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Earth's Not Everything

Let's find ourselves Tonight Outside 

Climb buildings high explore underground deep 

Excited Earth's not all its cracked up to be 

As if my water's fluoridated I don't trust it 

Seeming aggetated 

It's getting boring now mate, 

They are fucking with us somehow 

Bet you believe I'm wrong or not right in the head. 

Been attending funerals since 1993 

Real life harsh times 

All roads lead work 

People busy shopping 

Buying items manufactured for individuals 

Sounds like a fucking trap 

Got half bricks stashed in dark passages 

From Haunton Green to Brookhouse no messing 

Our fun will be massive! 

Here and now Fuck them very much. 

Walking around Wilmslow, sure getting noticed 

Because I'm not posh, good on ya. 

You lot make me laugh 

Rambling for medicinal reasons 

Seeing how the otherside live. 

I love. I love the peace and quiet before the storm 

The Manchester District is smog 

You are not alone.!!!! 

My time is running out my clock is counting down 

Raise you're white flag and get mowed down 

If it's not the Millennium Bug then it's Holy War 

One thing after another 

The haves V's The have nots 

Media rapture. 

Bathed in symbolism us and we love it 

Children of violence 

Glass in our knees missing teeth broken things. 

Hand in my notice tell them I'm losing it 

All honour in complete and utter total loss of control 

Worship doom pray for natural disaster 

Just to test your survival skills 

Down to earth up to date 

Passionately dedicated 

Humans shall succeed here 

The Popes out gigging for Christmas but 

The customers ain't really feeling it this year. 

A bit too ready to go mad sometimes 

​Sick of being ill. 

Beg because you are stuck and demented 

I was a rag doll once the beating stayed with me like a blessing 

Orrr I need a rich girlfriend I said to myself 


Bang on a movie about someone who's fucked up 

There's plenty out there to choose from 

That's entertainment folks 

Stand as you've been shown. 

Watching space from Lucifer 

Climbing the woman riding a beast statue 

In front of the United Nations headquarters 

This house isn't my home 

Hate strangers noticing I'm not being my usual self 

Stair into the flickering candle 

Fire still looks magic 

A manager tried talking down to me saying 

"having a good day? " 

So I replied 

"yes it is great to be living! "

That showed him 

Fuck it fake hugs all round! 

I live for music and war on my terms 

Women drugs asteroids and trumpets 

Pain killers # snakes business 

If you're not into end of the world type movies UNLUCKY 

Crave for better days 

Forget the idea of a pole shift 

I used to have a Walter Scott globe but 

I sold it to get waisted hint hint 

Screaming incredible unfairness 

Runaway from your problems 

Search for blame 

Got to hold it together 

I know what I mean and you get me 

It was like finding a lucky coin in a pot of gold 

Jib jabbing the wall in preparation for the future 

Peaceful protest leads to snipers on the rooftops 

Earth can't be the be all and everything 

Wish I did not care.

Cured Polio yet?  Actually no!  Not yet 

Watching intelligent machines learn how to do human things 

As people become robotic 


Subconsciously treading on thin ice 

I believe in, whatever it takes 

And could do with all the help I could get 

No one said it would be easy 

This spinning object of financial crisis greed and disease 

I like what you have done with the place 

Alienating the planet 

If everythings so top 

What you looking for weapons and drugs for? 

Something your not telling us?

My disgusting grammar puts people off 

Comets brought precious minerals here in the 1st place 

Nuclear disarmament used to be important 

Drawing upside down Y in a circle 

Until you grew up got a job bought a home 

The tap waters unsuitable for human consumption 

The army are bringing bouncy castles in to the playground 

The news is upsetting enough already 

Chant ingredients 

Sing failure the crowd can relate 

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The Island ►


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