a pen 

Things always work out for the best in the end 

What did we expect? 

Everything happens for a reason 

She's in to poetry of course 

But doesn't know what to make of my writing 

Sorry for not changing anyway 

Thanks for everything 

Let me try chatting you up

As you talk down to me 


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Tell me everything you can't do to us

Awoke troubled from a crazy dream felt so real

Feels like something ain't right here and that's not fine with me 

Clothes shelter food smalls lennon hicks 

Why's does hidden knowledge exist?  

Does reality need saving? 

Amen Ra 

Check you're facts worship false idols 

Act popular. Mod cons. Goodbye nice try 

Spiralling out of control 

Thanks giving in isolation 


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Christmas and New Year

and I would call you from the Knights templar tower 2am 

Took to the holy well down in the Munster Republic 

When i landed there was a rainbow so 

Childers road Christmas prospects Nearly crying leaving Ireland 

Going for the party on the Irish sea it's called The Ulysses 

Feel to get pissed Blooms bar gone crazy 

Watching the lights of Dublin dissappear one of the sadest encount...

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Taboo sados bat ba bee binit beerter

Dear To Whom It Concerns. 

Wonder if anything interesting is happening in there tonight ?

High on life hope no one minds . am feeling lucky enjoying being me 

Thank God I was invited , I have a reason to go in !

So I went to the bar at the 3minute threater , as you do ,

And asked politely for a cider BUT to be honest 

All I got from them was some seriously negative energy straigh...

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You're not right in the head if you think I want to fit in

No offence I have my reasons

Blooming moody poetry

I got 5 out of 10 for performing in Didsbury the crowd loved it

F the haters they may dislike my face but at least I dispise them aswell

Mmm money lovers should remember not everyone's had a sheltered childhood soz

I've said too much its never enough

You make me feel l...

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Almost Impossible Forest

Enchanted scenes running for my life

Lost horrible in the creepy mist of the strange dark woods

Think that I may very be well and truly gone good and proper

I have been in the water so my phone is broke

Acting absurd like there's no tomorrow.

I met two of my mates, it was weird, the one with the axe, I didn't really look at him,

I focused on the other man witness me dribbling mag...

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Wave One

Feel the tide breathing tremendously sneaking in  heavyweight water laughing 

Unforgettable nightmare whirlpools having a field day 

Triumphant shifty liquid moving in rapid 

Hugging the seafront

Water of life giftwraps soggy buildings

Making clocktowers become sick waterslides overnight

Turning the city to soup

Floods are off their heads deep dark loughs are seriously strange...

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The Inadequacy Of Education and The Threat Of Mental Health

Deranged over the hills and far far away

ashaimed of myself , on stage , getting in a state

using certain words for unknown reasons,

on a mission ,

fuck admiring mansions i show love to the flowers more ,

listening is totally up to you yeah , give a shit really

message received loud and clear just how i like it ,

NOT silent and secretive

in the meantime

i am feeling so v...

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you what i go up mountains for this

100 miles per hour winds

'Aving it ,

Flipping trees Falling

puddles the size of fields

filling metal cabins with stones

the moon got hurt

in cycles of  7 years

i was dead at 21 and born again when i was 28

these things that came from the heart

erosion of the mind

i never thought of not being wanted

i watched woodworm at work


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what is the world coming to when...

Man United beat bottom of the league 2-0 at home and everyone's making a big deal about it

Spider's that have been here for years suddenly become killers

Jim Davidson " From Zero to Hero "

People find out a lot of beef was horse meat really but still buy ready meals

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Just a bit of mountain fun

on the east face of Tryfan and you have never heard of me

keeping 3 points of contact at all times during this

just a bit of mountain fun

damned if i do , damned if i don't

but i will , and alone

at the summit jumping from Adam to Eve

mind the gap or it will take care of you

Darting up Helvellyn in a mad rush

it will be dark soon

think like a warrior and act like your no...

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Going Back To Askeaton

Glad it is over ,

sad im leaving

yeah at Cagney's im  asking in English where the other room be  ?

and the Irish in the room are pretending they dont understand what im saying

i looked right in the eyes of one like " who the fuck are you talking to ? "

you'll not want to find out who i am

let me tell you a secret = im looking to lose the head

next minute im being served guinne...

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things i'd not want others to know number 2

when im looking into the mirror pointing and saying YOUR MORE PATHETIC THAN ME !

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in the dark for ages.

the hardest thing for me about accepting god is  ,

that will mean i have to acknowledge the devil as something very real.

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messy field

warning ,

satanic wordplay is at work here

kicking in barn doors laughing

the other day i found out that cromwell got the fa-buck da digged up and hung

information is exciting

being smacked in the face was much better

there's nothing like blood


open wide

loyal to demonic activities

get the chanting going


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the temptation of witchcraft

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chemical machanics; part two ; knowing enough to understand no one will care

im not having a go

you are wonderfull

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chemical machanics; part one ; the theory and practice of oligarchical collectivism

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what passes off as rubbish nowaday's

we all come together here

shairing the best and worst of our experiences

and i wonder in between the messages

i look left then look right ,

then proceed forward with my eyes closed

im not always in the wrong

but ,

but ,

the poetry of poets devours me

and saves every little bit of me i invested in

time and effort , lyrics of regret

i made myself look s...

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now what?

none of my  teachers ever liked me infact they'd tell my younger sister that im thick


not everyones parents had a sheltered childhood

"Money In Here" written on mancunian bin



the lost generation are looting on the high street

DON'T pretend your shocked


pure kids active in new trainners playstation 3 5...

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