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The advice comes from everywhere

The 'Spin Doctors' getting bolder

With lots of little anecdotes

To stop us getting older


So read it, take it all on board

You don't want any grief

Two minutes a day is all it takes

For you to floss your teeth


Two minutes hopping on each leg

"It's so good for the hip"

Where the hell does that come from?

It makes me want to flip


We'll try almost anything

To delay the funeral wreath

So I'll hop two minutes on one leg

Whilst I'm flossing my teeth


Special 'K',  Granola bars

Bowls of muesli are fine

And don't forget food for your heart

Is a nice glass of red wine


Fruit and Fibre, Porage Oats

Breakfast for mountain climbers

No time for my Sudoku now

To starve off the Alzheimer's


Don't forget that when you chew

To do it twenty times

It'll make you regular at the loo

And make you go more times


Those fruity yoghurts, not for me

It's just like slurping putty

Just milk, no sugar in my tea

And I'll have a bacon butty


(C) Daniel Dwyran


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M.C. Newberry

Sun 17th Apr 2016 14:25

An apt comment on the "know what's good for you"
preachers who infest our lives and encourage the
paranoia in vulnerable minds.
"If you choose the food that you enjoy
The know-alls will very soon employ
Advice they say is what you need
To get the best health from your feed.
But I like the wisdom in the declaration:
Moderation in everything - including moderation!"

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Robert Mann

Fri 15th Apr 2016 11:10

Daniel - as a devotee of the bacon butty, all I can say is 'its about time' ! Love this piece.

<Deleted User> (9882)

Fri 15th Apr 2016 11:01

you naughty artery hardening man! but,because this poem made me chortle,I'll let you off with a caution.

Great komical kick-start to a hopefully permanent residence.In other words Daniel,keep rocking!


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Martin Elder

Thu 14th Apr 2016 20:46

Hi Daniel
Good to see you posting again. I love the line about slurping putty. nice one.

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